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Russian Women Care A Lot About Their Wedding

Marriage is not only a legal bond that promises a future kinship. It is not only a social contract which legalizes the interpersonal relationships like sexual intercourse between two persons. There is always something more to marriages. Individuals in every culture try to represent their traditions and customs through this single event. For example in South Asian countries like Pakistan or India, show of such customs is demonstrated in the form of various events during a marriage ceremony. Like people in that culture have different traditions and rituals. Brides and bridegrooms dress up in a certain way on each of above-mentioned events and each of their moves reflect some sort of their social norm. Same is true about Russian Brides. Russian women also try to represent their social customs through their weddings. Let us discuss the special traditional wedding dress which Russian women like to wear on their marriages.

First thing is the choice of color of wedding dress. Brides in Russia have to wear two wedding dresses. One is worn before the wedding ceremony and the other after it. Russian women chose red for the latter dress, while there is no peculiar color for the former wedding dress. Red is chosen as it is considered as a symbol of happiness. White color is avoided by the Russian women on their marriages, because it is considered to be too sacred.
The dress that Russian women wear on their marriages consists of an apron like pinafore. Underneath this pinafore, there is a blouse. The blouse is prepared specially and it has a lot of embroidery on it. Generally, the embroidery consists of birds, flowers and fruits. In Russia, birds resemble the goodness or fairness of a person. Conservative Russian women prefer to have a full-sleeve blouse. Perhaps, it is due to the old custom that bride and bridegroom should not touch each other with naked hands before marriage.

For head-wear the Russian women choose a floral ring. In older times, a metallic or ribbon sort of ring was used and hair were left loose (or done up in two plaits). In some parts of Russia, women wear a ring having gold beads on it. The number of gold beads represents the number of children wished to the couple.

As different accessories, Russian women wear a traditional necklace on their marriages. The necklace is made out of gold threads. In the past, the necklace could have been of any metal like of iron, gold, silver or bronze. But nowadays, it contains a few pearls in it with some gold threads around. This traditional necklace, to Russian women, is a sign of fidelity.

This is what Russian women would like to wear on their weddings. This was the description of their traditional wedding dresses. Now, after the economic reforms and some influence of the war with Napoleon, the things have changed a bit. Now one finds some of the Russian marriages similar to those of Western world. Even, with the introduction of Civil Registry Offices, couples come wearing ordinary daily life dresses and get married. Nevertheless, the charm and beauty of these traditional dresses that Russian women wear on their weddings still remains and casts a spell on the attendees.

By: Mike Belch

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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few Beliefs About Russian Women

Many stories have already been written about Russian women. But the mystery of their popularity among western men has not been completely revealed. But it is not surprising at all. Russian women possess a unique Russian character. This character is formed in the circumstances of the reality of life in Russia.

Originally the main role of Russian women in the society was a home keeper. Women used to do things about the house, raise kids and wait for their husbands from work. As with the years the quantity of Russian men exceeded the quantity of Russian women, many Russian women were left single. They had to go to work to earn for their living. That made Russian women stronger and more ambitious. Russian women started to seek for western men and create families with them in order to fulfill their primary predestination.

A tendency to marry a western man appeared in the early 90th in Russia and at the end of 2000 it gained its strength. With the development of the Internet it has become as easy as one-two-three. Now international marriages are common for Russian women as well as western men.

Sometimes it is mentioned that all single Russian women seek foreign men as their life partners. In fact this is not true at all. Russian men are also found to be nice, adventurous and with an interesting character. The problem here is that most of the family lives of Russian men are always found to be disturbing and this makes the Russian women a bit reluctant to continue living in a disturbed environment. That is why they start searching their life partners in the west rather in Russia.

Another myth about Russian females is about the following: they make life resemble paradise on earth. It is said that they are always after a passport. And once they get that, Russian women will take no time to give divorce to their husbands. This is not true. It is like what you expect you need to give first. To expect a good partner you need to be one first. Women in Russia always look for honest and trustworthy life partner whether in Russia or abroad who readily love and respect them.

Sometimes it is also said that Russian women marry a western man because of getting a passport or for the sake of relocating to other countries. Once they receive the citizenship they instantly divorce their western husband. Actually it is not true. Russian women indeed are very loving and caring towards their husband and remain trustworthy where they belong or stay.

So many words have been said about all single Russian women. The only truth is that Russian women indeed make the perfect life partner for any Russian or foreign man. But it will be really so if her husband is also loyal and caring towards her.

So, general statistics shows that a higher percentage of women from Russia satisfy their husbands. Most of them do not regret about their choice.

By: Mike Belch

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