Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ex-Husband And Wife.

Letter of wife.

My dear husband!

I write you this letter to inform you that I'm leaving you. Your Boss called to tell me that you left the service and yesterday was your last day at this place. I clearly belonged to you and was a wife which held you in high respect for last seven years, while you absolutely did not appreciate me. The last two weeks were like a hell. A week ago, coming home you did not even pay attention that I cut nails and hair, done manicure and stacked. You did not notice that I had cooked your favourite food and in your honour I had put on beautiful underwear, bought by me. You have never responded to it, within a few minutes finished with a meal, afterwards watched football on TV and went to sleep. You do not tell me that love me and do not touch me any longer. I am sure you cheat me or do not love me.
So I leave you.

PS. Do not try to look for me, you will not find me. Your brother and I left for distant place where we're going to live happily. Search for your another life.
Your former wife.

Letter of husband.

Thanks to you it was a good day.
Having finished reading your letter, I jumped up of joy. We really have already been married seven years, but recently you do not conduct yourself as a loving wife. Yes, I watch football - it is to settle down myself after what you have shouting me. I drew attention to your nails and hairstyle, but the first thought was that you are very similar to man.

I have not told you about this because my mother taught me that it was better to keep silent, if anything good can not say. When you have prepared my favorite meal, it seems, you mixed me up with my brother: I do not eat the paste with hasah already 10 years.After I saw that a price-label hangs on your bra with a price "49.99 shekels", I remembered that a week ago my brother loan from me 50 shekels, then I immediately went to sleep. I still loved you and hoped that we would be able to cope with the problems. At any case, after I won the 14 million in lottery, I resigned from my job and bought the tickets for us to the round the world cruise. However, returning home, I did not see you. I wish you a happy life, as you always wanted. After I showed a lawyer the letter which you wrote me, he said that now I do not owe you a penny.
Rescue yourself.

PS. I do not remember, whether I told you that my brother Ariel got name Ariella at a birth? I hope this does not become a problem. Your very happy former husband.

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