Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a real man just should not know

1) The difference between "strings" and "tanga"
2) Where he can drink for nothing tonight
3) How many times his name is mentioned in Google
4) Number of tattoos on Johnny Depp's body
5) The position of the Democrats on the agrarian question
6) Full text of the latest song of Madonna
7) Name of the latest book by Paulo Coelho
8) Paolo Coelho (if not possible not to know Madonna)
9) Who is the inventor of zip fly
10) What exactly his girlfriend does in order to have smooth legs
11) Phone number of familiar venereologist (by rote)
12) Where in bra a bone is
13) The difference of prices in the supermarkets of the city
14) Real age of Sher
15) How the wife of his friend looks without clothes
16) Meaning of the word "Lurex"
17) How this material is done
18) Possum has 13 nipples
19) How to download new ringtones to his phone
20) Which of the Dolce's and Gabbana's name is Stefano
21) The world's richest bachelors
22) Moreover, the richest heiresses of the world
23) How much money is in his pocket up to the dollar
24) "Man Rules" by Patrick Evertsen