Monday, June 30, 2008

The Myth Of The Knight In Shining Armor

Many women hold onto this romantic notion that one day a man will come riding over the horizon atop a great white stallion and save them from whatever problems they may face in life. That’s the attitude some men have as well. “She’s my fragile little flower. She won’t succeed in life without my protection and guidance.”

I once dated this crazy woman that came from an abusive home. Although she was gorgeous on the outside, inside she was just an empty shell of a person. She was depressed, moody, and extremely irrational at times. I kept thinking that I could save her. I thought that if I gave her enough love and attention I could somehow fill the dark void inside of her.

What actually happened is that she would drag me down to her level. We’d argue about ridiculous non-issues constantly. She would vent about how life sucks, people suck, and how she’d be better off dead. It was emotionally draining just being around her. She was like an emotional sponge. It was a horribly dysfunctional relationship full of unnecessary drama.

Eventually I realized that not only could I not save her, it wasn’t my responsibility. I’m naturally a jovial, happy person. It finally dawned on me that whenever I was around her, instead of feeling happy and enjoying our time together she would just drag me down. She was literally forcing me to feel as depressed as she felt. I think she gained a perverse pleasure from the chaos she created in the lives of those around her.

A partner should complement you. You should each contribute your own unique strengths and positive qualities to the relationship. A partnership isn’t going to work if one member is putting in all the effort. A successful union requires two equally contributing partners.

I finally realized that it didn’t matter how hot she was or how much I thought I loved her. I couldn’t fix her and being in her presence caused me more pain than pleasure. Eventually I broke up with her. Of course she accused me of being just like all the rest of the horrible men out there and even played the suicide card on me. She tried to guilt trip me into returning to her dark world.

I stayed away from her and have now been dating a wonderful, emotionally healthy woman for over six months. Of course the relationship has its ups and downs just like they all do, but we each contribute equally to its success in our own unique way. And we truly care about each other.

Never try to save someone from themselves. It’s just not possible. For tips on how to end a relationship visit

By: Cordell Wallace
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Cordell Wallace writes dating articles for men at

Brides From Ukraine.

Ukraine is a part of Eastern Europe, very much famous for its natural beauty as well as beautiful Ukrainian woman, both are famous globally. Earlier Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union, but after its sovereignty, the economy has degraded. It was a result of inflation. The country is suffering from problems of unemployment and decreasing economy.

Ukrainian Beauty

Ukrainian women are still untouched by the political and economic problems of this country. They are beauty and health conscious women, who can work extra hours to get money to fulfill their personal need for cosmetics and beauty products. Ukrainian women work out regularly to maintain their appealing figure. These are some reasons behind the global attraction for Ukrainian women.

Former Ukrainian model Olga Kourilenko

plays James Bond's sidekick Camille in the 22nd 007 movie.

After the decomposition of Soviet Union, several people left their native places. Several women got married to people in United States, UK, Canada and other developed countries in search of a better life and future prospects. A positive aspect of Ukrainian women is that they are well versed in eastern and western cultures. The reason is that Ukraine has a blend of both eastern and western civilization due to its unique geographical location.

People in United States, UK, Canada and other European and North American developed countries are interested in marrying with women from Ukraine. They are mesmerized by the beauty and positive attributes of women from Ukraine. They know very well that Ukrainian woman are well versed in all kinds of stuff, be it home making, taking care of children and elderly people of family, decorating homes or cooking and other household stuff. Along with that these woman are well educated and very good in English speaking, it's another attraction for men of developed countries.

The popularity of such marriages between people of two different cultures and geographical location is increasing day by day, and several agencies are budding in this area to provide such special matrimonial services to special set of customers.

In brief, Ukrainian woman are not only popular as mail order brides due to their beauty and physical attributes but also because of their inherent loving and caring nature which every man looks for in his bride. The added advantages are getting a wife with a kind heart and expert in all house hold works

By: Vanadb
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Monday, June 23, 2008

How To Be More Attractive Without Do Anything?

Clear identity is a power.
Sometimes identity is stronger than dexterities and techniques. A lot of celebrities and business men create attraction and power without any techniques, just with strong identity.

So, what is identity?

Identity is myself definition, who I am? What are the goals of my life? What I'm doing in order to reach them?

