Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Russian Girls' Humor. Travelling Story.

Night. In a train compartment there are man and woman. It is a long way. Made acquaintance, got into a conversation. While away the time, the woman has begun telling a parable...

"King has to leave to war with one's neighbors. He left his daughter on the faithful servant and charged him to fulfill all the requests of her, threatening if anything wrong to behead him. Night fell. Princess calls a servant in the bedroom. And he comes.

Princess naked in the bed:
- I am cold!

He found a blanket in a bedroom, covered her and left. The following night - the same situation, but there is no blanket in the bedroom. He tears down the window blinds and covers with it the princess. On the third night there were not curtains as well, the young man had to put off his clothes and covered with it the princess.

The war just ends and the King returned.
- Well, my servant report me, how'd you have performed your duties?
- I've completed all the wishes of the Princess.
- And what will you say, daughter?
- He has fulfilled no one of my desires!
- Then, tomorrow morning the executioner will behead you, servant.

Overwhelmed servant went to the wise man, told him the story, asked to explain why the princess gave this response. Wizard pointed to the haystack:
- See that stack? Go and eat it!
- Why? - Because you are the ass!"

Fellow-travellers laughed for a while at the foolish servant. Then the man started to tell jokes. Time was flying unnoticed. It was time for woman to get off...

The man helped her to bring out her heavy bags and suitcases. On the platform she handed him a few banknotes. Man:
- But no! I just helped you!
- Yes, you did not understand me! This is for your hay.

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