Thursday, August 25, 2011

On the beauty of Russian women. Opinion.

It is believed that Russian women are the most beautiful. Of course, it is very flattering to agree. But we must honestly face the fact that in addition to Russian women, there are very many ethnic groups, the women of which are not inferior to Russian. However, this opinion has come from somewhere.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Inquisition raged in Europe during the Middle Ages. This is actually what distinguishes Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism - the Orthodox Church did not like the Inquisition, but we are not going to theological disputes. In short, the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, which had virtually unlimited power, either to do a favor to Pope, or from some ideological and religious reasons, had been blamed almost everyone in being witches. A very popular event was to announce theirs neighbor in the city or the province of witchcraft on the grounds that she was too beautiful! The church did not lose time in vain, it had quickly sent her to drown, or to the bonfire. If she survived (did not sink or burn down) - she was a witch. If would not survive, well, that really now, the Lord will give shelter to an innocent soul. Ultimately, the church has destroyed almost all beautiful women of the Old World. But you can not destroy the genetics, and generations later the beauties re-emerged in Europe. Those time, while Europe was restoring the "balance of beauty", Russian mysterious women got this fame, the Inquisition arms were too short to reach them. And later, at the end of 17th century when Peter the Great opened a "window on Europe", Russian women were already reputed as a rare beauties.

After a few centuries, in the early 20th century, to consolidate the Russian women's glory of the greatest beauties has helped... Revolution in Russia, strange as it sounds! Aristocrats and representatives of noble clans with their families were forced to flee to Europe, mainly to the France, as many people know. But to posh the same lifestyle only a few of them could afford, those who managed to save their fortune from the Bolsheviks.

Russian nobility was forced to earn a living. Someones opened fashion houses in Paris, but not all of them. And the Russian aristocrats earned additionally as models in fashion houses. It was their demeanor that became the prototype for current models on the catwalks - the inscrutable face and the otherworldly look. That's right, not arrogantly, but with a feminine vacant stare and a proud bearing, they showed the shoppers the ready-made clothes.

Today, of course, much has changed. There are very many belles everywhere. But in Russian women has definitely remained this laid-back and mysterious look, the unique femininity. There are very many beautiful women there, but not all of them are amazing and mysterious!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do Matchmaking Services Really Work For Singles?

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Free match making websites don't charge membership fee for using their service. Paid sites will require you pay the cost of premium services, monthly or quarterly. There are many matchmaking websites out there that you can sign up with for free. So, you may consider the free services because you don't have to pay anything. You may think that free sites don't have as much features as paid websites. You know what, your thought is wrong. Some free match making services have the same features as paid sites and may have millions of singles available for you to search. It is not based on the type of services. It is based on the quality. You can read successful stories that have been posted on any dating site to know how popular they are.

In the advanced world we live in, thousands of people are using matchmaking services to find their second half. You can meet your perfect match on the Internet for just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Without paying any money by using free match making sites, you are able to find your perfect love match. One of the best benefits of the today's matchmaking services is the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that singles can get on the site to look for their partner. You can match people who have the same likes and interests at ease. Why do you have to dress up to go to a bar or club to find your lover? In this modern century, you can just go online and look for the perfect half. Come on, we are in this modern century, looking for love and relationship online is a piece of cake.

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By: Jenny Willston
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