Man who lives without any goal, without any opinion, he is a weak man, and as you know, women don't like weakness…
On the other hand, man who lives with clear goals and clear opinion about his life, he is strong man and women attracted to strong men…

It's no matter if you want to pick up women or you just want to be more attractive person, you should read more, start to talk with more people and your goal is to create your own world - with clear goals, opinions and positions.

If you have those things, probably you have more people and more women in your life. It's not because you have more money or you are more beautiful than others, it's just because you're more interesting person…

I just want to be clear, to be strong man, with clear opinions, you don't need to read Encyclopedia, you can start to talk about the last book you read or about your favorite television program. This is enough.

Don't give up about your values in order to create seduction. Remember, she doesn't make you favor if she says yes, you make her favor if you start to talk with her…

By: yoni levy
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How To Determine If A Girl Fell In Love With You?

Almost all written here, is based on interpreting of gestures. To avoid jumble, I will enter by stages.


1. First, to what you should pay attention - is posture. If seeing you, she straightens her back - this is a sign that she considers you as an object, which must be presented with her female essence (i.e. breasts, figure, etc.).
Exception: this rule excludes grannies, which are not on the status to display their charms.

2. Hands are reaching to face. She corrects coiffure, rubs her forehead, tousles the hair, pulls at earrings, etc. And in the absence thereof earrings she rubs lobe. One can boldly say that she is trying to draw your attention to her face. Besides, when she raises a hand, the bust lifted and the line of breast looks sexual. All of this is done, that you have noticed how beautiful and wonderful she is.
Exception: for example, the case when squally wind in the street.

3. Now you can forget about everything what psychologists say, in whom I have long been disappointed. There is a sustainable view that if a person folds his hands..., cross legs... turns up his toes (oh, no this is different) - it is best sign you should not thrust yourself to him because he "closed from you." This is partly true but not always, as it was tested by experience. At least in regard to the girl it means only that you are likeable to her, and she tries to draw you into her embrace. It is instinctive, therefore you should not just throw your arms round her neck, trying to embrace.
Exception: hm-m… well, perhaps, the exception will be only 30 - degree frost in the street when she is not up to romantic relationships. While, no one was not allowed to hug and warm.

4. Observe for the eyes. Very many girls feel that we can determine the person's nature by the human eyes (yes, by the way, not only girls feel so). If she often looks (let stealthily) in your eyes, it means that she is interested in you. Exception: black eyes (all the night has played Doom/worked/hangover) or unwashed ones draw attention in any case. Therefore, in order not to confuse yourself, it is better to look in the mirror once again before date.

Plainly talk, conversation, wine-glass of... tea, etc.:

5. Have I to speak about embarrassment and scenes of confusion? Anyway all is clear: if there are embarrassing moments, hesitations, she suddenly blushed, if your visions met, there is the only conclusion there. Although if you met an experienced madam, you can forget about this item.

6. If she listens to you carefully, plus Paragraph 2, and add to it rubbing the wrists, smooth out wrinkles from time to time on a skirt or anything, what she wears now (underwear is not considered), reaches to her neck, shoulders (even to chain, amulet, lace of cell phone), better to say, to erogenous zones. All this has been done with the aim that you started or you wanted to do exactly the same.

7. Now go back to the crossed legs. Crossed legs, curled like monogram, bagel, boublik, any letter of the gothic font, etc. says that at the moment she does no longer listen to you, but considers how to interlace these ones with your legs. If the legs move apart a little bit, then perhaps she has already a great experience. One acquaintance of mine told that she, and not only she, generally do so specially, to draw the attention of men (like Sharon Stone).

8. Any joke, even well-worn story, which has been heard 50 times even by her grandmother, causes a sincere laughter. Though I will sadden you, she laughs not at the joke, but from the excess of adrenaline, which arises because she sits next to the man, whom she likes, and she is great flatterred by this.

"Fore-bed" state:

9. Pupils. Is there any other man on earth who has not heard that pupils are expanding with an increase of adrenaline in the blood, that is with the initiation of an organism to a state of perceived uncontrollability.

10. Lick of lips. Witness of the same, as well cross legs.

11. She twiddles, strokes a thing of cylindrical shape (pen, trinkets, glass…).

And finally. In my opinion, this will be the most interesting and useful to know. When she asks to make for her some minor detail, such as to open/close the window, fetchsomething, for example, a glass of water or handbag, which lies on a nearby stool in five metres away, well, and so furthermore. This means that she sees no longer you as a mere object of platonic/sexual fantasies, but has long-term plans for you.

