Friday, June 6, 2008

"Husbands For Women" Store.

Recently a shop was opened where women can choose and buy husbands for themselves.

At the entrance a set of rules of the store hangs, reading as follows:

1. You can visit the store ONLY ONCE.
2. The store has 6 floors, the quality of men increases with the increase ofordinal numbers of the floors.
3. You can either choose any man on any floor or climb to the top floor.
4. You are not allowed to return to the lower floor.

One woman decided to visit that very "Shop of husbands" to find a life partner for her. After reading the signboard at the entrance to the first floor: "Men who have job" - she immediately goes to the second floor. Signboard on the second floor: "Men who have job and loving children." Woman goes to third. Signboard on the third floor: "Men who have job, loving children and unusually beautiful."

"Wow! That's awesome!" - the woman thought, but still went to the fourth floor. Signboard on the fourth floor: "Men who have job, loving children, of dazzling beauty and helping their wives in the house." "Unbelievable!" - the woman exclaimed. "I am very difficult to resist!"

But saying so she is still rising on the fifth floor.
Signboard on the fifth floor: "Men who have job, loving children, of dazzling beauty, helping their wives in the house, and very romantic." A woman wanted very much to stay on this floor and to choose a man for her, but breaking herself, went to the last floor. And on the sixth floor, she reads in the signboard such lines: "You are on this floor as the visitor № 31 456 012, there are no men, this floor is only to prove that it is impossible to satisfy a woman. Thank you for visiting our shop!"

And directly against the "Shop of wives" was opened. On the first floor there were women who love to have sex. On the second: rich women, loving to have sex. We do not know what the women were upstairs: nobody had climbed overthere never once!

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