Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Bust Or Small Bust?

Some women are distressed with too small bust, the other with too large. But an optimist will always find a positive!

Women with large breasts are the optimist because:

- They always can hitch-hike
- They always are conceded the best seats in the bus
- They make a simple running jogging a very spectacular kind of sport
- They leave a magazine dry, which they read lying in the bath
- They have an additional argument of impact (to the men who is shorter)
- They can usually easy find dropped popcorn after watching the film
- They can always carry with them a bit more cash
- They always swim better
- They know where first to look in the search of earring which fell
- They rarely left without a partner for the slow dance
- They do not need to buy the cars with airbags
- It always is where to put one more can of beer

Women with small breasts are the optimist because:

- They do not cause accidents on the road every time when they bend
- They always look younger
- Drops and food crumbs are always on the napkin laid on lap
- They can always see if their shoes are clean
- They can easily sleep in prone position
- They have no problem to sit at the wheel of a small car
- They know that people can easily read the entire inscription on their T-shirt
- They believe that anything that can not fit in the hand is an unnecessary surplus
- They may to be too late to the theater and take the seat without diverting the entire row
- They can go to aerobics without risking to take Sunday punch from themselves
- They never hear the words to their address: "silicon"

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