That's all, I hope, helped. Even add that everything written, is most often done instinctively, so the probability of error is not more than 0.01%. At random, of course, have called, but the percentage is still very small. Women sometimes do not even notice, when they tell about their thoughts. Many, even knowing the non-verbal language from A to Z still miss some gestures.

P.S. All information is verified, and more than once. I wish you good luck!

By: Julia Pika
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Can't We Talk?" (condensed from: You Just Don't Understand)

by Deborah Tannen

A married couple was in a car when the wife turned to her husband and asked, "Would you like to stop for a coffee?"

"No, thanks," he answered truthfully. So they didn't stop.

The result? The wife, who had indeed wanted to stop, became annoyed because she felt her preference had not been considered. The husband, seeing his wife was angry, became frustrated. Why didn't she just say what she wanted?

Unfortunately, he failed to see that his wife was asking the question not to get an instant decision, but to begin a negotiation. And the woman didn't realize that when her husband said no, he was just expressing his preference, not making a ruling. When a man and woman interpret the same interchange in such conflicting ways, it's no wonder they can find themselves leveling angry charges of selfishness and obstinacy at each other.

As a specialist in linguistics, I have studied how the conversational styles of men and women differ. We cannot lump all men or all women into fixed categories. But the seemingly senseless misunderstandings that haunt our relationships can in part be explained by the different conversational rules by which men and women play.

Whenever I write or speak about this subject, people tell me they are relieved to learn that what has caused them trouble - and what they had previously ascribed to personal failings - is, in fact, very common.

Learning about the different though equally valid conversational frequencies men and women are tuned to can help banish the blame and help us truly talk to one another. Here are some of the most common areas of conflict:

Status vs. Support.

Men grow up in a world in which a conversation is often a contest, either to achieve the upper hand or to prevent other people from pushing them around. For women, however, talking is often a way to exchange confirmation and support.

I saw this when my husband and I had jobs in different cities. People frequently made comments like, "That must be rough," and "How do you stand it?" I accepted their sympathy and sometimes even reinforced it, saying, "The worst part is having to pack and unpack al the time."

But my husband often reacted with irritation. Our situation had advantages, he would explain. As academics, we had four-day weekends together, as well as long vacations throughout the year and four months in the summer.

Everything he said was true, but I didn't understand why he chose to say it. He told me that some of the comments implied: "Yours is not a real marriage. I am superior to you because my wife and I have avoided your misfortune." Until then it had not occurred to me there might be an element of one- upmanship.

I now see that my husband was simply approaching the world as many men do: as a place where people try to achieve and maintain status. I, on the other hand, was approaching the world as many women do: as a network of connections seeking support and consensus.

Independence vs. Intimacy.

Since women often think in terms of closeness and support, they struggle to preserve intimacy. Men, concerned with status, tend to focus more on independence. These traits can lead women and men to starkly different views of the same situation.

When Josh's old high-school friend called him at work to say he'd be in town, Josh invited him to stay for the weekend. That evening he told Linda they were having a house guest.

Linda was upset. How could Josh make these plans without discussing them with her beforehand? She would never do that to him. "Why don't you tell your friend you have to check with your wife?" she asked.

Josh replied, "I can't tell my friend, 'I have to ask my wife for permission'!"

To Josh, checking with his wife would mean he was not free to act on his own. It would make him feel like a child or an underling. But Linda actually enjoys telling someone, "I have to check with Josh." It makes her feel good to show that her life is intertwined with her husband's.

Advice vs. Understanding.

Eve had a benign lump removed from her breast. When she confided to her husband, Mark, that she was distressed because the stitches changed the contour of her breast, he answered, "You can always have plastic surgery."

This comment bothered her. "I'm sorry you don't like the way it looks," she protested. "But I'm not having any more surgery!"

Mark was hurt and puzzled. "I don't care about a scar," he replied. "It doesn't bother me at all."

"Then why are you telling me to have plastic surgery?" she asked.

"Because you were upset about the way it looks."

Eve felt like a heel. Mark had been wonderfully supportive throughout her surgery. How could she snap at him now?

