Thursday, August 28, 2008

Russian Girls: The Formula Of Physics And Lyricism.

We are proud that we are Russian women... and we are looking for husband at the international dating site.
We laugh at death... and buy kilograms of pills in drugstore.
We do not care about public opinion... and we constantly ask: "How do I look?".
We love loneliness... and compress tightly the mobile phone in the hands.
We believe that my home is my fortress... and at nights we are afraid that it would be blew up with us.
We are confident that we are absolutely unworried... and reach for the next one sigarete.
We shock people... and are afraid to say "I love".
We do not believe in love... but at night we weep in the pillow.
We live ephemeral life... and make the plans for the future.
We on principle do not watch the news on TV... and read it on the Internet.
We are very self-critical... and love only themselves.
We hate our government... and are pleased to celebrate The Independence Day.
We do not believe in the perfect people... and every day in the crowd we are looking for our own ideal.
We hate the crowd in the subway in the mornings... and every day we stay patiently on the platform in anticipation of the train.
We always say what we think... and almost forgot how to smile sincerely.
We want people to take us as we are... and stick out for hours in front of a mirror.
We love clever phrase... and do not understand themselves.
We have a pile of unopened talents... and we do nothing to disclose them.
We hate birthdays... and we always celebrate them.
We love to sleep till the noon... and put the alarm clock at 6 am.
We always get what we want... and we are afraid to be rummagy.
We are writing our personal diaries... and want them to be read by others...
We say that life is beautiful... we... we just...

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