Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Tame Your Husband If He Is A Football Fan.

In your home, all has stopped, and your honey is bouncing nervously in front of TV, shouting wild with irresponsible gestures, periodically calling his friends and talking with them in non-understandable language? And last week he dragged you to the sports bar, where a crowd had gathered, same like he, Neanderthals?

Congratulations, you have the lucky (?) fate of Girlfriend of a football fan. During the football matches he like disappears from your life and loses the gift of a commonly acceptable human communication? This is not mortally!

Here are several rules of how to survive his favorite football, and perhaps thanks to it, to improve your relationship. Now!

Rule # 1

The wordform "football" can not be used in combination with such words as:

This wordform is used only team up with:

Otherwise you will get a red card and will be removed from the field (of vision or action, so that you can not act upon your beloved, that in general has no principled value).

Rule # 2

During the live broadcast do not try to talk with him about anything and no way to express your gentle gusts even in times of advertising - all of this, at best, will not be evaluated carefully, at worst - would lead to quarrels.

Rule # 3

During the match it does not exist:

work at home - ranging from global repair, finishing with screwing in bulbs or discarding the rubbish;

any plea;

proposals to go somewhere (to the pictures, theater, a restaurant, as exception - sports bar, but if proposed beforehand);

dinner (an exception - the snacks in front of the TV, accompanied by your absolute silence).

Rule # 4

Be prepared to hear out his impressions after the match. In order not to disgrace yourself, you'd better find out in advance what a team does he root for, and remember the names of its major players, also the most popular football terms that are easy to be found in the Internet. Insert this in the pauses, when the husband lights a cigarette. This will play in your favor!

Rule # 5 (works without a hitch)

Finally, offer him to celebrate the victory (or to wash off the bitterness of defeat) together with his friends. After all these feats of arms, your darling will thaw and you will be rewarded according to your merits!


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