Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rabbit In Spring

Spring, his blood is up...

Old parcel blind rabbit understands that may be, last spring in his life is. Nature win out this days and even dry spring comes alive.

So rabbit felt long-forgotten attraction. Oh, a miracle! He already had not hope to feel in himself this sweet languor. Unknown currents, fled through his old joints and forced to seek… What to seek? Rabbit was already so old… What did forget? What is the GOAL?

But the instincts told old paws where they should go to, Rab overcame the threshold of the shed, put nose to wait to see which way the wind will blow and felt a familiar smell, yes, that's for sure! He could not make mistake!

Directly under the beds of firewood was SHE!!! )She smelt of tenderness and passion. Youth and energy were distributed from her by the invisible fluids. Rab did not believe his parcel blind eyes that he piled up such a happiness, he had not seen such a beauty even in his best years.

Without hesitation, and long conversations hungry Rab perched on "Goddess" and began the act of towering love (of course, for how much his age allowed). It seemed that it was the most beautiful moment in his long-eared life and it was not so good as at this LAST time! It took him 2 minutes, which seemed to be eternity. And it happened…. The weakness and appeasement came into the senile body. Life was finished fittingly, rabbit became to fall asleep in sweet dreams, partaking of his "goddess" aroma.

"Mummy! Mummy!!", - little girl was shouting, I found your chalets, it fell behind the stack! The woman came closer and unsightly picture opened before her eyes: the old shabby Rab, which just now did a violence to her piece of wardrobe in most vile way, was sunbathing in the spring sun…

There was a bright spring day, all things revived and boiled up...


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