Thursday, August 28, 2008

Russian Girls: The Formula Of Physics And Lyricism.

We are proud that we are Russian women... and we are looking for husband at the international dating site.
We laugh at death... and buy kilograms of pills in drugstore.
We do not care about public opinion... and we constantly ask: "How do I look?".
We love loneliness... and compress tightly the mobile phone in the hands.
We believe that my home is my fortress... and at nights we are afraid that it would be blew up with us.
We are confident that we are absolutely unworried... and reach for the next one sigarete.
We shock people... and are afraid to say "I love".
We do not believe in love... but at night we weep in the pillow.
We live ephemeral life... and make the plans for the future.
We on principle do not watch the news on TV... and read it on the Internet.
We are very self-critical... and love only themselves.
We hate our government... and are pleased to celebrate The Independence Day.
We do not believe in the perfect people... and every day in the crowd we are looking for our own ideal.
We hate the crowd in the subway in the mornings... and every day we stay patiently on the platform in anticipation of the train.
We always say what we think... and almost forgot how to smile sincerely.
We want people to take us as we are... and stick out for hours in front of a mirror.
We love clever phrase... and do not understand themselves.
We have a pile of unopened talents... and we do nothing to disclose them.
We hate birthdays... and we always celebrate them.
We love to sleep till the noon... and put the alarm clock at 6 am.
We always get what we want... and we are afraid to be rummagy.
We are writing our personal diaries... and want them to be read by others...
We say that life is beautiful... we... we just...

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

25 Words That Every Woman Likes To Hear.

No one woman can say anything against that she is...

1. beautiful

2. clever

3. caring

4. charming

5. desired

6. attractive

7. sexual

8. kind

9. tender

10. sweet

11. passionate

12. fascinating

13. slender

14. glamorous

15. stylish

16. romantic

17. one and only

18. endearing

19. mysterious

20. harmonious

21. responsive

22. understanding

23. luring

24. seductive

25. beloved

Feel free to say these words at any time of day or night, in any weather, anywhere. They can not be misplaced!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Russian Girls. Maidservants - Princesses - Queens...

Maidservants dream on a kind fairy, Princesses - on a beautiful prince, the Queens do not dream, they act.

Maidservants believe that miracles happen, with the princesses they really happen, the Queens make them themselves.

Maidservants are weak, but they look like if to be strong, Princess are strong, but seem to be weak, the Queens manage without masks.

Maidservants have to come beforehand, Princess come tardily, Queens arrive at a good time.

Maidservants blame themselves entirely, the Princess blame others, the Queens make conclusions.

Maidservants do not know how to win, the Princess do not know how to lose, the Queens do not compete.

Dragons are not interested in Maidservants, as to Princesses, they eat them, with the Queens they are friends.

Because of Maidservants are not interesting to dragons, Princesses are afraid of them, and only Queens tame them.

Maidservants, even pretty, consider themselves plain girls, Princesses, even ugly, consider themselves the beauties, the Queens still did not happen to have a few minutes to consider themselves in the mirror.

It is possible not to notice the Maidservants, one can not help but notice the Princess, one can not help but notice the Queen when it is necessary to her.

Maidservants are humble, Princess are self-willed, Queens are disciplined.

Maidservants want to get praise, Princesses - attention, the Queens want experience.

Maidservants put up with humiliation, Princesses take vengeance for it, it is impossible to humiliate the Queens.

Maidservants love, Princesses allow to love themselves, the Queens do not measure - who loves whom.

Maidservants all understand and tolerate, Princesses understand only what they want to understand, the Queens understand everything and go away.

Maidservants do not know how to demand, the Princesses do not know how to wait, the Queens know that everything is good in its time.

Maidservants do not want to grow up, Princesses do not want aging, the Queens still know that everything is good in its time.

Maidservants see the world in black, Princesses - in the pink, the Queens - in black, pink and all other colors.

It is easy with Maidservants, it is difficult with Princesses, with the Queens, at least, it is interesting.

To be a Maidservant is difficult, to be a Princess is easily, to be a Queen, at least, it makes sense.

Rules Of Attraction

Is love a pure case of chemistry? I do not mean the one that is toxic. Some wives have made men to misinterpret the chemistry idea since they regularly treat their husbands like toxic waste products. Many learned people among them philosophers and poets are always trying to establish the real rules of attraction. It is fascinating how we feel attracted towards one individual and behave indifferently towards another. That is what most people put as love, hate or anything in between. Is it in our capacity as human beings to lure love? I always thought that we choose not to love. It is a feeling that cannot be wished away. Anyhow we must coexist with others therefore plainly speaking, you need their love.

