Wednesday, September 3, 2008

25 Women's Phrases After Which A Man Wants To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time!

You have nothing to answer when hearing from your girl following:

1. In this dress, I do not look very thick, do I?
2. Is it tasty?
3. Yesterday in "Santa Barbara"...
4. But my mom had said that to be done this way!
5. So what, $300 - is it so much?
6. I could do this by my own!
7. What does this road sign stand for?
8. It is very interesting! Will you like I retell you what it was in the previous series?
9. In this case I am right, not you!
10. Maybe, once again?
11. I thought, it will not go kaput...
12. Dear, we will have a baby!
13. I thought, you will not be against!
14. All guys are goats!
15. And how many calories in that?
16. Do you love me? Then why don't you marry me?
17. You're talking on the phone almost as much as I am!
18. Whether I parked wrong?
19. They say beer is harmful to health!
20. I just secretly told to Maria. She will not tell anybody!
21. It is indeed not hard for you?
22. How do you like my new hairstyle?
23. And please show me these gloves. And this handbag as well!
24. I am a bit late. No problem?
25. Of course, I am virgin.

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