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Inscriptions On Wedding Rings In Latin.

A die - From this day
А solis ortu usque ad occasum - From sunrise to sunset
Absque omni exceptione - Without a doubt
Ab imo pectore - With full sincerity, from the soul
Ab hinc - Henceforth
Ad infinitum - Prior to infinity, without end
Ad finem saeculorum - Till the end of time
Ad futuram memoriam - At long memory
Ad manum - Close at hand, within easy reach
Ad memorandum - For memory
Ad multos annos - For many years
Ad usum proprium - For own use
Ad vitam aut culpam - At a lifetime or until the first fault
Aeterna historia - Eternal story
Age quod agis - Make what you're doing
Alea iacta est - The die is cast; Irrevocable decision adopted (Julius Caesar)
Alter ego - My double, the other I
Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur - Faithful friend to be learnt in trouble
Amor non est medicabilis herbis - Love is not treated by herbs
Amor omnibus idem - Love is united to all
Amor tussisque non celantur - Love and a cough can not be hidden
Argumentum ad oculos - A clear proof
Audaces fortuna juvat - Fate assists to brave (Virgil)
Aut bene, aut nihil - Either well, or nothing
Bene sit tibi! - I wish you luck!
Benedicite! - The best of luck!
Вonа mente - With good intentions
Bonum factum! - At the benefit and happiness!

Caritas et pax - Respect and peace
Con amore- With love
Consensu omnium - With general agreement
Consortium omnis vitae - Commonwealth for lifelong

De die in diem - Every day
Detur digniori - Let it be given a decentest
Digitus dei est hic! - This is finger of God!
Dixi - Said, all is stated, have nothing to add
Dum spiro, spero - Until breathe - I hope

Ego plus quam feci, facere non possum - More than done, I can not do
Ex animo - From the Soul, from heart
Ex dono - As a gift

Fac fideli sis fidelis - Be faithful to the person who is faithful (to you)
Fata viam invenient - There is no escaping fate
Fiat voluntas tua - Let it be your will
Finis coronat opus - The end crowns the work

Fortiter ac firmiter - Strong and firm

Gens una sumus - We are one tribe
Grata, rata et accepta - Everything legally and acceptably
Gratulari - Rejoice (over your happiness)

Hoc erat in votis - This has been the subject of my desires
Ibi victoria, ubi concordia - There victory is, where is a consent
In aeternum - Forever
In deposito - At storage
In saecula saeculorum - For centuries

Jure - According to Law (by right)

Liberum arbitrium - Free choice
Lux in tenebris - The light in darkness

Mane et nocte - In the morning and at night
Meliora spero - I hope for the best
Merito fortunae - By a happy occasion
More majorum - According to custom of ancestors

Natura sic voluit - Nature wished so
Ne varietur - To be not to changed
Nil nisi bene - Nothing, except good
Non dubitandum est - There is no doubt
Non multa, sed multum - Not much, but many / Ie not much in quantity, but a lot of value; motto of scientists
Non solus - Not single
Nunc est bibendum! - Now we celebrate with feasting

Omnes et singulos - Together and separately
Omnia mea mecum porto - All mine burden with me
Omnia praeclara rara - All perfect are seldom
Omnia vincit amor et noc cedamus amori - Love conquers all, and we are conquered by love
Omnium consensu - With general agreement
Optima fide - With full confidence
Orе uno - Unanimously

Peccare licet nemini! - Nobody allowed to be sinned
Per aspera ad astra - Through the thorns to the stars!
Pia causa -Good Cause
Pia desideria - Well-wishes, cherished dream
Placeat diis - If the gods will want
Pro bono publico - For the common good
Pro memoria - For memory, in memory of anything
Pro ut de lege - By the legal way
Probatum est - Approved
Proprio motu - At smb. own request

Quid multis morer? - Why talk?
Quilibet fortunae suae faber - Each himself is a smith of his happiness
Quod erat demonstrandum - What was required to be proved

Rari quippe boni - Good people are rare

Salva venia - If it will be allowed
Sapienti sat - For understanding is quite enough
Sed semel insanivimus omnes - Once we all have come in mad
Semper idem - Always the same
Semper virens - Eternal youth
Sensus veris - The feeling of spring
Si fata sinant - If the fate (has) willed this
Sic erat in fatis - It was destined
Sine dubio - Undoubtedly
Sint ut sunt, aut nоn sint - Let it be as it is, or will not be at all
Sponte sua - On their own, voluntarily
Sponte sua, sine lege - By their own fix
Sua sponte - By their own free will
Sub specie aeternitatis - From the perspective of eternity
Sursum corda! - chins up
Suum cuique - To each his own

Tale quale - T. Q. without quality assurance
Tantum cognoscitur, quantum diligitur - Discover as mush as much love
Tempus fugit, aeternitas manet - Time flows, eternity is unchangeable
Tertium nоn datur - Third not given

Ubi concordia - ibi victoria - Where agreement is - there is a victory

Vale et me ama - Be in good health and love me
Vestra salus - nostra salus - Your good is our benefit
Vires unitae agunt - The forces are acting together
Vive valeque - Live and be healthy
Volente deo - With God's help

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Law Of The Side. Wife And Husband.

