Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prayer Of The Modern Russian Bride.

- O God, give me beauty! Although, frankly, there is a sin in complaining about beauty, I am sure not deprived.

- O God, give me money! Yes. There is no surplus money in the world, although depends on how to view, a big money sometimes makes troubles even more...

- O God, give me healthy children! I wish that my children would be happy and wanted for nothing in the life... mm... Why, all this depends on my own!

- O God, give me an apartment! Yes, yes, apartment! I want to live in at least five-room apartment, a better course in my own villa with a plot. What is more, children would be to frisky there, to be healthier! When they grow up then will find good brides, the place would be where to lead them to. Oh, by the by...

- O God, give me the good daughter-in-law! Which would respect and revere me and her father-in-law, my husband, so as not to mistreat our son, well, in general, so as she to be like me...

- Me tired Thee, O Lord with my fastidiousness requests, You know, Lord, let's make things simple. All this I will get anyway. Education allows, I certainly do not want intelligence and quantity as well.

- O God, make sure that my husband would not drink ethyl alcohol!

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