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Searching For Your Soul Mate

If you are ready to go on a soul mate search, it means that you have been ready for a long time to find the one love of your life and to be happy. A soul mate search is a very romantic idea, because it means that you are going to be searching for that one person that you will be happy with for the rest of your life, the one person who you cannot live without. However, it might be a very long soul mate search, if you aren't sure what you are looking for.

When it comes right down to it, a soul mate search is going to be much easier if you have a better idea of what a soul mate is. Lots of people think that they know what a soul mate is, and they believe in the romantic notion of the fact that each person was created with another person in mind. Of course, this might be true. But it also might have a lot to do with body chemistry, and other things such as upbringing and beliefs.

Basically put, those that go on a soul mate search are looking for the one person that they can live with for their entire lives. There are lots of things that you should be looking for if you are going on a soul mate search and if you know them before you start, it will make your soul mate search a lot easier to complete.

First of all, a soul mate should be someone who finds you attractive. Of course, many people confuse this with the idea of lust. A soul mate is someone who might have those lusty feelings for you, but who will also find you attractive inside and out. This is someone who is going to be attracted to your body, your mind, your spirit, and everything else about you. This is an important point to clarify, because many people waste a lot of time during their soul mate search with the people who are simply in it for the lust.

Next, the person that you are looking for during your soul mate search should have a lot of things in common with you. Of course, it is always fun to be with someone who is completely different than you are, but in the end, having things in common is going to be a lot better than not having anything in common. This relates back to the lust factor again. After the lust wears off, there has to be something that you have that will tie you to the person you found during your soul mate search. If you don’t have anything in common, you might end up realizing that you have made a mistake during your search.

Another thing to remember is that often you won't find your soul mate right away during your soul mate search. You might have to look at a few people before you find the one that you are truly looking for. However, once you do, you will find out that nothing can be better.

By: Robert Johansen -34154
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Robert Johanssen is a Psychologist and expert on communication, dating and relationships. Visit his website Soul mate Secrets for information on how to find your soul mate

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

All The Matchmaking Help You Need.

When you have lived a bit and experienced the system of the world, you will realize that the plans you may have carefully crafted, do not always work. In life, we make a lot of plans and there is nothing wrong with this but, we have to adjust ourselves when they fail. For people who are single and unattached, it was your plan to meet the man or the woman of your dreams by now. Due to one reason or the other, you have met numerous people who do not even come close to what you are looking for. When you reach this point of giving up, it is vital that you stop for a moment and think of some of the options that you may have. You need matchmaking help. For a long time, singles have wished or used traditional methods of matchmaking that are purely based on luck and chance. You are lucky to be living at a time where you have great resources and tools to make sure that the person you are looking for comes to you. Matchmaking help is different from all other forms because, you get to set detailed criteria for what you want.

You have the choice to change the criteria or even decide not to use it at all. The best form of modern matchmaking has got to be online matchmaking. Online way of meeting people is the undisputed way to enter into a world of possibility where hope is always alive. The simple principle that is at work is that, many lonely singles just like you are desperate and looking for good connections. When you put these people together, they will find that they have similar interests, dreams and ambitions. If this is not how relationships are established, I do not know how. The results speak for themselves and you can visit top dating sites like Friend finder and Okcupid. Many are the success stories. You will also get a chance to view beautiful pictures of couples who are happy. If you need to be convinced more, look for other sites and read on testimonials. The next person can be you. However, it is vital that you follow all the rules, if you want online matchmaking to work for you. First, start by reading the terms and conditions. You must be 18 and above to use some of the major services.

When you are okay with the rules, it is vital that you empower yourself with a bit of dating advice. All singles are advised to do this because it is a form of guidance that plays a major role in helping then learn some of the pitfalls and knowing how to avoid them. Therefore, you will find that matchmaking help is very wholesome and helpful to singles. You will also learn how to write a winning profile. The profile must have the magnetic ability to pull or draw eligible singles. You will also learn the importance of having a good photo for online dating. It is referred as putting a face to the profile. You will not encounter problems when you do things right. From there, you will be faced with decisions on which single to date. You have many options and sometimes, it is all what singles need. When you take a bit of time, you will realize that matchmaking help was invaluable.

By: Francis K Githinji
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Which Men Do Russian Women Like?

Russian women are great owners! And of course, the best is the man which is "thy". At that time he is the most remarkable, most native, the most beloved. Yet, sometimes unconsciously and sometimes deliberately the Russian women set a certain criteria which are crucial when choosing a life satellite.

What kind of man she need?

In fact, when I ask this question for married women I use to get a surprising response. Or maybe it is not surprising? In any case, the answer is simple: The main thing is that he loves both me and the children.

If to ask a single girl (young woman) the same question, the answer has always produced long. Like the list. Smart, handsome, decent, strong, to the extent of wealthy, growing, and so on. Even many of them appears in the sample. But the most important has been forgotten. Or simply hold back? However, it goes so that the most important is forgotten, in my opinion. It is more common that she - free, longing for a man - is forgetting that it is still important, that would be Love!

The spark! The attraction! Emotions! The desire to be close, constantly to see him. If all this is within the very nature of woman, she of course, forget about all her «ideal aims».

So what they are the «ideal aims» of Russian women?

Almost every woman dreams of a strong-willed man. That man is of admiration for women. But not every woman is ready to accept it. Of course, in this situation, above all is that it would not carry too far. Strong-willed - it does not mean kind of «I said, let it be so».

Strong-willed it is so when a woman feels his will. He will think, then softly says: «Honey, I think the best option is...». And she will take it silently and humbly. If she does not agree with something, it is the strong-willed man will be able to find the strength and most importantly the desire to listen to his loved woman. And she will always try to express her views carefully with tenderness. So that she never belittling his dignity, but exalting.

Women have always admired those men who are popular, often located in the center of attention. Why? The fame is important? I think it is not. Fame, of course is the fact that flatters women's self-esteem (because to win this man is not easy). But there is another delicacy. A famous man is mostly intelligent, purposeful, with a good sense of humor and, most importantly he is the best company! But every woman understands that it would be a time when they are left alone when the zeal and fervor will pass, and the simple, ordinary evenings remain. This means that to while away the evening is much nicer if the conversation will be interesting to both.

Of course, Russian women like the gentle men. Those who can donate tenderness, to assess the care. When a woman brings her husband coffee in bed, or in the morning as usual, prepares breakfast, and maybe irons a shirt, she really will be very pleased to hear - «You are first-rate! My beloved».

Yet no one does not eliminate all known the truth «the woman loves by ears». Therefore, it is equally important the men's ability to speak compliments. If said without irony, with sincerity, they will bribe any woman. But the main thing is to take into account that women are very well aware of their advantages and disadvantages. You should be able to choose a compliment and bring it well!

Also, women appreciate the men leaders. Indeed, the leader is the one who can take responsibility. And not only for his life, but also for the life of the beloved woman, and children as well.

The list goes on, it seems endless. This is the cleanliness and sexuality, the seriousness and attentiveness and sociability.

For Russian women it is very important a decent attitude to them. When he appreciates, cares, loves, surrounds with attention and surprises. After all, the men are sterner sex. And it is close to such a man a woman could afford to relax, give up into feelings.

However, remember that most great value for the Russian women is Love! Do love and be loved!

By: Julia Pika

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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Cry From The Heart Of Precise Blonde

Being blonde it is hard. Especially in pink...
Every time you go on the streets, some softhead will surely start to whistle follow you, expecting for your response: whether will you turn round as a true stupid blonde or merely disregard. If there will be the second option it would be only one conclusion: it is not enough that she is stupid, but also added stone-deaf...

Being blonde it is hard. Especially in the company...
Any topic will surely go hand in hand with new anecdote about blondes.
And the narrator will surely be looking with his cunning base little eyes at you, anticipating any defence or joke in response. It does not matter that you have long long time know every, absolutely every anecdote about blondes. The process itself is important.

