Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Five Fundamental Women's Demerits.

First demerit.

The woman does not know what she wants. Never. At any moment. Neither in trifles(which a dress to take - that reddish or this with a discount?), nor in global affairs (to marry Pete or take vacation in August). The woman is not guessing her secret desires. Because there is a big gap between what is imposed by a gloss and what she really needs.

Second demerit.

The woman thinks that she knows what she wants. A woman needs happiness. These words are spoken by her. But if you ask her: "What is your happiness?" - she will immediately efface herself. Well, she will say: a man ... money ... beauty ... But the man - this is not only the serenades under the moon, but also shirts, kitchen and soccer. Money - this is what is always lacked. A beauty - is what the others will have still more. And, when a woman receives either one or all ingredients of her imaginary happiness together, she feels cheated. Because - "not the case" and "not that".

Third demerit.

Woman is suggestible. When a competent approach is you can put anything in her head. And she will sincerely believe it. Then try to impress upon her something back - she will believe it again. In other words, a woman has not her view and her principles. And an unscrupulous person is a dangerous partner. Despite the seemingly all pluses.

Fourth demerit.

The woman feels a privileged person. And trying to sit on two chairs. A woman wants to have at her disposal all the pluses of Modern possession of equal rights and the chivalrous relations simultaneously. At home it is expressed this way: she wants to receive flowers from you, recognition and irrefutable evidence of your attitude to her, but does not want to wash your socks and cook for you. And you just try to indicate it! She will immediately explain to you how far from proud rank of the Man you are!

Fifth demerit.

The woman believes she has the right to refashion you. Under her own ideal, the ideal of neighbor, colleagues, her former, her father. You do not know how to sleep well, how to eat, to talk, to make court to her, to say compliments and to regulate your life. And be assured - she would make titanic efforts to destroy your weaknesses! You are so far from perfectness, so negligible, that simply obliged to kiss her legs day and night and thank her enthusiastically.
And if you do not understand this, you - complete nonentity and loser.

P.S. It is understandable that not all women are equal. Some of them have more beautiful breasts.


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