Thursday, September 4, 2008

Husband And Wife Diarize. One Day.

From wife's diary.

Saturday evening. My husband behaves strangely.
We agreed to meet in a cafe after his football at 6 pm. I walked the whole day shopping with a girlfriend, thought that he was disappointed, because I've been a bit late. He did not comment on this. Talks were not getting. He was silent all the time. I proposed to move to a calmer place so we could talk at ease. He agreed, but continued to keep silent. I asked what his concern, he replied that everything is in order. I demanded, whether is my fault that he is silent and only mutters in response. He said that everything is good and I should not worry about anything.

On the way to home I said that I love him, he smiled and continued driving.
I can not understand his behaviour and I do not know why he had not responded to my confession. At home I couldn't help feeling that my husband had a lost expression, he lost himself like in fog, and in no way wanted to be found. He sat still and goggled at TV, and seemed very distant and dumpy. Finally I decided to go to sleep, my husband went to the bedroom after ten minutes and, surprisingly, responded to my endearment, we have had love, but he did seem strangely absent. I decided that this cannot go on for ever, and that we need to negotiate all this carefully, but noted that he had already fell asleep. After having a little cry, I also fell asleep. I do not know what to do. I am sure that he has other woman.
My life is catastrophe.

From husband's diary.

Saturday evening. Today, "Spartacus" has lost with the score of 1:4, but I had great sex.

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