Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Which Guys Are Being Chosen By Beauties For Bed?

Sometimes the girls, even blue-eyed, cherubic and golden-haired are thinking about sex. Yes, about exactly the same gross and obscene things that the men dream of. Sometimes we want to find someone who could occasionally just give a pleasure and would not try to muddle our brain with talks about love to the grave. A man to whom it is easy and nice to answer "yes", even if we are still almost not acquainted with him... Who is it, indeed who comes to us in the night fantasies? There is a generalized ideal of a man, which most girls would like to see in their bed. It was discovered recently: all my friends follow the same criteria in the choice, they are very nearly my equal.

Woman loves by the ears. Therefore, it is essential for women what a man is to talk about. Stupid handsomes look good only on television and magazine covers. In life, as a rule, these guys do not excite. Sexy man must be able to tell not only jokes or stories about football, but also about serious life issues, and books on the events taking place in the world. It is cool, when the young man has more or less developed world outlook and he can make his original point of view. In general, higher education is welcome. Although, of course, there are extremely intelligent, interesting individuals without this.

If this round (intellectual) has passed, start to look at the body. The phrase that a man should look a little better than monkey is stupid myth. The man, much more the lover, must be beautiful. With specific males beauty.

First, nobody wants untidy. Rumpled "sports" clothes, old shoes, cheap perfume, a bad haircut are the typical attributes of a looser. Clothes may not even be particularly expensive or new, but it must go very well with man. After all, if there are some doubts in your own taste, you can go to the store with someone who knows how to choose clothes. It is very important to choose the right scent, for many girls a pleasant aroma "works" just overnight. So I recall: for a man there is nothing to be ashamed of in buying a perfume, but it is necessary! And even if the smell is not sharp, but fresh and/or soft. Tender and passionate like all the future communication with the females.

Under the pretty wrapping me to expect a sweet content. I am talking about a beautiful body. This required attribute is very important. We will leave for rich sponsors the sagging beer belly. The men with "tummy", even a little, definitely are not suitable as lovers. In addition, we need muscles. A woman wants to feel weak in the hands of her man. It does not need the ideal Apollo: it is just unpleasant to embrace a weak or feel excess fat in the body of the lover. Therefore, those who do not look strong or have not gone to the gym can not be chosen in lovers by the beauties. Believe me, the aesthetics of the male body is very important for most women.

In principle, to drawn from the loose flaccid body a sexy commodity is really well, it takes from one and a half to two months. For example, my beloved, just followed the simple recommendations on bodybuilding. He now looks cool. Strength of will is another mandatory quality of the hero-lover. So, if you do not see yourself in the portrait painted here, provide a bit of effort and still make you a sexy man. It is so pleasant to be a hero of women's erotic fantasies.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Register And Try To Fill Your Profile In The Most Appealing Way To Fascinate Russian Girl

Why men from all over the world only choose Russian girls?” Frankly, I get asked this question a lot. What's so special about Russian girls? This article gives you the real information for all your questions.

As per the State Statistics Committee which is headed by V. Sokolin, women in Russia is 10 million more than men. It is observed that the middle aged women are more than men. In Russia, getting married by a divorced women having kid is difficult, noticed by sociologists. There are no men in Russia to get married to: mortality rate of the working age males is extremely high.

Keeping these statistics in mind, check your dating opportunities in Russia as well. You will be shocked by the quality of Russian girls. A Russian girl is beautiful. The proverb 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' confirms that tastes differ. The woman one man considers to be beautiful, another may think she is not. Effortless grace...Charming smile...Kindness...Beautiful cheekbones...Fair hair and skin...? Hard to choose...Possibly, it makes an irresistable mix.
Let's see it by the eyes of men. This is how Western men describe a genuine Russian girl: "Slant to the eyes...","...I can't resist this stunning beauty", "Russian girls are the most beautiful women I have seen"...Should anything be added? However, nobody is able to judge by beauty alone. Let's see other Russian woman's qualities.

Her family is the highest priority to a Russian women. In Russia the marriage age of a women is 25 years. Russian girls are getting married early. At least Russian girls try but fail (see the sensus). It looks unusual if a Russian girl at the age of 30 is still unmarried. She feels uncomfortable either. These are daily facts from the Russian woman's life: ~Being highly educated, she would prefer a stable and happy family to her career; ~Tireless commitment to her loved ones, she keeps the household herself; ~Her husband is a partner and not a competitor; More facts?

Love and romance.

The Russian woman's 'romantic sweetnes' makes her seek for a happy, fulfilling and loving relationship. A Russian girl is tremendously feminine, healthy, sexy, passionate, sensual and thankful. Love-making is not a hard work for her: it's the pleasure and the beauty of mutual satisfaction. The truth is that the Russian girl while making love is enormously making love ... A Russian girl wants to see the excitement in you, so give it to her! You will not be unhappy. You can not get hold of any Russian girl without education and beautiful. You will be pleasantly surprised at the educational level of Russian girls looking for men abroad. A university or college degree is a common thing. It's not a bluff.

It is true that Russian Girls are inclined towards spiritualism. Russia is still owe to all traditional activities of reading books and conducting concerts etc. .Beautiful Russian girls are extremely teachable: you will not believe how quickly they are able to begin speaking a new language and adapt themselves to the new circumstances.

By: Aleks G.

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