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3 Reasons Why Shy Guys Should Try Online Dating

Online dating has come of age and in the modern world it's taken on a whole new role in matching highly compatible couples that would probably not have met otherwise. If you are a shy guy and approaching women in real life is a challenge for you, then internet dating can be a great alternative to meet girls. Approaching girls and asking them out can be nerve wrecking - which is why so many shy guys don't date nearly enough. If you fall into this category, then these 3 reasons will be enough to get you online and to start dating again:

No Nerves

Lets face it, a face to face encounter with the opposite sex can be nerve wrecking to even the most confident guys. As you probably know, nerves can make you do stupid things - things that can easily blow your chances with a girl. Fortunately, online dating cancels this out to a large extent and chatting and emailing girls is a great way to interact without the usual nerves - allowing you to actually be yourself without doing and saying stupid things.

2. Meeting (a lot) Of Girls You Would Not Normally Meet

If you are a single guy in a modern city it can be near impossible to meet girls outside of the normal work or nightlife environment. With a busy lifestyle it6s no wonder that most modern couples meet at work and the whole bar and nightclub thing is not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of. For shy guys, these environments can be intimidating.

Online dating can be a great way to meet a lot more people who probably have a lot more in common with you than those who simply work with you. Online dating allows you to match up with girls that share your interests and you are far more likely to find someone who you are a good match with.

3. No Rejection

The fear of rejection is something we al have. Being rejected or blown off by the opposite sex can be a deeply hurtful experience. While guys with a lot of confidence can blow it off and move on, shy guys tend to take it more personally and this is just one reason why they would probably avoid approaching girls in the future. With online dating, rejection is virtually impossible. The fact that you can carefully craft your profile and just hand out with girls will build your confidence and even if a girl don't want to date you online, its not a big deal because there isn't that face to face encounter.

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