Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Russian Girls' Humor. Lingeries Confused.

Young man wishing to make a gift to his bride, after long reflection went with his sister to the ladies' accessories shop and bought a pair of kid gloves. At that time, his sister bought pair of panties. When delivering, packages have been accidentally confused and the package with panties was delivered to the bride with the following letter:

"My dear! I send you a small gift to prove to you that I do not forget your birthday. However, in the belief that you really need it. Saleswoman, from which I bought, showed me the same ones, that she wears already a week and they are quite clean. Oh, how bitter I would like to put it on you personally. But naturally many other people will touch them before I can see you in it. I asked the saleswoman to try them on her. They looked gracefully on her.

I do not know your size, but with time I'll be able to judge this better than anyone else. In addition, when you will wear them in, you will be able to put them off easily. Do not forget every time putting them off to air and dry them, because they can get wet due to wearing. Wash them without taking off, otherwise they can shrink. I hope you will take them with the same sense I give them to you. Put them on on Friday before the dance, as I fervently wish to see you there. The number of kisses, which I imprinted on them from inside, is incalculable. Saleswoman said me that all the rage is wearing them not buttoning up, lower a little so that they are free to hang loosely. I kiss hard what is inside of them."

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