Being blonde is profitable. Especially in the huge queues in the supermarket.
There are such guys who let you pass forward, hoping for your gratitude in the form of dinner or evening stroll.

Being blonde is profitable. Especially in awkward situations.
In an extreme case, you can lump the blame onto that you are a blonde...

Being blonde means to be a blonde and get used to that role.
And to be accustomed to the fact that all people relate to you in different ways. They do not understand only one important thing.
Real blonde - not one that was born with blonde hair color, and not even one that diligently colors in Blond monthly.

Real blonde is a blonde in heart.
And she is not silly... She could just be pretending so forcing others to think that they are much smarter than her. And in the most opportune time she can very artfully substitute all to her profit. And no one will guess, even will not arise a back idea that all this is done by... yes, that very blonde!

I am blonde and absolutely have no complex about it. Even more: I do not feel silly, goofy girl in pink. And I do not care what people think about me. I have realized that the number of quickness and the quality of intellect depends on many things, but the color of hair. And now it's time for other people to understand it.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Russian Press Tells Russian Women On The Foreign Men.

If you really intend to find a Russian wife, you certainly come to the issue seriously. You will not be uninterested what prejudices against international marriage are gradually instilled to women by the Russian press. Why? First of all, that would inhibit the growth of the number of girls who want to leave their unkindly motherland. And this number in spite of everything has been growing steadily. Women are just tired of the unending struggle for survival against the background of success reports of official media that the life of ordinary people becoming better. Those who are accustomed to believe their eyes, of course do not rely on creepy stories about foreign suitors, but nevertheless, such creepy stories take place to be and you should take into account this fact. To build confidential contact with your girl of choice it is not bad to learn her internal beliefs and the information field in which she can be. Do not take this article as referring personally to you in no case!

Quite the contrary, aware that the Russian girls believe first and foremost human, rather than official settings. Be a man, what you are and you will find your Russian love.

Here is a literal translation of one of these articles. I have not changed anything.

"Why it is dangerous to marry abroad?

Some women, frustrated in the local men, decide to try their luck abroad. It must be said that someone is able to build strong families in this way, but often we hear the opposite.

Getting acquaintance with a foreigner may cause many troubles. Before decide on such a step, a woman must be well thought of the consequences of her decision.

And the consequences could be as follows:

1. Socio dangerous husband. It is difficult to understand the man by means of the Internet or through a marriage agency. Also the language barrier prevents. Consider why the man can not find a wife in his motherland? Our girls compatriots often marry alcoholics, drug addicts, sadists, the men with unbalanced psyche, even having no idea on it. The truth is revealed only after the wedding, when the man removes the mask. He begins to drink, can beat up.
Against such a background a little better the husbands look who force their wives to work, but themselves are siting for hours at the TV or in the bars.

2. East mentality. If you decide to marry residents of the Muslim state, you have to be mentally ready to numerous prohibitions. Of course, in each country, their customs are, but in some countries, the female half of the population meet the many restrictions - in terms of dress and in terms of entertainment as well. Think about whether you are ready to have all days long in the four walls, to wear formless clothes, to respect all religious traditions?

And if the husband let loose with his fists, from who you are to wait for help? Do decide.

3. Scammers. Not only the inhabitants of the CIS countries can deceive their overseas bridegrooms. Now increasingly the «grooms» invent ingenious plans for fraud. You can ask: «What can he take from us?» It turns out there is a profit.

a) car, apartments, dacha, personal savings. Your spouse may play the role of a successful businessman who suddenly got into debts. Naturally, as his wife, you rush to sell the last things you have. When nothing more to take from you, he files for divorce.

b) credit. If you do not have any car or apartment it does not mean that you are safe. Your husband can easily take the credit and declare himself a bankrupt. In some countries, there operates legislation for which you will be obliged to repay the loan.

4. Criminal business. Typically in such cases things even do not go as far as wedding. To entice a potential victim to a meeting with «beloved» would suffice, what next - it's a technical matter:

a) slavery. Often under the guise of «groom» the man is looking for a potential victim he would be able to sell to a brothel.

b) bodies trade. Unfortunately, this also happens. And no comments.

In such situations, the best measures are preventive. If you find your destiny, take your time to go under the crown, check, and check everything thoroughly. Have your chosen to come to you several times, asking about his family life in great details, find a way to check his e-mail.

If you are going to his country, do not arrange the guest or a tourist visa, but a visa of the bride. So you bring the risk to a minimum: if this person had been invited women before you repeatedly, you'll be denied the visa of bride. You want to create a family once and for ever, so the haste in the matter to anything.

No need to upset over the read and lose the last hope for marital happiness. There are many examples of successful international marriages, full of love and mutual respect. I would just encourage our women to vigilance. As the saying goes, warned is armed. Keep yourself and be happy.

Anna Storchak"

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Being Friends With The Jade.

It is believed that most men like the weak, defenseless women who you can nurse and take care of like a child or pet. Recently, I suddenly realized that my type is an impossible jade. And signs of "jadeness" I can find in absolutely all girls ever engaged me in life. The jade usually lies much, and throughout, even in details, but in the early moments of familiarity for some reason I have no desire to catch her at it, and afterwards the same do not have it but because of fear of losing her.

Time, place and length of communicating with you again, are strictly limited by her. It remains the phone, but during a conversation with you, she may carelessly fling out sort of: «someone came down to me, I am busy now, I will give you a call later», and then hang up without waiting for a farewell reply. And what she is currently busy with and who came to her, you can not even try to find out, and if she suddenly will say something like the truth, it still raises the unpleasant feeling that you are deceived. At three PM, realizing finally that having to wait is useless «Your line was busy», even if you had stared at the phone all the time, you can go to bed with a firm idea that tomorrow you will have enough force to break definitively with her.

Normally, such a relationship, I can not withstand more than a month, then it has a place of serious conversation with the subject of my misery, after which she does not give me calls «to welcome» any longer, and I blur out her number from memory on the phone. And I will say honestly - I'm not a masochist and to the assertion that when a person is crying - any harmful acids are removed from his body and some useful compounds are formed, I treat with a high degree of doubt. So what remains for me? Life to be sad with lots of useful compounds in the body, or two packings of sleeping-pills and a bath of warm water?

Not long ago I found a way out of the impasse - you can be friends with the jade! And this friendship will be no more than there is in the word «friendship». The most important thing is to convey to her that she is «the best event in your life», then you can start to walk all over her, not forgetting at the same time to prove your love and attachment to her. And if life attitudes or moral principles are strong for you, which deterrent solid material attachments, you can do it with words, by the same phone in the end.

Create the non-existent violent life around you, with many urgent cases, meetings and problems that you as a strong personality, will surely solve yourself, not devoting to them your girlfriend. It is enough to convince her in existence of this very virtual life, not going into details. If you already have the same life, then you are unlikely to read down to this place - just have no time.

Persuade her that you clearly know when and what do you want from the life, for example, you just need to swim kilometer before sleep, to have a cup of green tea or read a few pages of the book, the author of which no one understands. And the first thing you have to do in the morning is to roll about green grass, absorbing a positive bioenergy. Make more obscure utterances with hidden meaning, that simply is not possible to understand clearly. Frequently change the topic of conversation, especially when your girlfriend is discussing something important to her, and you are wanted to give your opinion on the matter. At the end, make an appointment at which simply do not come, after disabling the phone «battery is flat». The next day, call her and mention as if in passing apologize for yesterday, and the more unlikely to be the cause, the better. Appoint a new meeting on which will belate - let her be nervous a bit.

Someone will think why so a strain because of a jade, but what a deep sense of satisfaction you can experience pressing the end of the conversation on the phone when on the other end of line you are wished pleasant dreams, well being and success in tomorrow's affairs, etc. After such a radical turning off the connection, she may even has a little crying: «I do love him, but he appreciates me not», notice that previously the word «love» has not been associated with you. And you can be sure - tomorrow she will call the first and struggle to demonstrate her affection and every interest to you.

