Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rules Written By Men That Every Woman Should Know.

1. If you think you grow fat, it is most likely the truth.

2. If you ask a question to which you do not need an answer, be ready to hear a response that you would not like to hear.

3. Sometimes we think not about you. Put up with this.

4. Never ask us, what do we think about, if you are not prepared to discuss on shooting, football and autos.

5. Shopping is not a sport, and we are NEVER going to think differently.

6. When we are going somewhere, whatever you put on is just fine. Seriously.

7. You have enough clothes.

8. You have too many shoes.

9. Your former lover - idiot.

10. Ask for what you want. The subtle hints do not help, thick hints do not help, clear hints do not help. Just SAY.

11. YES and NO - these answers perfectly suite to almost any question.

12. Do not pretend. We better feel insolvent than cheated.

13. Neither in your nor in our interest to participate together in the competition.

14. "No" has no meaning "in what sense"

15. All that was said 6 months ago, is unacceptable to the dispute.

16. If you did not agree to dress like girlfriends of Pamela Anderson from the last series, do not require that we have to be same nobly like the men from the series.

17. Do not forbid us to stare at women, we'll still do it, it is in the genes.

18. You can ask us to do something, or tell us how you want to see this was done, but not both "what and how" simultaneously.

19. If possible, say whatever you want to say at the time of advertising.

20. The relationship will never remain the same as in the first two months of dating.

21. ALL the men distinguish 16 colors, like in Windows setting up by default. Peach is a fruit, not color.

22. You have enough handbags.

23. Beer is as entertaining for us as handbags for you.

24. If you find out from your girlfriend that she appears in our erotic fantasies, do not worry: the fantasy included both you and her.

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