Dating has established a trend which acts as one of the rules of attraction. Usually, girls play hard to get while the gentlemen are supposed to do the chasing game and do all within their power to woo their interest. The girls are supposed to workout a plan employing a notion that is aiming at luring a potential partner. in most cases the plans involve manipulation and deceit. Some say its hard to do it with integrity as the dating scene is yet to reach perfection. The emotional development in an individual has much to do with the maturity and the way he/she carries herself around in the matters surrounding attraction, dating and falling in love. There is a lot of shyness and unwillingness to participate in the dating field and yet we badly need it. The dating rules should focus more on going straight to the goals without self criticism.
Physical appearance is one of the things that influence attraction. Someone who has good looks is said to be more captivating. The rules of attraction has revealed that people from both sexes are more attracted to symmetrical bodies and facial appearances. However beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. One man's meat is another man's poison. A person might appear not so good looking to one man but appear a real sign of beauty to another. Every individual has a list of preferences when it comes to looks and attractiveness. Their will always be something that sends our hearts racing when we are interacting with a potential partner. Understanding the rules of attraction helps people to make more logical decision in the dating field.

The longer the time that a dating couple spend together the more they tend to find each other attractive. What are the requirements that we consider while searching for a perfect match? Personal characters and personality are major determinants to attraction. The rules of attraction state that the more amiable, smart, confident and humorous an individual is, the more the probability of attracting love. On the other hand, people who are boring, negative, insensitive and irresponsible are considered to be less ingratiating. Extroverts are known to be more attractive than introverts. If you find someone attractive, there are chances that he/she will start to fancy you as well. This is the art of mutual attraction. Similarity is another factor that also determines whether two people find each other attractive. The rules of attraction are all a subject to unending debate but first get a hold of this.

By: Francis K Githinji
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How To Make People Laugh - Online Dating Chat And Singles Tips.

Girls and guys love funny people. Ever met a person at a party who appears to always have people wanting to sit near them and to be in their company? We all love a laugh and an easy going, laid back partner who doesn't put others down is just great at the dinner table. But what about when online dating? Is it enough simply to be funny? Its certainly a start...

Laughing and making other people laugh is a big asset in life. Laughing produces good hormones in the body that help people feel more positive, healthier and even tolerant of others. Even though naturally funny people exist, making someone laugh is a skill that can be taught.

Play a trick on your friend!

Real life stories are funnier than made up ones.
Great comedians draw heavily on their actual life experiences, so the joke is on themselves rather than on other people, drawing focus on little details that may have appeared insignificant and showing other people an insight regarding the workings of their mind. As we can relate to the actual aspects of the story, the entire joke appears believable and the humor in it comes across genuine. Comedians who are well known for this type of comedy include Billy Connolly, arguably the funniest scot alive.

Repetition, saying the same thing several times can cause it to become humorous. Sounds unbelievable? Sometimes pushing a joke beyond the boundaries works.

Misdirection. A style many comedians apply is misdirection. This means they include a story that goes in a totally different direction to that that was expected. Groucho Marx would use this technique. The basis behind this is that when the listener knows what is going to occur then it won't be funny however by catching them by surprise, their mind can see the funny side. Chevy Chase often uses this tactic with his joke telling.

Escalation is another different technique to be humorous. This means that the story begins in a sensible, predictable way and then escalates into the very funny. You add more and more funny dialogue until the listener begins cracking up in laughter.

Understatement is when you make an important topic seem really trivial.

Reversal means moving the story around so that it refers to the incorrect noun - like "residents dangerous to local dogs"

The error many of us make when trying to be humorous is to try to be funny non stop. They end up sounding idiotic and embarrass themselves. The answer to humor is to inject it into a story. It is sometimes someone who is usually fairly straight, that comes across really funny when they throw in several random lines to a conversation or who then tell a really clever tale of their lives.

The main difference online is that you need to count on the content or context to display humor - sarcasm, unless you know the person does not work very well online.

By: Matt F

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Techniques To Attract A Girl Or The Top 10 Ways To Get A Girl Interested In You

The best way to make an impression is to teach the girl something about herself. The following techniques are best suited to attract a girl:

1) “The Cube”. Women love all kinds of tests. This personality test invented by the master pick up artist and author Neil Strauss aka Style works like a charm. Read on it on the internet or Strauss’ book called “The Game”.

