Monday, May 5, 2008

Acquaintance In Modern Way.

- Hey girl, what are you doing tonight? - He said, straining his biceps.
- Why do you ask? - She replied, turned sideways, so that he could estimate the size of her breasts.
- Just wondering, what such a lovely girl might deal with, this evening -He paid a compliment chinning up on the handrails, despite cries of the trolley bus driver.
- Book, probably read a little - She turned round, that he could get her to consider better.
- I also love to read. Books basically. Various - He has demonstrated his mobile of the latest brand and played all his polyphonic ringtones.
- A good mobile - She praised it. - I've got the same two years ago. Now I have another. But the number has remained the same. 921-24-45 - She dictated
- I'll write down, with your permission, - He pulled out a wallet, took out a bundle of bank notes and recorded the number on the largest one.
- Yes! - She remarked venomously and exposed a leg accidentally - in the evening you'll take a walk with a girlfriend, exchange the note and that's all.
- No, I have no girl - He showed a passport, riffled his notebook - Have nobody to walk in the evenings. And does not your guy bother you to read books in the evenings?
- I am alone. Me too, who has nobody to walk.
- Want to walk together tonight?
- Yes-yes. Pick me up on your car.
- I have no car - He grew gloomy. - I sold it yesterday. A new has not yet been bought. Here is the sales contract.
- You needn't - She waved, carefully reading the contract. - I take your word. And let's go nowhere! Just remain indoors my home. I live alone. In three-room. In the center. Here's the housebook...
- Corner... - He grew more gloomy, seeing a plan of the apartment.
- I'll give you slippers - She whispered entreatly...
- I'll pick you up without fail. See you in the evening - He made a stance on the hands, somersault and left the trolley bus.
- He is such a funny - She whispered ...

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