The problem stemmed from a difference in approach. To many men a complaint is a challenge to come up with a solution. Mark thought he was reassuring Eve by telling her there was something she could do about her scar. But often women are looking for emotional support, not solutions.

When my mother tells my father she doesn't feel well, he invariably offers to take her to the doctor. Invariably, she is disappointed with his reaction. Like many men, he is focused on what he can do, whereas she wants sympathy.

Information vs. Feelings.

A cartoon shows a husband opening a newspaper and asking his wife, "Is there anything you'd like to say to me before I start reading the paper?" We know there isn't - but that as soon as the man begins reading, his wife will think of something.

The cartoon is funny because people recognize their own experience in it. What's not funny is that many women are hurt when men don't talk to them at home, and many men are frustrated when they disappoint their partners without knowing why.

Rebecca, who is happily married, told me this is a source of dissatisfaction with her husband, Stuart. When she tells him what she is thinking, he listens silently. When she asks him what is on his mind, he says, "Nothing."

All Rebecca's life she has had practice in verbalizing her feelings with friends and relatives. But Stuart has had practice in keeping his innermost thoughts to himself. To him, like most men, talk is information. He doesn't feel that talk is required at home.

Yet many such men hold center stage in a social setting, telling jokes and stories. They use conversation to claim attention and to entertain. Women can wind up hurt that their husbands tell relative strangers things they have not told them.

To avoid this kind of misunderstanding, both men and women can make adjustments. A woman may observe a man's desire to read the paper without seeing it is a rejection. And a man can understand a woman's desire to talk without feeling it is a manipulative intrusion.

Orders vs. Proposals.

Diana often begins statements with "Let's." She might say "Let's park over there" or "Let's clean up now, before lunch."

This makes Nathan angry. He has deciphered Diana's "Let's" as a command. Like most men, he resists being told what to do. But to Diana, she is making suggestions, not demands. Like most women, she formulates her requests as proposals rather than orders. Her style of talking is a way of getting others to do what she wants - but by winning agreement first.

With certain men, like Nathan, this tactic backfires. If they perceive someone is trying to get them to do something indirectly, they feel manipulated and respond more resentfully than they would to a straightforward request.

Conflict vs. Compromise.

In trying to prevent fights, some women refuse to oppose the will of others openly. But sometimes it's far more effective for a woman to assert herself, even at the risk of conflict.

Dora was frustrated by a series of used cars she drove. It was she who commuted to work, but her husband, Hank, who chose the cars. Hank always went for cars that were "interesting" but in continual need of repair.

After Dora was nearly killed when her brakes failed, they were in the market for yet another used car. Dora wanted to buy a late-model sedan from a friend. Hank fixed his sights on a 15-year-old sports car. She tried to persuade Hank that it made more sense to buy the boring but dependable car, but he would not be swayed.

Previously she would have acceded to his wishes. This time Dora bought the boring but dependable car and steeled herself for Hanks' anger. To her amazement, he spoke not a word of remonstrance. When she later told him what she had expected, he scoffed at her fears and said she should have done what she wanted from the start if she felt that strongly about it.

As Dora discovered, a little conflict won't kill you. At the same time, men who habitually oppose others can adjust their style to opt for less confrontation.

When we don't see style differences for what they are, we sometimes draw unfair conclusions: "You're illogical," "You're self- centered," "You don't care about me." But once we grasp the two characteristic approaches, we stand a better chance of preventing disagreements from spiraling out of control.

Learning the other's ways of talking is a leap across the communication gap between men and women, and a giant step towards genuine understanding.

Deborah Tannen: Men and Women

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Marriage Records Online

Everyone that got married got a marriage license. But what if a marriage license or the marriage information is lost.

It happens a lot of times because of errors and disasters or simple accidents.

But another point for accessing marriage records is to check if your partner or futured partner is still married or not?

In all these cases is having access to marriage records a solution!

Today we have Internet which makes it possible to access marriage records online and to search and find marriage records of almost anyone in the United States. Many
government sources, offices and records are connected and could be accessed by anyone with the right purpose.

Besides only having access to marriage records you can also have access to a complete range of other records such as court records, criminal records, vital records or a complete background check of a certain person.

Most important is that if you need to access marriage records that you choose a website that provides you secure, reliable and very important 100% legal results.
Most websites that are secure and trustable are not free and charge a fee for access to the marriage records, but if you need access to the information it is worth it.