You can relax - YOU WON!
My current girlfriend is the most impossible of all jades I ever met, still remains to be it (just not with me). We are very tied to each other, I may even love her, I still like to look at her when she sleeps, in this moment she is like an angel. Although sometimes, feeling a slight sense of nostalgia, I slightly (on the old habit) walk all over her, in retort for the past.

And finally I would say - I am not a sadist, I just like the jades like Anfisa Chekhova, because only a very beautiful girl can afford to be her.

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Women's age. When To Give Birth? When To Be On The Make?

More than a half of Russian women are ready to raise children alone.

Summarized the results of statements of Russian women in various Internet forums, we found how the working Russian women relate to career, children and marriage. The results are impressive - nearly 37 percent of women are not ready to quit work under any circumstances, 56 percent agree to raise a child being single out of wedlock, almost as many feel that marriage can easily be deferred until 35-40 years of age. What is this - a revolution in the public consciousness or the end of family values?

Why are Russian women so stick for a job?

Several reasons. The first - a value system inherited since the Soviet era. The Soviet women had access to education, a number of professions, leadership positions much earlier than their Western "colleagues". As a result, in our families, parents believe that both girls and boys should be educated, to make a career. The second reason - the consumer boom that swept Russia: new spending, such as a car and meals away from home, you can pay only if both spouses are working.

Many women are still willing to abandon the work, but on what terms?

If the income of their families will be quite high. For example, married women are willing to resign with an average household income of about 100 000 rubles, while unmarried - 122 thousand.

It seems that many women are willing to work at all costs. Does this mean that they do not want to start a family?

No. The work does not necessarily imply the rejection of a family, the birth of children. The woman still wants to marry. Incidentally, work, a variety of corporate events is another chance to get acquainted with a future husband.

Women are trying to combine the work, child rearing and housework. We also asked women if they agree to that marriage - the only way to raise children. Do not accept and absolutely not accept - 56 percent. This means that the value of motherhood for Russian women is very high, because to raise a child alone is more expensive and heavier than for the married ones.

As far as Russian women are similar to Western women?

Russian woman is still more traditional. She has the desire to find support, a "strong male shoulder." For Russian woman of 30 years-old is often difficult to pick a suitable partner - educated, working, with a certain status. Such men are physically lacking. Another question we asked - at what age, unmarried woman is considered to be unsuccessful. Previously, a critical milestone for marriage was 25 years old. Today, for 30 percent of women that age is 36-40 years. For example, successful woman Zhanna Friske in her "over 30" does not hurry to marry, although the enviable proposals are quite a lot.

A further of 27 percent feel that you can be successful and unmarried, even in 40! In this respect the views of Russian women and Western women are close.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Best Online Dating Photos

Imagine that there is a very attractive but lonely woman sitting at her computer and she goes online to search for dating profiles in her area. Bam!! The search results magically appear on her screen. Now, what is the first thing she sees when she looks at a guy's profile?

Right. His picture!

See, when she's looking through her search results, a picture is what's going to get her attention, at least initially. That's why it's VERY important to have a good "Main" picture. Once she sees your pictures, THEN she'll go on to read your headline and the rest of your profile. You must make a GREAT first impression.

Now, there's all kinds of advice out there concerning Internet Dating photos and which ones to use. Well, simply put, there's a right way to approach profile photos and a wrong way. And you want to do it RIGHT the first time.

Now, first let's go back to what women find most attractive about a guy. Without a doubt, it's his confidence or attitude and his sense of humor or personality. Well, we can't really convey any of those things in our pictures that's why we use our headlines and the body of our profile to convey our confidence and awesome personality.

OK, so what else do women find attractive? A man who has STRONG passions, a GREAT lifestyle and is on his mission in life!

Bingo!! THAT, we can show in our pictures! So, when you first start building your online dating profile, you need to keep this in mind. Ask yourself, "How can I show myself really living it up in my photos?" Well, the answer is you need to include photos of yourself out enjoying your passions. If you love snowboarding, include some pictures of yourself on the slopes with some friends. If you enjoy sail boating, include some pictures of you out on a boat smiling under the sun.

See where I'm going with this?

Women find men with passions and hobbies VERY attractive and this is why you want to show these things in your pictures. So, throw in five pictures in your profile. Two of them clearly showing your face and the other three showing you out enjoying your passions.

Why only five? Because you really don't need any more than that. If you want to include more, that's fine but really five is enough. In addition to demonstrating that you have passions and a great life, you also want to show that you know how to take care of yourself and have good fashion sense. This is why you include two pictures of your face and make sure one of them is your main picture.

Remember, women are different from men. All most men want to see is a HOT, SEXY woman who is fit and attractive. So, as long as we see that in her pictures, we're good. But women want to see a man with a healthy lifestyle, passions and lots of friends. Do you ever wonder why women always have LOTS of pictures of them out enjoying their passions? You'll see traveling pictures, hobby pictures, group photo shots at parties and weddings, etc. That's because women find these things very important and they make the mistake of thinking men find this attractive in them.

Well, that's not necessarily the case. Men are more visual and want to see a pretty face and sexy body first and a fun lifestyle second. Women want to see a fun lifestyle and a guy with passions and plenty of friends first and a cute face and sexy body second. Make sense? Good!

Now, a few more things about pictures. It's best to have a friend or family member take pictures of you and then have a female friend judge them. Make sure she is being honest. That's the best way to get good pictures of yourself! Don't post them on "rate me" sites. You won't get an accurate judgment there.

Should you have a professional photographer take pictures of you? No, I don't recommend that. I've asked several women about that over the years and the consensus is that it makes you seem like you're trying too hard. Remember, you want to be yourself in your pictures. If you wear a suit and tie all the time, then show that in your pictures. If you mostly wear jeans and a T-shirt, then show that. Casual is OK!

This should be obvious, but don't ever include nude pictures of yourself or pics of you with your shirt off flexing in the bathroom mirror. That's downright cheesy!! And take those pictures with a good camera, not your cell phone!

OK, so that is the formula you'll want to follow regarding online dating photos. So, go out and post five good pictures and see what happens. I guarantee that you'll be surprised!

By: Christophe
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Christophe, author of the book "Internet Dating Mastery" is a recognized authority on the subject of Internet Dating with over ten years of experience. His website, provides a wealth of informative articles, internet dating tips and tactics on everything men need to know about online dating.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Acquaintance On The Sites Of Russian Brides.

Making acquaintance on the sites of Russian brides - this is not a competition between the rivals for winning the attention of women. It is time to grow up. Change the setting from "to win" to "to find", you are no longer a teenager. Now you are an adult man, so behave yourself properly. Your attitude to yourself is the most precious, that you have. Do accept and love yourself. Do not concentrate on somebody else's idea of what should be the ideal man, whom all Russian women are dreaming of.

What is really Russian women want, you ask? This issue is as old as the hills. Being a Russian woman, I can cite a few examples of what Russian women like and what they do not like.

Russian women want to see a self-confident man, but by no means a presumptuous nothingness. Between these two there is a big difference. You have to respect and appreciate yourself, not moving to delusion that you are a gift of heaven though, and just fell from the sky. Russian women also do not want you to think that THEY are unearthly ideal creatures. Indeed, to correspond to such a submission is impossible.

Women want to communicate. 'Severe and wordless" type of man really is not so attractive. They may think that you do not have your own opinion and you do not listen to them or you are not interested in their opinion. They want you to have been an interesting interlocutor; they want to know you. In turn, women need that you also have shown interest to them and ask questions of what it is important for THEM.

Russian women do not want to be the prize in the competition. They do not want to be a trophy. What really is wanted by a woman, that is to be the only for her man.

By: Julia Pika

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Russian Girls' Humor. Lingeries Confused.

