Friday, April 17, 2009

About Money, Love, And Something More...

I would like that you compiled right now a list of the ten beliefs about money, which you adhere. The second list of your ten beliefs about love, please complete tomorrow.

Do not be anxious about whether these opinions are positive or negative. No one else should see the list, or even know of its existence. But if you want to get its effect, it must be compiled with full honesty, on the basis of your inner truth, and past experience.

Carefully read each the list of a few times. Track how each belief resonates within you, drawing up or pushing away different circumstances, depending on the oscillation, which has generated inside of you. While you will be moving through this list, you will see that some beliefs are working for you, and others - against you. Do highlight the beliefs that work against you and hinder your financial progress. The same is true with regard to love.

By analyzing your beliefs you will find out that no beliefs, no amount of truth are absolute. In this regard, you may decide to get rid of any unwanted beliefs, which prevents you from reaching your goals, and, conversely, to imagine any new in your sole discretion.

No one is able to change your beliefs for you, or for the sake of you, just like no one from outside can impose them forced to you. You and only you are entitled and able to decide what to choose as beliefs of yours, which you will continue to adhere to.

Daily working with your thoughts and beliefs, you can create any reality to yourself wich also can be chosen by you. It all lies within you. Just let your resources to wake up. Which way you are thinking today, that way you are living tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bad Guys Syndrome And Dating

The dating horizon is affected by the bad guy syndrome, with many people believing that the bad guy always gets the beautiful and nice one. The beautiful ones are already born when it comes to the bad guys; at least that is what the movies have made us believe. You can remember those high school days and there might be a tinge of truth in this allegation. These guys always had the most beautiful babe o their sides. The cutest girls seem to prefer the bad guy, and you cannot blame them.

Everywhere in the world things seem to come in opposite stereotypes, nice girls and bad guy, poor girl and rich guy and so on. It might come out as what nature has endowed, but the truth is that in the dating game men are always stereotypical. Men are always confused and they seem to take stereotypes very seriously, from whence they begin working on them. The laws of nature seem to suggest to us that men should be tough and heroic, yet modernity has insisted on them to be sensitive and ready to hold the baby.

The bad guys seem to have it all as you make your mind to be in touch with your sensitive side. He appears very mean, rude and has never called his girlfriend, amidst being unhelpful and has no time to show her any respect or go for dating occasions. The sad and interesting fact is that he has a fanatical following and support. Life has never been unfair. You treat your woman well and fine and you will appear soft and you have to struggle for her love, while the other guy has not time for his girl whom from what you have deciphered, has no inclination to leave his strenuous side.

The bottom-line is interest. The dating world is made up of surprises and always depicts the opposite of our expectation. It seems they are more interesting and theirs are interesting lifestyles. They have the audacity to always do what they want. They well answer to nobody and always go where their heart tell them to. Theirs is an interesting life. On the other hand, start doing what you are told more so in your dating instances, follow the rules and respect the constitution and you will appear like one hell of a dull might of flesh and blood. The mavericks hold all the interest while the straight among us lack in the facility.

What hurts the conforming man is that he gives all the best into the relationship, and the fruits are very bitter, if there are any. The woman will treat her indifferently more so when he depicts his emotions in their dating life. Let the other guy appear; rigid, noncommittal and seemingly a block of wood when it comes to emotions and the girl he is dating, who might be the cutest if compared with yours, will always be answering to any of his whims and even if she will be complaining to her friends about him, she will never leave his side.

You might be finding it rough on the dating scene with this kind of competition. What you can do is that you can go back to the dating relationship drawing board and make some specifications and changes, then after perfecting yourself to what you want, you can start experience your love life the way you want it.

By: Francis K Githinji
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Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Instantly Attract Women With This Unusual Secret (only A Few Men Know This)

Attracting women is not necessarily a difficult thing. However, if you do everything right, but one thing wrong, you will kill the attraction dead. Attraction is a "true-false" deal, not a "multiple choice"- 100% is an "A," 99% is an "F."

Most men understand on some level that if you want to create initial attraction with women, you have to smile. Almost every attraction and seduction guru out there tells men they have to learn to smile at women - and they are half right. You DO have to smile in order to attract women, but if you do it the wrong way (like most men do) you will repel women.

When most guys hear "put a smile on your face and you will attract women," they plaster a dopey salesman's grin on their face. They show their teeth to every woman they meet and then wonder why these women won't give them the time of day. You see, not only do you have to smile in order to attract women, you've got to smile the right way.

The #1 Way to Stop Attracting Women

Let's talk about the wrong way first. When it comes to attracting women, it is just as important to get rid of your attraction killers as it is engage in attractive behavior. Like I said, you can do everything right, and one thing wrong, and that one thing will kill the attraction dead.

