Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russian Women's Names

A simple truth is that the most pleasant word for every person is his/her own first name! The more frequently you mention the name of the person in conversation or correspondence, the greater affection for you she feels (I mean your Russian girlfriend). Russian language is very rich language, although it is very difficult. The richness of the language makes it easy to convey your attitude to the interlocutor by using various forms of the name, and thus to win.

Any Russian woman will appreciate your knowledge and the use of various forms of her name in the correspondence. Russian have very many forms of name which are used depending on the desire to express your attitude to the person. Range of forms of the name is very rich and can subtly convey any sense from the affection to the hate. It depends on which form of the name do you use when applying.

Official full name of woman as well as man consists of three parts: a first name, a patronymic, and a surname. The first name is a given name. When women marry they change their maiden surname and take the husband's surname.

The first name together with patronymic is used in formal situations, as well as in the case you just want to express a respect. In everyday informal atmosphere Russians use shortened form of names. Short form of the first name is not used together with patronymic.

Short name, in turn, has many different forms and varies in spelling and pronunciation, which leads foreigners to some confusion. In Russian language you can express your attitude to person by using particular form of the first name. Also the short form of name in the Russian language has a special form of pleading. It is used only in direct address to the person and only to close friends and relatives. Pleading form of the name corresponds to the English "hey, listen!" Pleading form has it's neutral and affectionate forms.

Pleading form has been used by conversationalist when he wants to say something important. A form of the name itself adds the color to the sense. It emphasizes the closeness of relationship. At the same time it shows your attitude and your mood at the moment. Full information about forms of the Russian women's names can be obtained here.

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