Young man wishing to make a gift to his bride, after long reflection went with his sister to the ladies' accessories shop and bought a pair of kid gloves. At that time, his sister bought pair of panties. When delivering, packages have been accidentally confused and the package with panties was delivered to the bride with the following letter:

"My dear! I send you a small gift to prove to you that I do not forget your birthday. However, in the belief that you really need it. Saleswoman, from which I bought, showed me the same ones, that she wears already a week and they are quite clean. Oh, how bitter I would like to put it on you personally. But naturally many other people will touch them before I can see you in it. I asked the saleswoman to try them on her. They looked gracefully on her.

I do not know your size, but with time I'll be able to judge this better than anyone else. In addition, when you will wear them in, you will be able to put them off easily. Do not forget every time putting them off to air and dry them, because they can get wet due to wearing. Wash them without taking off, otherwise they can shrink. I hope you will take them with the same sense I give them to you. Put them on on Friday before the dance, as I fervently wish to see you there. The number of kisses, which I imprinted on them from inside, is incalculable. Saleswoman said me that all the rage is wearing them not buttoning up, lower a little so that they are free to hang loosely. I kiss hard what is inside of them."

Russian Girls' Humor. Travelling Story.

Night. In a train compartment there are man and woman. It is a long way. Made acquaintance, got into a conversation. While away the time, the woman has begun telling a parable...

"King has to leave to war with one's neighbors. He left his daughter on the faithful servant and charged him to fulfill all the requests of her, threatening if anything wrong to behead him. Night fell. Princess calls a servant in the bedroom. And he comes.

Princess naked in the bed:
- I am cold!

He found a blanket in a bedroom, covered her and left. The following night - the same situation, but there is no blanket in the bedroom. He tears down the window blinds and covers with it the princess. On the third night there were not curtains as well, the young man had to put off his clothes and covered with it the princess.

The war just ends and the King returned.
- Well, my servant report me, how'd you have performed your duties?
- I've completed all the wishes of the Princess.
- And what will you say, daughter?
- He has fulfilled no one of my desires!
- Then, tomorrow morning the executioner will behead you, servant.

Overwhelmed servant went to the wise man, told him the story, asked to explain why the princess gave this response. Wizard pointed to the haystack:
- See that stack? Go and eat it!
- Why? - Because you are the ass!"

Fellow-travellers laughed for a while at the foolish servant. Then the man started to tell jokes. Time was flying unnoticed. It was time for woman to get off...

The man helped her to bring out her heavy bags and suitcases. On the platform she handed him a few banknotes. Man:
- But no! I just helped you!
- Yes, you did not understand me! This is for your hay.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Women Differ From Men As White Differs From... Green.

Actually, men and women are equal, but there are some differences.

A man will pay twice as expensive for the thing that he needs. Woman buys absolutely unnecessary thing, if she got double the discount.

Woman often does not understand why she got married. The man usually does not understand why his wife demands a divorce.

Man keeps in the bathroom six items: soap, towel, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor and shaving cream. A woman in the bathroom holds an average of 337 items, the purpose of most of them is unknown for men.

A woman worries about the future until she got married.
Man does not worry about the future, for the time being not yet married.

A woman marries, hoping that her husband would change. She is wrong.
A man marries, hoping that his wife will not change. Also wrong.

A man may take his life is a success if he earns more money than his wife can spend.
A woman can take her life is a success if she find such a man.

Girls with age become women. The boys become big boys.

Boys grow fingernails simply because of the laziness of their crop. Girls grow nails for beauty, and as a weapon against the boys.

The girls do not know what can be done from the stick. The boy instantly will make gun from it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Older Woman Vs Young Girl

Older woman will never wake you up in the middle of night with idiotic question «What was you now thinking about, dear?». Because she simply does not care a fig what do you think...

Older woman always keeps a condom in her purse. The very young ones are still hoping that you have to care about this.

Older woman will cost you less. The very young one will cost you 12 glasses of martini in the bar, an older woman will sleep with you after one cup of herb tea at her home.

Older woman can enjoy a bright-red lipstick by day and will not look as if she had just thrust into a jar with jam. It doesn't concern a very young girl.

Older women run faster because they always wear comfortable shoes.

Older woman is more honest. She will call you «idiot», if you behave with her accordingly. The very young one will never say so because of fear of losing you.

Older woman will not become pregnant suddenly and will not decide all of a sudden, that someone of you two has to urgently get married. If an older woman becomes pregnant, you tend to be the last who will know about this...

Older woman always has a work, which has relied a health insurance, which includes dentist's services. Very young one will not help you when your teeth will hurt from playing hockey.

Older woman will never suspect you that you «use her». She just uses you.

Older woman just will call you and ask when you'd prefer to see her, if you want. Young one will be waiting next to phone when you call her.

Older woman can cook. A young one knows the phone number of ordering pizza in place around the corner.

Older woman will introduce you to all of her girlfriends. The young one will be hiding you from them so that you will not have thoughts about...

Older woman always has an excellent collection of the luxury lingerie, she got from her former lovers. Young ones generally rarely wear it, that virtually eliminates the possibility of striptease.

Older woman is perspicacious and quick-witted. You will never have to confess to her about shady transaction, as any which way, but she always knows about this already.

Older woman has dignity, therefore, she'll never raise Cain in public.

Older woman is experienced and knows that in bed you may make a gaffe after the 12th beer mug. The young one may need time to understand this fact.

Older woman has many girlfriends, most of whom will also want to sleep with you.

Older woman will never blame you that you «stole her best years», because they were stolen by someone else before you.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Wall Of Women's Busts Created For Men.

Sellers of women's lingerie resort to various tricks to please the customer and lure him to the shop. In Holland, an owner of the lingerie shop has created a wall of artificial women's breasts to make it easier for men to choice when buying gifts for their better halves.

According to scientists, men have selective memory. Male representatives can know everything about the car of his friend, but almost never call the exact size of bra of his own wife.

Typically, when buying women's underwear, men after the question of the seller about the size of breast either point to other women or try to portray things by hands. A stand of silicon samples of women's breasts of various sizes will help men not only to determine the right size by eye or touch, but also to try purchased things at the "appropriate" copy.

Scientists have determined that the breast is not only a "heritage" of the woman and one of the most men's favorite part of the female body, but it also has much to say about the nature and temperament of a lady.

According to statistics, 76% of women are not happy with the size of their breasts, while 48% are unhappy with their form. About 60% of girls feel their breasts are not enough large, more than half of them are ready to enlarge them. This is despite the fact that the "fashion" for women's breast size is constantly changing. For example, currently, according to the designers, big breasts are no longer popular.

In addition, American scientists noticed that the size of the breast affects greatly the level of intelligence among women. By increasing the breast, a woman loses the acuteness of mind. While many people are skeptical about such an opening and put it into a dubious, such as the myth that all blondes are stupid and all women have a strange unaccountable logic.

According to polls of Americans, the most beautiful breasts Jessica Simpson has. Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie gave way to her championship. And the owner of the most magnificent bust Pamela Anderson was not even mentioned by Americans.

Holders of the huge busts are not only proud of their forms, but also see them as a way of additional earnings. For example, a resident of Britain, with magnificent bust has invited to place on her breasts... advertising. Thousands of different companies responded to the "tempting" offer.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fidelity Qualification For Real Man.

I was happy! I dated my girlfriend for a year, and after all we decided to get married. But I had no idea about "testing for real man." Her parents helped us by any means, friends supported us. And what about the girlfriend? She was just a fairy tale!.. The only thing I was embarrassed was her younger sister. She was 20 years old, and she weared mini-skirts and tight-fitting tanks top with large cutouts. She always bent over when she was near me, and demonstrated her panties. I am sure that this was not an accident because she did not do this before another ones...

One day the sister called me and asked me to come and have a look at wedding invitations. When I arrived, she was alone. She told me that I will be married soon, but she had feelings and desires to me that she was unable to overcome. She said that wants to engage in love with me only once, before I get married. I was terribly surprised and knew nothing what to say.

