Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why "family oriented" Russian Women are well educated?

For the Western mentality it seems logical that women with Higher Education will be more inclined to make her own career than to give herself to her family... A woman who decided to devote herself to her husband and children, will not seek to go to College or University. Why spend time and money on education, if you will not use your diploma for its intended purpose? This girl should probably go on courses of housekeeping, sewing, knitting at last. But not to College. This is the logic. A member of the highly civilized society thinks so, where every little problem is solved with the help of specialized services by experts with qualitative but narrow skills. It so happened in the West.

It's different in Russia. Another way of life, different habits. Existence determines the consciousness. And the mentality of Russians is very different from thinking, accustomed to Western people. Sometimes the logic of Russians just does not fit into the usual understanding of European or American. There is a joke: "To understand this is not possible so just remember this and take for granted"

The question "why the Russians seek education" for a Russian girl is rhetorical. The answer is obvious. It's insurance. Just in case. And the matter of prestige. In Russia, we can say, it is unpresentable not to have a decent education. So accepted. Roots in history.

It's no secret that the demographic situation in Russia is not in favor of women. According to various estimates the lack of suitors is from 10 to 20 million! Women are more likely than men to fight for the happiness of being selected. And the education plays a significant role here. The chances are much higher. And in the case of loneliness there is a hope to get a job that would support her. This requires a Diploma, although in Russia not often you can meet a person who works in accordance of his speciality. It is a paradox. It is easier to remember than to try to understand it!

In Russia there are not very popular various home economics courses. There is a reason. Both at school and at home the girl, starting from 6-7 years old, is taught how to cook, sew, knit, caring for children and much more. Almost any girl can fix the faucet in the kitchen (if she will want). Virtually all the women know how to sew and knit. It is the custom. These skills are the must for Russian Women who live in Russia. And why should she go to learn this? She herself can teach. And she will certainly be teaching this her own children.

Do you know how the parents have often frighten of their children girls? They say: "If you behave wrong, no one will marry you." By this from the childhood is laid a kind of incentive to be "good", "able", "to have a good Education".
The boys in this respect are in a better situation. And it works relaxing.

From this goes the irresponsibility of Russian guys. Not everyone, of course, but the majority of Russian men have been slow to start a family and especially children. That's another answer to the question of why most Russian families have one child. It is known from the biology, that for a birth there should be desire of the two - man and woman. And the logic is powerless here.

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