Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Want To Know If She Is Interested In You

Who says understanding women is easy? Most of us guys go through the “School of Hard Knocks”, learning by trial and error, eating a lot of humble pie along the way, before tasting the sweet fruit of success in our encounter with women. If you can decipher her signals, you will be able to cut down the learning time by at least 50% and at least double your success rate from now.

Here are her body signals you need to pay attention to:

(1) Watch where her body is facing

If she is facing towards you, she is interested in what you are saying. When you are talking with her, she is looking into your eyes, her shoulders are square with yours, her legs are facing in your directions and she is smiling, you can be very sure she is very interested in you.

(2) Watch her feet and legs

You can be very certain she is very keen on you when she points her feet towards you when talking to you. Besides this, she will also show off her legs to guys she wants. She knows guys are interested on a woman’s breasts, butt and legs. Therefore, when she is talking to a guy she likes, she will try to make her breasts, butt and legs look as attractive as possible. He is hinting that either she is interested in what you have to say or she wants to move your relationship t a deeper, more intimate level.

(3) She dangles her shoe on the tip of her toe

If you see this signal, it is a clear green light for you to “go for it”. When a woman is talking to you and dangling her shoe by the tip of her toe, she is probably fantasizing about you in some way. This does not necessarily mean something sexual. It simply means you have her full, uninterrupted attention and she is very attracted to you.

(4) The direction she blows her cigarette smoke

The more she goes out of her way to make you comfortable, the more she values your attention. She is very interested in you when she does the following things:

(a) Blowing her smoke away from you, turning her head to show you her neck
(b) Turning her body or any kind of movement so that either of you can get closer, or facing each other, during a conversation. Sometimes she will pretend she wants to “hear you better”.
(c) Stepping out of your way, or moving over so you have a comfortable seat.

(5) She shows her wrists and neck

Any time you see her tilt her head or expose her wrist to you, you can be sure she is trying to catch your eye. These are acts of seduction to make her looks vulnerable to indicate she wants her desired man to protect her. She is totally in to you when she leans her head back; she is leaning into you and laughing “too much” at a joke.

By: Ng Eng Hou

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