When most men smile at a woman, they do it either in a phony way, or in a "sterile" way. What I mean by sterile is this: they see a woman, and smile at her, but they hold back their feelings of attraction. The woman sees a guy with a safe, neutral smile, a guy who reminds her of Mr. Rodgers, and she smiles back, keeps on walking and that's that.

The Right Way to Smile So You Can Instantly Attract Women

The right to smile at an attractive woman is to use what I call the "naughty boy smile." This is a smile that immediately transmits to her "this interaction IS about attraction, and I make no excuses for my desires as a man." It is often more of a seductive, almost arrogant smirk than a smile, with you looking at her straight in the eye.

The emotion you transmit to her when you do this is, "I'm comfortable with myself as a man. You're a sexy woman, and yes I'm attracted to you." Instead of making the interaction sneaky or covert, it's an overt interaction. Your attitude should be, "YES, this is about attraction, and yes I know we will both enjoy it."

When you smile at a woman in this manner, with this intent, the effect is electrifying. In a split second, you're put into a completely different category of man, far away from the nice, safe, predictable guys she's used to meeting. Suddenly, you're a bit dangerous, a bit unpredictable, and completely attractive.

How Do I Know The "Naughty Boy" Smile Will Instantly Attract Women?

For years and years I used the safe guy smile in my futile attempts to attract women. Finally, I started paying attention to the gestures and facial expressions of friends who were very good at attracting women. Everywhere we went they had girls around them. The one thing that stood out like a beacon in the night was they all had their own version of the "naughty boy smile," and they all used it to devastating effect.

When I started to put it work myself, the reactions I got from women were immediately different than what I'd gotten before. All of a sudden women WERE interested in me. Instead of being just a "safe friend" and a "nice guy," women thought of me as an attractive man… and my life got much, much more exciting.

Is This All You Need to Know About Attracting Women?

Of course not. If that was the only thing you need to know about attracting women, then I wouldn't be able to create eBooks, special reports and a controversial email newsletter to help you attract women now. But knowing how to smile the right way IS a vital piece of the attraction puzzle. If you start implementing it, you will see immediate results. It will take you a bit of time to find your own, unique "naughty boy smile." But once you have it, you have it. And then your interactions with women will start to take on a very different… and very exciting… tone. The "naughty boy smile" is one of the most powerful things I've ever discovered when it comes to instantly attracting women.

By: J Alanis

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interesting Conversations With Women- How To Quickly Create Sexual Tension

Starting conversations with women isn’t difficult, but maintaining their interest is. When interacting with the opposite sex, most guys run out of steam before they even get going. They introduce themselves, babble a bunch of random statements, and endure the painful awkward silences that follow.

Sound familiar?

The good news is that talking to women doesn’t have to be burdensome, and in truth, it can be a lot of fun! The trick to catching and keeping a girl’s interest is simple…listen. Most guys waste so much energy worrying about what to say, but in reality, women’s answers to their questions could provide for ample conversation.

Here’s what I mean…

#1- Be a Funny Guy

Unless you’ve bee living under a rock your entire life, you should know that everyone (especially women) love being entertained. If you can make a girl laugh, you’re already on her good side. With that said, go into the dating scene with a few funny stories about your life, and find ways to share them with the women you’re approaching.

If you don’t think you have any funny stories, think again. Everybody can recall times in their past that were embarrassing or memorable, so make sure you have at least four of these tales to share with the women you approach. Being able to laugh at yourself will lighten the mood and build rapport with the opposite sex.

For your convenience, I’ve included the following format to help you craft a great story. You’re welcome. As you’ll notice, the setup is similar to what you’ll hear in a good joke:

• You are the main character.

• Make sure to demonstrate appealing character traits, such as confidence or courage.

• The tone of your story should be light and funny.

• See to it that the ending (or “punch line”) is interesting and memorable.

If you’re smart, you won’t improve these stories on the spot. Practice makes perfect, so take the time to perfect your storytelling prior to hitting the social scene. Try them out of family or friends, and see what they’re reactions are.

#2- Go Fishing

Remember when I mentioned the importance of listening? If you keep your ears open while talking to a woman (instead of just staring at her chest) you can literally “fish” for additional topics of conversation. Ask questions about her background, hobbies, or career, and use her answers to find a common ground with her. Not only will this demonstrate your compatibility with her, but it will show her that you’re genuinely interested.

If something she says lends itself to a funny story you have, all the better! The point is to be relatable to the women you approach, thereby building rapport with them. People are naturally drawn to others like them, and the more a woman feels like you understand her, the more she’ll be attracted to you.

Talking to women shouldn’t be a painful experience...if you know what you’re doing. By arming yourself with some good stories and an open ear, any woman will be putty in your hands. Practice these tips every time you hit the dating market, and say goodbye to awkward silences forever.

By: Steve J. Scott

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