2) “The 3 Questions Game to Define Your Goal in Life”. This routine invented by Style is about asking the girl what she likes doing most and what kind of feeling she has doing it. The ultimate goal in life is to experience that feeling again and again.

3) Palm reading. This is an instant classic and gets every girl interested in a second. Don’t forget to tell her that has a difficult relationship to her father and an excellent one to her mother ;-)

4) “The Ring Routine”. This routine is about telling her that wearing ring on particular fingers says something about her personality.

5) Cold Reading. This technique is extremely powerful, but you need some experience with people to be successful with it. Cold reading is about guessing what kind of person the girl is and telling her what she wants to hear.

6) Storytelling. In order to attract a girl you need to be able to tell an interesting story. Keep in mind: Telling a story is not about getting to the end, but to demonstrate your charming personality.

7) NLP-Techniques. Neuro-linguistic programming is about playing with thoughts, images and feelings and can be very powerful. Again, you need a lot of experience in this area to be really successful.

8) Dream interpretation. Quite popular. The problem here: a lot of people don’t remember their dreams and if they do there are way too much possibilities they can come up with that you can assign to a special interpretational pattern.

9) Handwriting analysis. A bit long winded, but nonetheless effective.

10) Number guessing game. Tell her to pick a number between 1 and 4 (guess that it’s the 3). Then tell her to pick a number between 1 and 10 (take the 7, because most people choose this number). Finally let her pick a number between 1 and 10. This time tell her to multiply the number by 9. Then, she has to add the digits of the outcome and subtract 5. The outcome is always 4.

You will find more details in this e-Book I can recommend.

By: Steve Wells

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Friday, August 15, 2008

How To Avoid The Major Potential Dangers And Scams In Online Dating?

Popular thought is that everyone on the internet is dishonest or dangerous. However, the vast majority of them aren't. But you still have to keep your eyes open and be aware that the nice person that you've been chatting with might not be who they say they are. There are a few simple things that you can do in order to avoid dangerous situations. But the most powerful weapon you have is your gut instinct.

While some types of danger can be emotional, another type is physical danger. If you ever feel physically intimidated by someone, leave the situation immediately. You should never have to fear for your safety while on a date.

Tip 1: Meet your date in a public place, in an area that you feel comfortable in

Be sure you do this. After exchanging e-mails and talking on the phone, you might feel like you know your date pretty well, but you haven't interacted with them in person.

Even if you have received sweet e-mails from them you should be aware of how they conduct themselves. If you get any bad feelings, be cautious. Feeling jittery or anxious on the first date might just be nerves, but it could also mean something more. Set your dates in public places before you feel comfortable enough to go somewhere more intimate with them. Don't rush things and don't let your partner pressure you into rushing things either.

Tip 2: Google your date

Once you have your potential match's name you might want to type it into a search engine and see what comes up. You can find information that matches what they're telling you for example if they say that they work for a real estate agency and you find the agency website with his picture and information on it, you know that they are telling the truth. If you type in your date's name you might discover that they are not who they say they are or you can even find out if they are a felon or a sex offender. As scary as this sounds, it only takes a minute and if this is the case, you'll be glad that you did.

Tip 3: Remember that your date might not be telling the truth

When meeting someone online you have to recognize that all you know about them is questions that they filled in on a survey and what they tell you. Everyone wants to present themselves in the best light, so sometimes there is a little bit of exaggeration in their profiles. For example, if someone is currently unemployed they might enter their job as something that they want to do instead of something that they are currently doing.

While you can make your profile as honest as possible, it doesn't mean that your date has done the same. But sometimes honesty is not even the issue. It can also be the information that they withhold. Someone could write that they enjoy having a drink with their friends and omit that they don't stop after one drink.

Tip 4: Look for inconsistencies

Keep in mind the things that they have listed on their profile and if you start picking out too many inconsistencies, be wary. Also note if there are any behaviors that they didn't list on their profile. Being rude to a waiter shouldn't be a deal breaker, but if you notice that the rude behavior extends to people, note that this could be their regular behavior.

Tip 5: Communicate with your partner clearly

If you assume that the you and your object of affection are mutually exclusive, then you could be in for a rude awakening if you should find out that they are still seeing other people. It's also easy to get over involved with someone and only find out later that they're not as enraptured as you are.