She said: "I'll go upstairs, and you, if you want, simply rise to me and take me." I was shocked. I have been locked in surprise, while she raised the stairs. When she climbed on top, she put off her panties and threw it to me. I have been standing a little bit, then turned and headed straight to the front door. I opened the door, came out of the house and headed to my car. My future father-in-law stood in the street with tears in his eyes, he embraced me and said: "We are very pleased that you have passed our little exam. Now we know that there is no better man for our daughter! Welcome to our family!"
The moral of this story is: always leave the condoms in the car...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Russian woman Svetlana Pankratova has World’s longest legs.

In Britain, the unique photos of two record holders are made. A woman with the longest legs Russian Svetlana Pankratova and most undersized man in the world, Chinese He Ping Ping have met at Trafalgar Square in London to take part in the presentation of the new, 54th release of Guinness Book of Records.

«Just do not look up», - the leggy beauty warned the fellow record holder.

It is noteworthy that 36-years-old Svetlana Pankratova was born in the Russian city of Volgograd. Svetlana's height is 1.97 meters and the length of the legs is 1.32 meters. While the height of 20-years-old Mr. Ping Ping, a resident of northern China, is only 74 centimeters - just above the knee of Svetlana.

The woman seemed especially put on «the shortest dress in the world», to emphasize the length of her luxurious legs, so Ping-Ping could not resist and stealthily looked up. By the way, despite the long legs, the Russian woman is not the highest woman on the planet. There is higher one. American woman Sandy Allens is of 232 centimeters height.

Since 2000, Svetlana lives in Spain. The newspapers had wrote on her, she was shown on Spanish TV... But she could not conquer the Guinness Book of Records. Svetlana has sent application, but since 2001 in the Book there prevailed "short-legged" Sam Stacy from England with a modest result of 126.7 cm

Finally, Svetlana succeeded in conquering the representatives of Book of Records.

Two years ago, Svetlana visited the Spanish editorial office of «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Here are excerpts of the interview:

- Svetlana, you see, people remains in doubt, all are tired out... Tell us who, where, how and what for measured you?

- The measurement was carried out to send a formal application to the Guinness Book of Records. This is a mandatory requirement for a potential record holders. The first time I was measured in the notarial office with the presence of a notary and two witnesses.

Actually the measure was done by doctor. It happened on July 18, 2003.

- The public is concerned Very much by question: «from where and how far» the measurement was carried out?

- They separately measured along the internal and the external side of the femur. In the second case - from the highest point of the ilium to the floor. I hope the public know where is it.

- Spell your «total height».

- I grew, thanks to nature, to 196 cm, at this point ceased to grow.

- Basketball?

- Of course. In Russia I played in St. Petersburg's «Volna». Later in the U.S. played for university team «Virginia Commonwealth University». Having arrived in Spain, played in the CBN (Pamplona, Navarra).

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

12 Reasons To Rejoice If You Are Women.

1. We are the first who leave the Titanic.

2. We can flirt with technical supporters, and they are always happy to help us if we broke the computer.

3. In menswear, we look tremendously cool and miniature. Men in our clothes look idiotic.

4. We can cry a bit - and not pay a fine for speeding.

5. Men have lower life expectancy, we get insurance.

6. When we dance, we do not look like a frog in the mixer.

7. Drinks for free. Lunches for free. Movies for free (well, you understand the idea).

8. New lipstick returns us to life.

9. If we forgot to shave in the morning, no one will know.

10. If we are stupid, there will always be people who will find it nice.

11. When marrying a man who is younger us for 20 years, we do not think, whether it is silly.

12. We never regret on earrings in ears.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Husband And Wife Diarize. One Day.

From wife's diary.

Saturday evening. My husband behaves strangely.
We agreed to meet in a cafe after his football at 6 pm. I walked the whole day shopping with a girlfriend, thought that he was disappointed, because I've been a bit late. He did not comment on this. Talks were not getting. He was silent all the time. I proposed to move to a calmer place so we could talk at ease. He agreed, but continued to keep silent. I asked what his concern, he replied that everything is in order. I demanded, whether is my fault that he is silent and only mutters in response. He said that everything is good and I should not worry about anything.

On the way to home I said that I love him, he smiled and continued driving.
I can not understand his behaviour and I do not know why he had not responded to my confession. At home I couldn't help feeling that my husband had a lost expression, he lost himself like in fog, and in no way wanted to be found. He sat still and goggled at TV, and seemed very distant and dumpy. Finally I decided to go to sleep, my husband went to the bedroom after ten minutes and, surprisingly, responded to my endearment, we have had love, but he did seem strangely absent. I decided that this cannot go on for ever, and that we need to negotiate all this carefully, but noted that he had already fell asleep. After having a little cry, I also fell asleep. I do not know what to do. I am sure that he has other woman.
My life is catastrophe.

From husband's diary.

Saturday evening. Today, "Spartacus" has lost with the score of 1:4, but I had great sex.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

25 Women's Phrases After Which A Man Wants To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time!

You have nothing to answer when hearing from your girl following:

1. In this dress, I do not look very thick, do I?
2. Is it tasty?
3. Yesterday in "Santa Barbara"...
4. But my mom had said that to be done this way!
5. So what, $300 - is it so much?
6. I could do this by my own!
7. What does this road sign stand for?
8. It is very interesting! Will you like I retell you what it was in the previous series?
9. In this case I am right, not you!
10. Maybe, once again?
11. I thought, it will not go kaput...
12. Dear, we will have a baby!
13. I thought, you will not be against!
14. All guys are goats!
15. And how many calories in that?
16. Do you love me? Then why don't you marry me?
17. You're talking on the phone almost as much as I am!
18. Whether I parked wrong?
19. They say beer is harmful to health!
20. I just secretly told to Maria. She will not tell anybody!
21. It is indeed not hard for you?
22. How do you like my new hairstyle?
23. And please show me these gloves. And this handbag as well!
24. I am a bit late. No problem?
25. Of course, I am virgin.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How Easy To Deceive The Simple Russian Girl.

- Hey girl, what are you doing tonight?

- Tss, let me see... Well, when the beginning of night?

- Well. I say from seven PM.

- Evening will catch me in public transport. Over there, I will be standing and looking with hostility at passengers. Not because I am a misanthrope, but because I am tired after work, and they are all here and push and crowd, and none a swine will let me have a seat. Then I will get to home, over there I'll sit for a while about ten minutes and rush to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Will eat dinner silently, staying focused on TV. Afterwards I will not be distracted from the TV. And there, by the way, they show garbage, and I have nothing to read.

And I should have to buy a book, but there is no time... lack of time.

So I will stare to the TV. Then will decide that I don't feel like washing dishes and leave it in the washbasin until the morning. I kinda, wash it in the morning. Fraud! I will lie to myself. Will not wash it in the morning as well. Because I will awake late, and I can't be bothered. This is what I say. Then I will take a shower, go to bed and will long toss and turn at the spot, thinking about how it is bad to live alone, inwardly swearing the neighbours who make a noise and hinder to sleep. Then I will fall asleep. That is, in principle, all that I am doing this evening.

- Haaaa! Tonight I'm going first to have a dinner in a decent place where they cook well. I was invited by friends. They, incidentally, pay, which also is very pleasant. Then we go to a club where comfortable couches, well, you have certainly heard about it - this is now the most fashionable place in the city. There, we will sit on the couch, listening to jazz and drinking wine. Then, perhaps we will leave to play billiards. Then, perhaps will part homes. At home I will take a shower and go to sleep.

- Alone?

- Why alone? I live with my girlfriend. I love her madly. She simply can not go with us today.

- We-ell. She can not go with you, and you invite me? And you say that you love her?

- You have something confused. I have nowhere invite you.

- What?.. And what about restaurant, jazz, billiards?