If you need to search or find marriage records then I recommend using By using this website you are using a powerful and fast search engine which is connected to billions of records to provide you the best results and best of all you can start a free search.

By: M. Bos
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Await Russian Women Getting Married?

Beloved, bride, wife… Start of a new life, new relationships, new responsibilities. When care for your future wife, you dear men conquer her soul, her feelings and her thoughts, to seek her affection to you. Then a woman without fear gives away her body. But this does not mean that you finally got your big prize, and you can forget about the female soul! You have been her knight in shining armor, which bore her on his hands. Do not leave your beloved on the road, passing one mile! The care should not end after the wedding, on the contrary, it should become more intense! Remember that if you take care of your Russian wife as well as at the time you tried to conquer her, you will find out how the continuing adventure will become a contact with her.

What awaits Russian wife of marriage?

Have you noticed that women do not become hermits? That's because women and Russian especially for the most part are more sociable than men. Russian wife needs to communicate with her husband. When a Russian woman marries, she considers these relationships as communications, which will last a lifetime. The man also wants from time to time, he is left alone, giving him the opportunity to work in the garage or spend time in the club with friends. Regardless of the circumstances each spouse in a good marriage should learn to reckon with the interests and needs of another.

Russian wife wants compassion. Women have an inbred sense of compassion, which the men have no. Woman sees those helpless, and wants to help them, while a man is trying to understand why the man is in such condition and what can be helpful for him to get out of it. Because the woman has this sense of compassion and she pays so much, there are moments when she is not in mood. At this point, your Russian spouse needs to ensure herself that you have shown compassion for her. Embrace her, tell how you love her. Your compassion will reassure her.

Russian wife expects from the marriage the infinite feast of the life, romantic relationships and continuing beautiful care. Russian women are very romantic. They need flowers and gifts - romantic trifles, even if there is no other reason, as only that you think about her and cherish her. To be romantic, it does not require a lot of money. It is important that you keep her hands or embrace her for her shoulders when you come together where something. Open the doors before her and contact with her, like the Queen, in all that you are doing for her.

Russian wife is in need of affection. Your affection shows her that you guard her. The affection, demonstrates your loyalty and love, the wife is given a sense of security. When possible, keep her by the hand, embrace her, and your frequent and gentle touch will convince her that your strength and love protect her. But the affection - is not just a touch. You can show your affection by words. Your second half needs words of encouragement and to express your gratitude as well. When she is in a difficult position and looking for your help, she needs your attention, your support and wise counsel.

Finally, your Russian wife needs the passions. Oh! Men, you certainly had hoped also to see this in the list! But what is very important: if a woman does not receive what in the first four paragraphs are listed - communication, compassion, affection and romance - you can forget about the fifth! Remember, she is a well, which water you should thrill. She is not similar to you - who is the source, who is always ready to fountain! If you have talked your Russian wife the encouraging words of support during the day, if you found time for her, if you kept her by the hand and opened the door before her, then, when evening comes, it will not be difficult for her to give up to you and answer for your passion. She expects this from you, she is happy and enjoying the moments of intimacy,if you acknowledge your wife a beautiful creature, which God has created.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

David Deangelo’s Dating Story Of Dealing With Women

I made the decision a few years ago that I needed to get the area of my life ‘handled’ called ‘dealing with women’. So I made a decision and a commitment to myself and my best friend that I would do whatever it took to learn and ‘figure this out’. (Read Chapter 1 from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for more on this mindset.)

Some background: The girlfriends that I had in the past were mostly from luck now that I reflect on it. They were there, and I felt lucky to have them as my girlfriend at the time.

Free Dating Tips And Advice For Men

But I never knew how to approach women I didn’t know, and I could sit in a bar for three hours making eye contact with a woman and never have the nerve to go talk to her. Right now I’m just turning 30, and I’m about 5’10” and 160 pounds. I think I’m reasonably good looking, but I’ve never been the kind of guy that women just walk up and approach. (I say this to give you a frame of reference in relationship to the comments I make relating to looks, etc.) I’ve made myself more attractive by paying attention, learning, and using what works.

