Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Is Calling You? The Original Ringtone.

We love to customize our ringtones so that immediately would to determine who is ringing. This is as convenient as fun as well. But you need to select the ringtone cautiously...

An Autumn early morning, Monday. I am going to work being of bad cheer in a crowded trolley bus - which could not be worse. Around me the same gloomy faces, most of them are with wires of players in their ears. The trolley bus goes slowly, someone is watching out the window, someone reads, overally the typical situation on Monday. In the center of the bus is the average citizen, and judging by his disgruntled face he is not odd to the overall concept.

And here in boring silence, at first quietly, then louder and louder the ring of a mobile sounds, it is easy to learn the song - "Blue Moon" of Moiseyev ("folk song" of Russian gays). People in bus begin to revive, someone giggling looks at the man, someone even moves aside from him, and all are beginning to listen concerned to his dialogue on the phone, apparently suspecting the guy in the not quite traditional orientation. He got into a flap, up a phone and with some gloom began to talk:

- Yes, yes Sir.
- I'm already coming.
- I understand that late, but you see - the stoppers...
- No, contract not signed yet
- I'll be in time, yes.
- Boss, but I worked whole Saturday
- What, do you want to deprive the bonus?
- I understand that they await
- Yes, I know, even last week were waited...

The dialogue was suspended, he irritably falls the cellphone into his pocket, and with unconcealed anger delivers:

- Damned bugger!

And this original ringtone is understandable for all. When he left at the next stop, everybody in the bus knowingly followed him by eyes.

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