- I'm going there. I! what have you got to do with it? You go home. To watch TV. We just have spoke to each other about plans for the evening. Just talk. Wasn't it cool?

- What a scoundrel are you! Just villain!

- How inadequate you are! Goodbye!

In the evening he in long and wide boxer shorts had chewed pasta in the kitchen, staying focused occasionally on TV. He remembered how cool he played pranks on unfamiliar girl and thought that to live alone - is something calmer.

And she in the best of her dress was sipping her wine in the fashionable club, listening to jazz and whispering:

- Well, but where is this scoundrel? I want to look at his face, but he is out. Scoundrel twice!

Such an evening had spoiled!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Russian Girls: The Formula Of Physics And Lyricism.

We are proud that we are Russian women... and we are looking for husband at the international dating site.
We laugh at death... and buy kilograms of pills in drugstore.
We do not care about public opinion... and we constantly ask: "How do I look?".
We love loneliness... and compress tightly the mobile phone in the hands.
We believe that my home is my fortress... and at nights we are afraid that it would be blew up with us.
We are confident that we are absolutely unworried... and reach for the next one sigarete.
We shock people... and are afraid to say "I love".
We do not believe in love... but at night we weep in the pillow.
We live ephemeral life... and make the plans for the future.
We on principle do not watch the news on TV... and read it on the Internet.
We are very self-critical... and love only themselves.
We hate our government... and are pleased to celebrate The Independence Day.
We do not believe in the perfect people... and every day in the crowd we are looking for our own ideal.
We hate the crowd in the subway in the mornings... and every day we stay patiently on the platform in anticipation of the train.
We always say what we think... and almost forgot how to smile sincerely.
We want people to take us as we are... and stick out for hours in front of a mirror.
We love clever phrase... and do not understand themselves.
We have a pile of unopened talents... and we do nothing to disclose them.
We hate birthdays... and we always celebrate them.
We love to sleep till the noon... and put the alarm clock at 6 am.
We always get what we want... and we are afraid to be rummagy.
We are writing our personal diaries... and want them to be read by others...
We say that life is beautiful... we... we just...

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

25 Words That Every Woman Likes To Hear.

No one woman can say anything against that she is...

1. beautiful

2. clever

3. caring

4. charming

5. desired

6. attractive

7. sexual

8. kind

9. tender

10. sweet

11. passionate

12. fascinating

13. slender

14. glamorous

15. stylish

16. romantic

17. one and only

18. endearing

19. mysterious

20. harmonious

21. responsive

22. understanding

23. luring

24. seductive

25. beloved

Feel free to say these words at any time of day or night, in any weather, anywhere. They can not be misplaced!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Russian Girls. Maidservants - Princesses - Queens...

Maidservants dream on a kind fairy, Princesses - on a beautiful prince, the Queens do not dream, they act.

Maidservants believe that miracles happen, with the princesses they really happen, the Queens make them themselves.

Maidservants are weak, but they look like if to be strong, Princess are strong, but seem to be weak, the Queens manage without masks.

Maidservants have to come beforehand, Princess come tardily, Queens arrive at a good time.

Maidservants blame themselves entirely, the Princess blame others, the Queens make conclusions.

Maidservants do not know how to win, the Princess do not know how to lose, the Queens do not compete.

Dragons are not interested in Maidservants, as to Princesses, they eat them, with the Queens they are friends.

Because of Maidservants are not interesting to dragons, Princesses are afraid of them, and only Queens tame them.

Maidservants, even pretty, consider themselves plain girls, Princesses, even ugly, consider themselves the beauties, the Queens still did not happen to have a few minutes to consider themselves in the mirror.

It is possible not to notice the Maidservants, one can not help but notice the Princess, one can not help but notice the Queen when it is necessary to her.

Maidservants are humble, Princess are self-willed, Queens are disciplined.

Maidservants want to get praise, Princesses - attention, the Queens want experience.

Maidservants put up with humiliation, Princesses take vengeance for it, it is impossible to humiliate the Queens.

Maidservants love, Princesses allow to love themselves, the Queens do not measure - who loves whom.

Maidservants all understand and tolerate, Princesses understand only what they want to understand, the Queens understand everything and go away.

Maidservants do not know how to demand, the Princesses do not know how to wait, the Queens know that everything is good in its time.

Maidservants do not want to grow up, Princesses do not want aging, the Queens still know that everything is good in its time.

Maidservants see the world in black, Princesses - in the pink, the Queens - in black, pink and all other colors.

It is easy with Maidservants, it is difficult with Princesses, with the Queens, at least, it is interesting.

To be a Maidservant is difficult, to be a Princess is easily, to be a Queen, at least, it makes sense.

Rules Of Attraction

Is love a pure case of chemistry? I do not mean the one that is toxic. Some wives have made men to misinterpret the chemistry idea since they regularly treat their husbands like toxic waste products. Many learned people among them philosophers and poets are always trying to establish the real rules of attraction. It is fascinating how we feel attracted towards one individual and behave indifferently towards another. That is what most people put as love, hate or anything in between. Is it in our capacity as human beings to lure love? I always thought that we choose not to love. It is a feeling that cannot be wished away. Anyhow we must coexist with others therefore plainly speaking, you need their love.

Dating has established a trend which acts as one of the rules of attraction. Usually, girls play hard to get while the gentlemen are supposed to do the chasing game and do all within their power to woo their interest. The girls are supposed to workout a plan employing a notion that is aiming at luring a potential partner. in most cases the plans involve manipulation and deceit. Some say its hard to do it with integrity as the dating scene is yet to reach perfection. The emotional development in an individual has much to do with the maturity and the way he/she carries herself around in the matters surrounding attraction, dating and falling in love. There is a lot of shyness and unwillingness to participate in the dating field and yet we badly need it. The dating rules should focus more on going straight to the goals without self criticism.
Physical appearance is one of the things that influence attraction. Someone who has good looks is said to be more captivating. The rules of attraction has revealed that people from both sexes are more attracted to symmetrical bodies and facial appearances. However beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. One man's meat is another man's poison. A person might appear not so good looking to one man but appear a real sign of beauty to another. Every individual has a list of preferences when it comes to looks and attractiveness. Their will always be something that sends our hearts racing when we are interacting with a potential partner. Understanding the rules of attraction helps people to make more logical decision in the dating field.

The longer the time that a dating couple spend together the more they tend to find each other attractive. What are the requirements that we consider while searching for a perfect match? Personal characters and personality are major determinants to attraction. The rules of attraction state that the more amiable, smart, confident and humorous an individual is, the more the probability of attracting love. On the other hand, people who are boring, negative, insensitive and irresponsible are considered to be less ingratiating. Extroverts are known to be more attractive than introverts. If you find someone attractive, there are chances that he/she will start to fancy you as well. This is the art of mutual attraction. Similarity is another factor that also determines whether two people find each other attractive. The rules of attraction are all a subject to unending debate but first get a hold of this.

By: Francis K Githinji
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How To Make People Laugh - Online Dating Chat And Singles Tips.

Girls and guys love funny people. Ever met a person at a party who appears to always have people wanting to sit near them and to be in their company? We all love a laugh and an easy going, laid back partner who doesn't put others down is just great at the dinner table. But what about when online dating? Is it enough simply to be funny? Its certainly a start...

Laughing and making other people laugh is a big asset in life. Laughing produces good hormones in the body that help people feel more positive, healthier and even tolerant of others. Even though naturally funny people exist, making someone laugh is a skill that can be taught.

Play a trick on your friend!

Real life stories are funnier than made up ones.
Great comedians draw heavily on their actual life experiences, so the joke is on themselves rather than on other people, drawing focus on little details that may have appeared insignificant and showing other people an insight regarding the workings of their mind. As we can relate to the actual aspects of the story, the entire joke appears believable and the humor in it comes across genuine. Comedians who are well known for this type of comedy include Billy Connolly, arguably the funniest scot alive.

