Monday, September 1, 2008

How Easy To Deceive The Simple Russian Girl.

- Hey girl, what are you doing tonight?

- Tss, let me see... Well, when the beginning of night?

- Well. I say from seven PM.

- Evening will catch me in public transport. Over there, I will be standing and looking with hostility at passengers. Not because I am a misanthrope, but because I am tired after work, and they are all here and push and crowd, and none a swine will let me have a seat. Then I will get to home, over there I'll sit for a while about ten minutes and rush to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Will eat dinner silently, staying focused on TV. Afterwards I will not be distracted from the TV. And there, by the way, they show garbage, and I have nothing to read.

And I should have to buy a book, but there is no time... lack of time.

So I will stare to the TV. Then will decide that I don't feel like washing dishes and leave it in the washbasin until the morning. I kinda, wash it in the morning. Fraud! I will lie to myself. Will not wash it in the morning as well. Because I will awake late, and I can't be bothered. This is what I say. Then I will take a shower, go to bed and will long toss and turn at the spot, thinking about how it is bad to live alone, inwardly swearing the neighbours who make a noise and hinder to sleep. Then I will fall asleep. That is, in principle, all that I am doing this evening.

- Haaaa! Tonight I'm going first to have a dinner in a decent place where they cook well. I was invited by friends. They, incidentally, pay, which also is very pleasant. Then we go to a club where comfortable couches, well, you have certainly heard about it - this is now the most fashionable place in the city. There, we will sit on the couch, listening to jazz and drinking wine. Then, perhaps we will leave to play billiards. Then, perhaps will part homes. At home I will take a shower and go to sleep.

- Alone?

- Why alone? I live with my girlfriend. I love her madly. She simply can not go with us today.

- We-ell. She can not go with you, and you invite me? And you say that you love her?

- You have something confused. I have nowhere invite you.

- What?.. And what about restaurant, jazz, billiards?

- I'm going there. I! what have you got to do with it? You go home. To watch TV. We just have spoke to each other about plans for the evening. Just talk. Wasn't it cool?

- What a scoundrel are you! Just villain!

- How inadequate you are! Goodbye!

In the evening he in long and wide boxer shorts had chewed pasta in the kitchen, staying focused occasionally on TV. He remembered how cool he played pranks on unfamiliar girl and thought that to live alone - is something calmer.

And she in the best of her dress was sipping her wine in the fashionable club, listening to jazz and whispering:

- Well, but where is this scoundrel? I want to look at his face, but he is out. Scoundrel twice!

Such an evening had spoiled!

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