Friday, May 2, 2008

Boys And Girls: 11 Differences

1. When the boys want the girls to like them, they pretend to be smart. While the girls want the boys to like them, then they play stupid. Boys pretend to be smart because they understand: ceteris paribus (when all other things are equal) smart boy has greater chance.

And a girl - in order that the boy had not so much strained, pretending that he was smarter.

2. The boys will never put on anything uncomfortable for the sake of beauty. And the girls will never put on anything ugly for the sake of convenience. Among boys the heroes of Hollywood films are exceptions, they love to climb onto the roof of a train being dressed in long raincoats and to wallow in mud in white shirts, as well as the cool peppers, which go to be acquainted with the parents of beloved girls.

Among girls there are no exceptions. If the girl said that she has dressed such a stupid way for convenience, then she coquets - once, she tastes bad - two.

3. In bed the boys are afraid that the girl will not run out. And girls are afraid that the boy will run out too quickly. It only seems that altruism is in the boys and the girls are concerned for question of self-interest. The boys force the girls to end primarily for their own pleasure - after that they feel very steep. And girls are worrying for boys, who come about too quickly, because they know how boys upset of that.

4. Boys have problems with the induction, the girls - with deduction. Everyone laughs at women's logic. Yes, girls really happen to have problems with descent from the general to particular, so they are given hard conclusions about the fact - what follows from what: whether he loves me, and that is why he sleeps with me, or he sleeps with me, that is why he does not love - go figure.

But the boys still worse - they are not able to inferences from the particular to general. So, the representative of a strong sex is not able to understand that if he was asked not to be late on birthday, and to call at a time he promised, consequently, he has to come to the park for rendezvous also in time.

5. The boys do not try to be like girls, and girls want to be like boys. And this is said to favor that to be a boy better. On the other hand, on second thoughts: as long as you are a girl, you can be proud of such things, that the boy to be proud of them is as stupid as the fact that he has a penis (by the way, some believe this is sufficient cause for pride), for example, of your financial independence.

6. The boys believe that the bigger penis they have, the better, and girls do not think so, because they know, this is painful therefor.

7. The boys know how to find a common language with the computer, and girls are able to find common language with the boys who know how to find a common language with computers. No one knows why the boys get better with the computers than the girls get. There is a suspicion that the girls simply have no incentive to develop their abilities in this direction if boys are involved there with such a zeal. Since the first manufactures is known: the division of labour enhances its productivity, so why to deprive the boys one another opportunity to demonstrate their superiority?

To be continued.

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