Repetition, saying the same thing several times can cause it to become humorous. Sounds unbelievable? Sometimes pushing a joke beyond the boundaries works.

Misdirection. A style many comedians apply is misdirection. This means they include a story that goes in a totally different direction to that that was expected. Groucho Marx would use this technique. The basis behind this is that when the listener knows what is going to occur then it won't be funny however by catching them by surprise, their mind can see the funny side. Chevy Chase often uses this tactic with his joke telling.

Escalation is another different technique to be humorous. This means that the story begins in a sensible, predictable way and then escalates into the very funny. You add more and more funny dialogue until the listener begins cracking up in laughter.

Understatement is when you make an important topic seem really trivial.

Reversal means moving the story around so that it refers to the incorrect noun - like "residents dangerous to local dogs"

The error many of us make when trying to be humorous is to try to be funny non stop. They end up sounding idiotic and embarrass themselves. The answer to humor is to inject it into a story. It is sometimes someone who is usually fairly straight, that comes across really funny when they throw in several random lines to a conversation or who then tell a really clever tale of their lives.

The main difference online is that you need to count on the content or context to display humor - sarcasm, unless you know the person does not work very well online.

By: Matt F

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Techniques To Attract A Girl Or The Top 10 Ways To Get A Girl Interested In You

The best way to make an impression is to teach the girl something about herself. The following techniques are best suited to attract a girl:

1) “The Cube”. Women love all kinds of tests. This personality test invented by the master pick up artist and author Neil Strauss aka Style works like a charm. Read on it on the internet or Strauss’ book called “The Game”.

2) “The 3 Questions Game to Define Your Goal in Life”. This routine invented by Style is about asking the girl what she likes doing most and what kind of feeling she has doing it. The ultimate goal in life is to experience that feeling again and again.

3) Palm reading. This is an instant classic and gets every girl interested in a second. Don’t forget to tell her that has a difficult relationship to her father and an excellent one to her mother ;-)

4) “The Ring Routine”. This routine is about telling her that wearing ring on particular fingers says something about her personality.

5) Cold Reading. This technique is extremely powerful, but you need some experience with people to be successful with it. Cold reading is about guessing what kind of person the girl is and telling her what she wants to hear.

6) Storytelling. In order to attract a girl you need to be able to tell an interesting story. Keep in mind: Telling a story is not about getting to the end, but to demonstrate your charming personality.

7) NLP-Techniques. Neuro-linguistic programming is about playing with thoughts, images and feelings and can be very powerful. Again, you need a lot of experience in this area to be really successful.

8) Dream interpretation. Quite popular. The problem here: a lot of people don’t remember their dreams and if they do there are way too much possibilities they can come up with that you can assign to a special interpretational pattern.

9) Handwriting analysis. A bit long winded, but nonetheless effective.

10) Number guessing game. Tell her to pick a number between 1 and 4 (guess that it’s the 3). Then tell her to pick a number between 1 and 10 (take the 7, because most people choose this number). Finally let her pick a number between 1 and 10. This time tell her to multiply the number by 9. Then, she has to add the digits of the outcome and subtract 5. The outcome is always 4.

You will find more details in this e-Book I can recommend.

By: Steve Wells

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Friday, August 15, 2008

How To Avoid The Major Potential Dangers And Scams In Online Dating?

Popular thought is that everyone on the internet is dishonest or dangerous. However, the vast majority of them aren't. But you still have to keep your eyes open and be aware that the nice person that you've been chatting with might not be who they say they are. There are a few simple things that you can do in order to avoid dangerous situations. But the most powerful weapon you have is your gut instinct.

While some types of danger can be emotional, another type is physical danger. If you ever feel physically intimidated by someone, leave the situation immediately. You should never have to fear for your safety while on a date.

Tip 1: Meet your date in a public place, in an area that you feel comfortable in

Be sure you do this. After exchanging e-mails and talking on the phone, you might feel like you know your date pretty well, but you haven't interacted with them in person.

Even if you have received sweet e-mails from them you should be aware of how they conduct themselves. If you get any bad feelings, be cautious. Feeling jittery or anxious on the first date might just be nerves, but it could also mean something more. Set your dates in public places before you feel comfortable enough to go somewhere more intimate with them. Don't rush things and don't let your partner pressure you into rushing things either.

Tip 2: Google your date

Once you have your potential match's name you might want to type it into a search engine and see what comes up. You can find information that matches what they're telling you for example if they say that they work for a real estate agency and you find the agency website with his picture and information on it, you know that they are telling the truth. If you type in your date's name you might discover that they are not who they say they are or you can even find out if they are a felon or a sex offender. As scary as this sounds, it only takes a minute and if this is the case, you'll be glad that you did.

Tip 3: Remember that your date might not be telling the truth

When meeting someone online you have to recognize that all you know about them is questions that they filled in on a survey and what they tell you. Everyone wants to present themselves in the best light, so sometimes there is a little bit of exaggeration in their profiles. For example, if someone is currently unemployed they might enter their job as something that they want to do instead of something that they are currently doing.

While you can make your profile as honest as possible, it doesn't mean that your date has done the same. But sometimes honesty is not even the issue. It can also be the information that they withhold. Someone could write that they enjoy having a drink with their friends and omit that they don't stop after one drink.

Tip 4: Look for inconsistencies

Keep in mind the things that they have listed on their profile and if you start picking out too many inconsistencies, be wary. Also note if there are any behaviors that they didn't list on their profile. Being rude to a waiter shouldn't be a deal breaker, but if you notice that the rude behavior extends to people, note that this could be their regular behavior.

Tip 5: Communicate with your partner clearly

If you assume that the you and your object of affection are mutually exclusive, then you could be in for a rude awakening if you should find out that they are still seeing other people. It's also easy to get over involved with someone and only find out later that they're not as enraptured as you are.

More pitfalls include not being clear about what each person wants out of the relationship. Without communication, you may find that one person wants to date casually while the other wants a long term relationship. Some of these factors can change over time, but you're in danger of being hurt if you assume one thing or another.

Tip 6: Recognize when you're being taken advantage of

After building up your trust in a controlled setting, such as e-mails and text messages, it can be all too easy to think that there is nothing wrong with behaviors that soon become exhausting.

This can happen on many levels. You can suddenly find yourself paying for expensive dates, presents, and other incidentals that your partner wants. While it's great to provide your date with nice things and treat them for special events and birthdays, there comes a point where your partner becomes too expensive for you to keep up with. If your partner knows that you don't have a lot of money to spend on going out to eat, but still insist on doing it, this is a clear sign that they want to drain cash that you don't even have.

Tip 7: Don't give in to pressure

You can also find yourself being pressured into doing things that you don't want to do. As cliche as it sounds, if you are really enamored with your partner and want to please them they can take advantage of this and ignore your needs and comfort for their own satisfaction.

Make sure that your relationship is mutual. Put your foot down if there is something that you will not do for your partner. If you find that there are too many things that you disagree on then you both might be better off with a different partner. Try to compromise, but don't let yourself be a doormat.

Tip 8: Try to be objective

It's tempting to ignore the things you don't like about someone and focus on the things that you do. But if there is a particular part of their personality that you don't like, you have to remember that it's very difficult for people to change the behaviors that they've had their entire life.

Tip 9: Don't be paranoid
While there are dishonest people looking for someone to take advantage of, there are ten times as many honest people who are looking for someone special. Trust your instincts. A little caution goes a long way but don't become suspicious of everyone that you meet.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Wedding boom in Russia - 888.

Today is a day of the wedding boom. On the day of the three eights more than one and a half thousand pairs decided to get married in Moscow. In some Russian cities the registration ceremonies will be directly in the open air, and registration services will be working until midnight. Even a month before the "day of three eights" the prices for service of wedding salons, organizers of holidays, and car rental have been increased.