When I made the decision to get this part of my life handled, I decided that instead of trying to start with an angle (working at a strip club, becoming famous for something, etc.) that I would like to learn in a way that gave me power to act with just my personality and presentation. In other words, I wanted to make this part of who I was rather than a ‘trick’.

I have a rule of thumb in life that I use… it takes about 2-4 years just to get ‘good’ at something. And I mean JUST TO GET GOOD. Think martial arts, playing an instrument… anything. (Read Chapter 1 of Mastery by Leonard for more wisdom on
this topic.)

Sure, you can have some success and fun while learning, but experience has shown me that to really ‘get’ something and to be able to use it in many contexts successfully, you need to apply yourself for 2-4 years.

THEN, I think it takes another 2-4 years to become a ‘master’ of whatever you’re doing.

At the 10+ year level is usually where the Genius level really kicks in…
My point here is to say that I’ve been applying myself for a few years now, and I am now at the point where I feel confident and in control around women. I encourage you to make this a long-term commitment rather than just trying to get an instant cure. It will be worth it in the long run.

If you’re just plain lazy and want a shortcut, go ahead and try all of them. But you’ll most likely find, like most others do, that massive success with this material takes practice, effort, and a commitment.

By: DeAngelo David
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Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women at . David DeAngelo will show you the secrets that most men will never know about women. Improve your dating with David's dating tips and dating advice.

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Husbands For Women" Store.

Recently a shop was opened where women can choose and buy husbands for themselves.

At the entrance a set of rules of the store hangs, reading as follows:

1. You can visit the store ONLY ONCE.
2. The store has 6 floors, the quality of men increases with the increase ofordinal numbers of the floors.
3. You can either choose any man on any floor or climb to the top floor.
4. You are not allowed to return to the lower floor.

One woman decided to visit that very "Shop of husbands" to find a life partner for her. After reading the signboard at the entrance to the first floor: "Men who have job" - she immediately goes to the second floor. Signboard on the second floor: "Men who have job and loving children." Woman goes to third. Signboard on the third floor: "Men who have job, loving children and unusually beautiful."

"Wow! That's awesome!" - the woman thought, but still went to the fourth floor. Signboard on the fourth floor: "Men who have job, loving children, of dazzling beauty and helping their wives in the house." "Unbelievable!" - the woman exclaimed. "I am very difficult to resist!"

But saying so she is still rising on the fifth floor.
Signboard on the fifth floor: "Men who have job, loving children, of dazzling beauty, helping their wives in the house, and very romantic." A woman wanted very much to stay on this floor and to choose a man for her, but breaking herself, went to the last floor. And on the sixth floor, she reads in the signboard such lines: "You are on this floor as the visitor № 31 456 012, there are no men, this floor is only to prove that it is impossible to satisfy a woman. Thank you for visiting our shop!"

And directly against the "Shop of wives" was opened. On the first floor there were women who love to have sex. On the second: rich women, loving to have sex. We do not know what the women were upstairs: nobody had climbed overthere never once!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top 15 Tips To Beginner Pessimist.

In this world there are at least 5 people who love you so much that can die for you.

At least 15 people in a greater or lesser extent love you.

The only reason why someone does not love you is that he wants to be the same as you.

One your smile can please someone, even if he does not love you.

Every night someone thinks about you before going to sleep.

For someone you are the whole world.

Someone could not live without you.

You're Special and unique.

Someone of whom you do not even know loves you.

Even when you commit the greatest stupidity, it produces something good.

When you think that the world has turned from you, look: more likely it is you have turned from the world.

When you want something, but think that you can not achieve this, you most likely will not get it. But if you believe in yourself, then sooner or later you will get what you want.

Remember possibly often the compliments you was told. Forget malicious remarks and ridicules.

Always honestly tell people what you think about them; you will be easier if they know it.

If you have a best friend, do not forget to talk to him how much he means to you.
They say that only one minute needed to notice a special man, the whole hour - to estimate, entire day - to start to love him. But then an entire life would be required to forget him.

Rules Written By Men That Every Woman Should Know.

1. If you think you grow fat, it is most likely the truth.

2. If you ask a question to which you do not need an answer, be ready to hear a response that you would not like to hear.