More pitfalls include not being clear about what each person wants out of the relationship. Without communication, you may find that one person wants to date casually while the other wants a long term relationship. Some of these factors can change over time, but you're in danger of being hurt if you assume one thing or another.

Tip 6: Recognize when you're being taken advantage of

After building up your trust in a controlled setting, such as e-mails and text messages, it can be all too easy to think that there is nothing wrong with behaviors that soon become exhausting.

This can happen on many levels. You can suddenly find yourself paying for expensive dates, presents, and other incidentals that your partner wants. While it's great to provide your date with nice things and treat them for special events and birthdays, there comes a point where your partner becomes too expensive for you to keep up with. If your partner knows that you don't have a lot of money to spend on going out to eat, but still insist on doing it, this is a clear sign that they want to drain cash that you don't even have.

Tip 7: Don't give in to pressure

You can also find yourself being pressured into doing things that you don't want to do. As cliche as it sounds, if you are really enamored with your partner and want to please them they can take advantage of this and ignore your needs and comfort for their own satisfaction.

Make sure that your relationship is mutual. Put your foot down if there is something that you will not do for your partner. If you find that there are too many things that you disagree on then you both might be better off with a different partner. Try to compromise, but don't let yourself be a doormat.

Tip 8: Try to be objective

It's tempting to ignore the things you don't like about someone and focus on the things that you do. But if there is a particular part of their personality that you don't like, you have to remember that it's very difficult for people to change the behaviors that they've had their entire life.

Tip 9: Don't be paranoid
While there are dishonest people looking for someone to take advantage of, there are ten times as many honest people who are looking for someone special. Trust your instincts. A little caution goes a long way but don't become suspicious of everyone that you meet.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Wedding boom in Russia - 888.

Today is a day of the wedding boom. On the day of the three eights more than one and a half thousand pairs decided to get married in Moscow. In some Russian cities the registration ceremonies will be directly in the open air, and registration services will be working until midnight. Even a month before the "day of three eights" the prices for service of wedding salons, organizers of holidays, and car rental have been increased.

Nearly one thousand seven hundred pairs decided to strengthen their relations by the triple infinity symbol in Moscow. In a normal August day off they are usually one and a half times less. To cope with the flow, the officials of the capital registration services even extend working hours. They will be registering the enamoured least until nine o'clock in the evening. Administration official spokeswoman of Moscow marriage service Yevgenia Smirnova said: "Officially we will work up to 21 hours. But, given the experience of last year, we surely will work even up to eleven. We do not exclude this."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Online Dating And Relationship – Luck Or Perseverance

Millions of people, young and not so young, login to an online dating site every day, to make and meet friends, form a casual relationship, look for a perfect soul mate, or just chat with someone. For some people, online dating and relationships have become the cornerstone of their lives and they just can’t live without being online on a dating site and chatting with other members on the site.

Most of these people are genuinely looking for a date or relationship. But some register and login to these online dating sites, just to browse the profiles and members images, and are not serious about dating or relationships. Many members just create a profile, login for a few days, and if they don’t find someone to date, they just stop visiting the site, and register on another online dating site. Those who are seriously looking for a date and relationship should carefully go through the profiles, and if the profile matches what they are searching for, they should contact the member. But if they don’t find a suitable member, they can always register on another online dating site and try again.

Some people are just plain lucky, and find a suitable date very quickly on these online dating sites and quickly form a relationship. Others are not so lucky and keep searching for their true soul mate, hoping to form a relationship with the right person. But whether a person is lucky and finds a date quickly, or whether it takes more time to find a match, it is always better to register on multiple online dating sites because the Internet increases the chances of finding someone. You never know on which online dating site you will find your date and soul mate and form a long lasting relationship. If you keep searching for a date on multiple online dating sites, you will find someone suitable to form a relationship. Perseverance is the key to succussful online dating and a successful relationship.

When you register on online dating sites, always take care to create a proper profile, upload a nice photo, and send a nice mail when you do find someone good enough for you to form a relationship. Most people who fail to find a suitable match, don’t realise that their profile and photo may not be impressive enough and may create a negative image if another person browses their profile. The cornerstone of successful online dating and relationships is an impressive profile.

Check your profile on the online dating sites you have registered on. Show it to your friends and ask their opinion about the profile. Analyze their opinion, and change your profile accordingly, in order to impress your future date and soul mate. You will certainly find a suitable date to form a long lasting relationship. Remember – Luck not only favors the bold, but also those who persevere in their quest.

By: Ken Wilson

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