Thursday, November 22, 2012


2:42 PM
A couple runs into the tram. A man with the bag, the lady takes this bag from him:
- Well, you forgot to buy yogurt! The oil, it was necessary to take it with the green stripe, not blue, low fat... Oh! My God! I've told you a hundred times that I do not eat a chocolate with all kinds of nuts and raisins! And again you've bought it! I'm going crazy!
A man grabs the chocolate and vexedly throws it out the window.

2:41 PM
A guy comes into the tram. He sees a girl of indescribable beauty sitting near the window. Better than in his most daring, but decent, fantasies. He feels as if he is wired. Here it is, his fate and love at first sight to the last breath! But we must act. But his feelings and emotions are really seized up. Brain has turned down, muscles too. But the flashed feeling is stronger then he. And he, with the gait of deep water cuttlefish which was rapidly brought to the surface, approaches his beloved. He wanted to get down on one knee, like a knight, but a cuttlefish has no knees, so standing in a natural position for a cuttlefish, but strange for a man, he began:

- Oh, girl, you are very beautiful! Could I meet you? My name is Serge.
The girl turnes around. Cute guy, she immediately liked. The fact that she, too, has made an impression on him, she immediately guessed by his strange tense posture of a cuttlefish. But a woman is a woman. She needs to see the seriousness of the applicant. Small, trifling, almost formal financial sacrifice must be. Although on the tip of her tongue there was and desired as soon as possible to fly off, the word "Yes!" Seeing in front of her the poor student, she lowers the bar to a minimum and coyly says: - I'm not getting acquainted with no chocolate.

The guy in his head has another explosion, almost real. He really is a poor student and there is nothing in his pocket except the tram ticket. The first idiotic idea was to try to give her his almost new shoes size 44 instead of a chocolate. But even the cuttlefish brain was enough to give up with it. Panic. Thoughts jump. And most important: Is it because of some chocolate he would lose the love of his life and will be doomed to eternal suffering and torment? He does not know what to do. He is in turmoil. He mentally shouts: Help! Please, help!

Ongoing tram passes by and a bar of chocolate with nuts and raisins enters inside through the window. It hits a guy in the chest and falls to the girl's knees. Now they are all smiles. The road to their happiness is open out. They have not even started thinking, where did chocolate come from. And it sure would come from somewhere. Happiness should not be frustrated by the little things.

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