3. Sometimes we think not about you. Put up with this.

4. Never ask us, what do we think about, if you are not prepared to discuss on shooting, football and autos.

5. Shopping is not a sport, and we are NEVER going to think differently.

6. When we are going somewhere, whatever you put on is just fine. Seriously.

7. You have enough clothes.

8. You have too many shoes.

9. Your former lover - idiot.

10. Ask for what you want. The subtle hints do not help, thick hints do not help, clear hints do not help. Just SAY.

11. YES and NO - these answers perfectly suite to almost any question.

12. Do not pretend. We better feel insolvent than cheated.

13. Neither in your nor in our interest to participate together in the competition.

14. "No" has no meaning "in what sense"

15. All that was said 6 months ago, is unacceptable to the dispute.

16. If you did not agree to dress like girlfriends of Pamela Anderson from the last series, do not require that we have to be same nobly like the men from the series.

17. Do not forbid us to stare at women, we'll still do it, it is in the genes.

18. You can ask us to do something, or tell us how you want to see this was done, but not both "what and how" simultaneously.

19. If possible, say whatever you want to say at the time of advertising.

20. The relationship will never remain the same as in the first two months of dating.

21. ALL the men distinguish 16 colors, like in Windows setting up by default. Peach is a fruit, not color.

22. You have enough handbags.

23. Beer is as entertaining for us as handbags for you.

24. If you find out from your girlfriend that she appears in our erotic fantasies, do not worry: the fantasy included both you and her.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Five Fundamental Women's Demerits.

First demerit.

The woman does not know what she wants. Never. At any moment. Neither in trifles(which a dress to take - that reddish or this with a discount?), nor in global affairs (to marry Pete or take vacation in August). The woman is not guessing her secret desires. Because there is a big gap between what is imposed by a gloss and what she really needs.

Second demerit.

The woman thinks that she knows what she wants. A woman needs happiness. These words are spoken by her. But if you ask her: "What is your happiness?" - she will immediately efface herself. Well, she will say: a man ... money ... beauty ... But the man - this is not only the serenades under the moon, but also shirts, kitchen and soccer. Money - this is what is always lacked. A beauty - is what the others will have still more. And, when a woman receives either one or all ingredients of her imaginary happiness together, she feels cheated. Because - "not the case" and "not that".

Third demerit.

Woman is suggestible. When a competent approach is you can put anything in her head. And she will sincerely believe it. Then try to impress upon her something back - she will believe it again. In other words, a woman has not her view and her principles. And an unscrupulous person is a dangerous partner. Despite the seemingly all pluses.

Fourth demerit.

The woman feels a privileged person. And trying to sit on two chairs. A woman wants to have at her disposal all the pluses of Modern possession of equal rights and the chivalrous relations simultaneously. At home it is expressed this way: she wants to receive flowers from you, recognition and irrefutable evidence of your attitude to her, but does not want to wash your socks and cook for you. And you just try to indicate it! She will immediately explain to you how far from proud rank of the Man you are!

Fifth demerit.

The woman believes she has the right to refashion you. Under her own ideal, the ideal of neighbor, colleagues, her former, her father. You do not know how to sleep well, how to eat, to talk, to make court to her, to say compliments and to regulate your life. And be assured - she would make titanic efforts to destroy your weaknesses! You are so far from perfectness, so negligible, that simply obliged to kiss her legs day and night and thank her enthusiastically.
And if you do not understand this, you - complete nonentity and loser.

P.S. It is understandable that not all women are equal. Some of them have more beautiful breasts.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Women's Curiosity.

"Women know how to keep secrets, but together" - German proverb says. Pope John XXII had the opportunity to see for himself the women's boundless curiosity. Nuns of a convent asked him once that he gave them permission to practice confession among themselves, rather than before men, referring to female weakness, feeling of pudency, etc. Pope didn't mind to give them this privilege, but he was confused that the Confession required complete secrecy, and if a woman is capable for this, even a nun? And he decided to conduct a little experiment.

He had nuns believe that he would think about their request carefully and most likely will perform it. After some time he brought a box, in which he locked a bird, and requested under great secrecy them to preserve the box just a few days, but he mood-strictly ordered to leave any idea to inquire about what was concluded in a box, even threatened by excommunication for disobedience…

Once he left, invincible women's curiosity took the upper hand: the box was opened and the bird, of course, flew away. After that, Pope came to the convent and said that he brought asked by nuns the permission about confession, but he only wanted first to look at his box. Once found it empty, he already had the right to refuse applicants.