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"You have very nice legs, and I would like to examine them closer"
It is understandable that many couples are holding and photographed the way they feel habitual and more convenient. Armed with the law, we can quickly determine which feelings do spouses experience to each other. To confirm this theory, scientists studied photos of famous couples.

Galina Vishnevskaya and Mstislav Rostropovich - star pair, the connection of two bright personalities and musical talents. Warm spiritual contact was established at the outset of their novel through the witty efforts of Mstislav Rostropovich. Trying to fascinate her, he tirelessly told jokes - in the words of Vishnevskaya, she had never laugh so in life. But when they left alone, he immediately changed the tack and said: "You have very nice legs, and I would like to examine them closer". They got married in four days after acquaintance. And since there are no photographs, wherever the spouses "conduct a defence" - only confidence, only love.

Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky - this pair from the outset, was forecasted as futureless, although both spouses were gripped in violent passion. Despite that, on the formal and informal pictures the lovers unconsciously held "defensive" position relatively to one another - they had a foreboding!

Bill and Hillary Clinton - it is an open secret that the famous couple had long ago turned into a political alliance which supports each other only from higher, the public interest. On the numerous photographs they are located relatively one to another, in general, as a good old family. But far from it: Bill Clinton is left-hander! And all is accurate to the opposite: Bill and Hillary had long since to keep mutual defence in the family: Hillary - against overly loving husband womanizer, Bill - against the politically ambitious wife.

Rules are simple people are complex…
"The law of the side" - is valid! Scientists are finalizing their study with such a conclusion. However, in doing so, for all who wish to take in practice the law, the scientists make one important reservation. "Man has always faces the alternative "to go to the left" or "to the right". And this choice has not always been done freely, without the influence of external factors or any force majeure. Therefore, we recommend that you do not rush to conclusions. Man and human life - is too complex a phenomenon to judge it with only one "law of the side". This law - is not dogma, but only rule that should only be taken into account, rather than blindly executed".

How To Become A Women's Favorite?

How to learn to make impression on women?

The main point - to understand that the short height, appearance far from the perfect, and financial instability will have no meaning if you develop the qualities that women value most - irresistible bright personality. Such a cool personal chip sits inside each of us - needs only to dig it out of piles of complexes and prejudices, dust off, and it will shine like a new copper basin.

For the first we would recollect that a personal charm - that'll come with time. Do not be afraid of mistakes, he does not mistake who does nothing. Continue to try new options, enrich by experience and tell people about it in the entertaining form. Give them to understand that you live full interesting life, enjoying every second. Your confidence - half a key to success. Another more half a key - your ability to really learn to live with passion, taking from life all that it can offer you.

Now, set about to intellectual games. So, what do you need?

Interesting work. Women have always wondered how do you earn your piece of oysters with lemon juice. This is because she wants not only to share your oysters, but to brag by you before girlfriends. There are some professions that produce a win-win impression: military(better be a paratrooper or man-of-war's man), athlete (power sports and Oriental Arts), filmmaker (operators are terribly interesting guys, although the actors also are not bad chaps), variety or near-variety figure (this includes even the drivers and bodyguards of stars, most importantly, that he would be able to get a ticket to a concert). The good profession - a foreigner. If you are not a representative of one of these specialties, aura of romance should be attached to the post that you have.

For example, you are accountant. Order a business card, which listed profession "finance manager" or "consultant of commercial department". The wording is a hint on the complexity of intellectual work and liaison with big money. Girls are crying! Credit Card. Produces a very good impression, even if you does not enjoy it, but simply demonstrate, dropping inadvertently out from the wallet. However, before women it is better to pay by cash, possibly with very large or green bank notes, leaving a generous tip in hotels, cafes and taxis. Small change and torn banknotes can not be shown to women.

Just slightly fly-blown reputation. But do not mind to blow your reputation as theft or murder. Better, if a woman will think that you can kill, but only for the sake of her. As if something elusive evil and demonic is in you: in the past - scandalous love affair, and at present - an echo of suffering from long-standing gap with fervently beloved woman, which you carry over like a true man, gritted teeth and store in an easily accessible place the broken picture of traitress. Women adore to spare and save the demonic men. There must be at least one gossip about concerning your affairs in your team. In extreme case, this legend you can create. For some trusting women's souls it is enough to listen to stories about a hooligan childhood, held in the streets of your gently beloved city. In half-to-calm hooligans an abyss of charm lies.