Nearly one thousand seven hundred pairs decided to strengthen their relations by the triple infinity symbol in Moscow. In a normal August day off they are usually one and a half times less. To cope with the flow, the officials of the capital registration services even extend working hours. They will be registering the enamoured least until nine o'clock in the evening. Administration official spokeswoman of Moscow marriage service Yevgenia Smirnova said: "Officially we will work up to 21 hours. But, given the experience of last year, we surely will work even up to eleven. We do not exclude this."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Online Dating And Relationship – Luck Or Perseverance

Millions of people, young and not so young, login to an online dating site every day, to make and meet friends, form a casual relationship, look for a perfect soul mate, or just chat with someone. For some people, online dating and relationships have become the cornerstone of their lives and they just can’t live without being online on a dating site and chatting with other members on the site.

Most of these people are genuinely looking for a date or relationship. But some register and login to these online dating sites, just to browse the profiles and members images, and are not serious about dating or relationships. Many members just create a profile, login for a few days, and if they don’t find someone to date, they just stop visiting the site, and register on another online dating site. Those who are seriously looking for a date and relationship should carefully go through the profiles, and if the profile matches what they are searching for, they should contact the member. But if they don’t find a suitable member, they can always register on another online dating site and try again.

Some people are just plain lucky, and find a suitable date very quickly on these online dating sites and quickly form a relationship. Others are not so lucky and keep searching for their true soul mate, hoping to form a relationship with the right person. But whether a person is lucky and finds a date quickly, or whether it takes more time to find a match, it is always better to register on multiple online dating sites because the Internet increases the chances of finding someone. You never know on which online dating site you will find your date and soul mate and form a long lasting relationship. If you keep searching for a date on multiple online dating sites, you will find someone suitable to form a relationship. Perseverance is the key to succussful online dating and a successful relationship.

When you register on online dating sites, always take care to create a proper profile, upload a nice photo, and send a nice mail when you do find someone good enough for you to form a relationship. Most people who fail to find a suitable match, don’t realise that their profile and photo may not be impressive enough and may create a negative image if another person browses their profile. The cornerstone of successful online dating and relationships is an impressive profile.

Check your profile on the online dating sites you have registered on. Show it to your friends and ask their opinion about the profile. Analyze their opinion, and change your profile accordingly, in order to impress your future date and soul mate. You will certainly find a suitable date to form a long lasting relationship. Remember – Luck not only favors the bold, but also those who persevere in their quest.

By: Ken Wilson

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calling Your Pretty Russian Girl: Phone Tips

So you have found your pretty Russian girl, your correspondence is in progress and you are ready to talk to her on the telephone. Two problems may occur in this situation:

1/ Your Russian lady doesn’t speak fluent English and is frustrated to talk to you. Did you know that English is still a non-obligatory school subject in Russia? One foreign language is always obligatory but it may be German, French or Spanish as well as English. When a young pupil starts learning at school (it is usually a regional secondary school) he/she usually cannot choose a foreign language to learn, it comes as an obligatory school subject. So don’t be amazed if somebody from Russia cannot speak English at all! It happens often.

Even if she does not speak a word of English tell her that you would like to hear her sweet voice and say “Hello”. If you feel you cannot understand each other, use translation services.

Sidenote: I may assure you, that your lady will start learning English somehow, either at home by herselfself or she will attend some classes if she is motivated. You will see the results (her improving English) soon.

2/ Your Russian bride does not have a telephone. The problem has been lasting since the Soviet times. Many Russians have cell phones though, but not everybody. Cell phones are still very expensive to afford for those ladies who do not live in the biggest cities. (Did you know that the wages in Moscow and St. Petersburg are much higher then those in other regions of Russia?)

Your Russian lady does not have a phone… What should you do?

She surely knows someone with a phone she could probably use. Very politely, insist on a phone number of a friend or relative so you can arrange a call.
Your Russian woman may be using any marriage agency. If they do translations, that would be perfect for you to talk to her there in case you need a translator. Tell her you will call her at the agency and ask her for the best time to call.
Warning: In case you use an agency phone, have some questions ready that only she will know the answers too if possible. As even though calling an agency you will still not know if it is her or an agency staff member you are talking to.

A person who would like to build a good relationship with the other person have to be looking for a way to do it. Isn’t it true?

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Monday, July 28, 2008

How To Make A Face Veil (birdcage Style)

Birdcage veils -- sometimes called net or face veils -- have recently become more popular, partially due to movie and celebrity brides wearing them. Most recently, in 2007, Katherine Heigl wore one in her real-life wedding and Jessica Alba's character wore a birdcage veil in the movie Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. While it's possible to buy birdcage veils, brides on a budget may prefer to make their own.

This veil is very short -- usually just long enough to frame the face but can also be eye-length -- and typically worn alone, without additional tiers or a separate blusher. You may choose to attach a traditional veil in the back, to a bun or mass of curls. The birdcage is made of coarse-weave French or Russian-style netting rather than typical fine-mesh veil fabrics. Historically, the veil was attached to a hat. The modern bride, however, often prefers to wear her birdcage veil without a hat. Today, most brides attach this short, circular veil directly to their hair with a pin or comb, so that it hangs down around the head. The front serves as a blusher over her face.

Making a Birdcage Veil

Because of the short length and because netting is stiffer than tulle, creating the effect you want when making a birdcage veil can be trickier than when making a regular veil. For this reason, purchase extra netting and plan to make one or two trial runs before the veil is perfect. Also note that the width of the netting will be the length of your veil (from the point where you attach it to your head to the where the veil falls in front of your face).

Materials You Will Need:

- Up to three yards of Russian or French netting.

- Two or more hair clips (the kind used to secure hair extensions to short hair are most stable).

- Sturdy thread the color of the netting (button thread works well).

- Scissors

Step 1: Cut 36" of 9" French / Russian netting

You can make a relatively full birdcage veil, with many gathers, from a yard of netting. These instructions are for making a relatively full, gathered veil similar to Jessica Alba's in Rise of the Silver Surfer. Cut the netting shorter for a veil that lays closer to your head, with fewer gathers. If in doubt, cut the piece long at first. Then shorten it if you find that the veil is too full.

The short, cut ends will be the sides of your veil and the long, finished edges will be the front and back. These instructions explain how to gather the sides and attach them to clips as well as gather the back more loosely than the sides.

Step 2. Sew on two clips, one at each end of the long (finished) edge of veiling.

The clips will go at the front corners of the veil, with the teeth facing the finished edge. The outside, short side of each clip should be parallel to a raw, cut edge. Position them so that, when worn, the clips' metal bars will face outward, but remain under the veiling. The clips should curve against your head when closed.

Step 3. Gather the cut sides of the veil and sew them to the clips.

Using a slipknot, attach thread at the corner of a cut edge opposite a clip. Weave the thread in and out of the diamond patterns along the cut edge between the attached end and the clip then thread it through the hole in the clip.

Pull the thread tight so the entire cut edge is gathered against the clip. Secure to the underside of the clip (the non-bar side, which will be against your head) so the thread will be hidden when you are wearing the veil. You may want to tidy up by clipping off the frayed pieces of netting. One entire side should now be gathered and sewn to a clip.

Repeat on the second side, gathering and sewing the raw edge against the clip.

Step 4. Make the back gathers.

Attach doubled or heavy button thread to the inside edge of a clip. Weave the thread in and out between the diamonds or holes in the netting. Do not secure the thread to the second clip yet. The length of the thread determines how full the gathers and how closely the veil hugs your head. You will want to adjust the length of the thread so the veil looks perfect on you.

Step 5. Experiment with different veil widths.

Looking in a mirror, adjust the thread length between clips. When you are happy with your veil's width and fullness of the gathers, secure the thread by looping it through the inside holes of the second clip and tying it off. With 8" - 9" netting, you will need to attach the veil near the top of your head for it to hit just below the nose. Attach it farther back for a shorter look.

Leave time to practice attaching the veil exactly as you want it, and you will look like a star on your wedding day!

By: Bobette Kyle-Wagner

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