Delicate taste and inclinations of gourmet. Learn to carry out a tasting of French wines or to understand the Japanese cuisine. In general, cope with something culinary-aesthetic, exotic or if nothing else tasty and healthy. Study, in short, to cook, to know about the latest literary news and flowers. By the way, flowers have to be necessarily gifted to lady! Even if you picked them from the next flower-bed.

Unusual hobbies. Start to go in for a smart hobby. About collecting of stamps, beer cans and match boxes I should advise to forget as soon as possible. Here is a collection of old cars is a worthy cause! Ah yes, you have a problem with money… You can start to collect the snakes preserved in alcohol, but most women are somewhat far from this. Johnny Depp, for example, among other things, collects pictures of maniac and serial killers. Excellent hobby - collecting the talismans, amulets, magic items and books. Women usually go crazy with the mystical and magical (even if they do not particularly believe in it) and you will find a kindred spirit. At leisure you also can master the basics oriental martial art. I recommend that you do not purchase the black belt, one day you will have at least once to demonstrate your skills.

Strokes to interior. Flat, if you have one, should also contain something intriguing in it. Before the first date remove from under the bed all pornographic magazines and CDs and fling visibly a surf board, ski boots or bridle on the horse (but not all at once, or else get an elementary mess). Here are some universal things intriguing the ladies: a club card carelessly left on the table; package of banknotes nicely complemented with the keys of car; photo of a big star with the friendly autograph; night-vision devices and scope sights.

Owned opinion. Especially on objects, people and events, which all are speaking about, but nobody does understand what it is. While you need to have in stock a couple of questions in which you are the expert. It is also important skill - to shut up in time. Well, have I explained everything understandably? Proceed, my dear men, now all is in your hands. Mind you don't be serious, it is not beyond a joke.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Law Of The Side. Where Unloved Husband Sleeps.

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Unloved husband sleeps on the left of wife.

Agents of Israeli Mossad secret service have a technique: always to follow from which side the man of interest prefers to sit or stand - from left or right. To those who keep all the time the right side of a person, you need to buck your ideas up.Unless he is left-hander. Because all the left-hander are opposite: left-hander-man has his defensive side located on the left, and a woman-left-hander - on her right hand.

Over the years of the evolution it happened so that men and women formed their own trust and defensive sides. A man's defensive side is right, so he reacts to danger exactly with right arm, for example, reaches a weapon or shoots. And from the olden times men's clothing has been intended on this property: provide an opportunity to act with right arm. But the woman's side of defense is located on the left. Traditional women's clothing reflects precisely this pattern and is constructed under the left arm action. Each family thus constitutes a closed defensive system.

A detailed statistical analysis of family photographs of two hundreds married couples reaffirmed the law: a perfect pair should stick to each other by side of confidence, ranging to the outside world as a coherent whole: trusting his partner and keep outside with the defensive side. On half the photos couples were depicted, which once photographed, were divorced. On the rest - those whose marriage was strong and valued by both spouses as definitely happy.

After computer processing of photographs there were revealed that people from divorced couples were usually held to each other just by defensive sides. That is, between them the emotional contact had been violated. Besides, easy to understand that people on the eve of divorce are keeping few wary and aloof in relation to partner, and that caused the intuitive application of the law of side by conflicting spouses. And in cases of strong marriages, in contrast, the pairs chosen to each other by the side of confidence, demonstrated that they not only have faith in their partner, but also have emotional attachment to them.

The law of side is manifested in bed as well. It is during sleep when a person is most vulnerable and defenseless, his true feelings to the partner are reflected. If he completely trusts his wife, does not expect dirty trick or treason from her, he likely will choose his side of confidence.

To Be Continued.

The Law Of The Side. Keep Left.

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Who sat down from your right, he will not be lying.

There is another explanation for this particular, the human for centuries formed a habit to show people they are talking with rather their right side of face but left to hide. Because the right side - this is a side of defense, side for little known people and the enemies as well. And left is side of the heart, for relatives and loved ones… Here are some examples of compliance with "law of side": Dmitry Dibrov, a popular showman on Russian's TV, prefers a "position of trust" before camera. he always calls to screen by the left side, and to the guests of his show "Anthropology" - by face, he has demonstrated unwavering benevolence, trust and love to his audience. Which, of course, reciprocates feelings.

Secret of side, it seems, is known to "first and last" Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. He won love and respect throughout the world not only because of the announcement "the restructuring and acceleration", but he also established a special manner of warm relations. Informed or unconsciously, this was manifested in which side did he follow. Usually, his famous colleagues were located on his left hand and fully "bathed" in his sympathies and inclination. "Anyone - approves American psychologist George Makkenroy - subconsciously expresses his feelings, thoughts and intentions by choosing the right or left side. Each of us has a "side of confidence" and "defense side". Watching the order, which your hand a man prefers to keep, you can determine whether he trusts you, believes in the ideas and projects that you are passionate about".

To confirm this theory scientists conducted following experiment. In the room T-shaped table was installed, which usually is used for meetings. A specially hired man played a "superior". Participants of the experiment were a local theater school students. They were to be as convincing as possible to tell him about themselves. Half the volunteers had to tell the truth, and the other - to tell invented story. When they entered the room immediately were invited to choose from which side of the auxiliary table to take a seat. And consequently, to identify the side they would be turned to their listener by. It turned out that the narrators of invented stories by 85 per cent preferred to sit to the "supervisor" by their right side. Indeed, their task was more complicated - outlining a fiction, it is important not to muddle up the details and be concentrated to answer correctly the captious questions of interlocutor. But most of those who had to present the true facts, preferred to substitute the left side. That is, they did not care the logic of narrative, it was more important to convey their own emotions.

To Be Continued.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Law Of The Side. Language Of Gestures.

"I was so unsightly to behold... until you waved at me"

It is known that people can communicate with other people both using the words and using the gestures. In the middle of last century, scientists came to an unexpected for many,including themselves, conclusion: it turns out that the transmission of information from one person to another occurs through words - pay attention! - by only 7%. Through intonation - by 38%. And through gestures - by 55%! As it turned out, our gestures, facial expression, postures and movements report other much more about us than our words and intonation.

To date, hundreds of books have been written on art "read human gestures like the book". This is indeed a very important issue: the wrong interpretation of the interlocutor's gestures can create not only a comic situation, but also lead to much more serious consequences. For example, an American gesture of approval "o'key", to be shown Greeks or Maltese, can provoke a fight: in Greece and Malta by this gesture is understood a symbol of male homosexuality. In Bulgaria a nod top upside down does not mean consent, but vice versa: "No", "disagree". Knowing these nuances can prevent certain misunderstandings.

However, in most cases this is little popular knowledge, because we meet with Maltese or talk with the Bulgarians not every day. What seems more important is knowledge of those gestures, which are used in our everyday life. Once a certain old lady, during a conversation with her husband, confessed that in youth she felt very ugly:

- I was so unsightly that no one guy paid attention to me. So I immediately felt in lovewith
the first, who has shown interest to me. That is, with you.

And she wanting to remind her husband of their first meeting, she asked:

- Remember how did you wave at me across the street?

Her husband replied:

- You know, dear, I must confess to you: in that fateful day for both of us, I did not wave to you. I just wanted to stop passing taxi. Taxis had not stopped. You stopped…

The moral of this story is simple: all our life could change because of one wrong understood gesture. Let's talk about some of the most important for each of us the secrets of gestures.

More precisely, one of them, called "The Law Of The Side".

The secret of experienced actresses

This secret is known to many experienced actress. And it sounds quite surprising: the left side of human face, is usually more beautiful, than right. Therefore, taking pictures, to stand to the public or the people you are talking with, it is better by the left side. "Man can better see what is in his field of vision from the left side - said psychologist William Vinzhiano from Detroit - so, wishing to be noticed by someone, do approach and stand from his left". Thus, you are more likely to attract attention, if you stay left of the man who is not indifferent for you. Vinzhiano gives such advice: "If you try to draw the attention of your boss when he is busy, please try to be in his field of vision from the left side. If you want to be noticed by an important person, do the same".

Why does it happen? Scientists give such an explanation for this phenomenon. Human brain is divided into two characteristic fields - left and right. Left hemisphere is responsible for rational thinking and right - for the figurative. And not only the brain, but also a face is divided into separate left and right parts psychologically. Both are in many ways reflecting the human experience. Results of experiments showed that the left part of the human face is like "a mirror of the soul" and reflects the true feelings. Right same half - is no more than a mask, which smiles with a false smile or is sad with false grief. Muscles of the right side of a face are only doing grimace, but do not reflect emotions. As scientists believe, this asymmetry depends on the properties of the brain. After all it is known that more "emotional" right hemisphere is in command of left parts of the body.

This photo shows vividly how lady's right and left sides of the face differs. At the center is original photograph. At the left and right of it are faces made with the help of ImageMaster from left a right halves of the face.

To Be Continued.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Booty Upward, Breasts Drew Aside. Evidence That Woman Fell In Love.

When a woman meets a lover, it becomes immediately noticeable to many people - her buns become upwards, breasts drew aside. Becoming desperate for a man, she immediately, automatically, is trying to become the subject of dreams for other men, at least by sight.

You can talk with her about the ecology and developing countries, provide data on where and how the problems of overpopulation of the world are solved, but in her eyes read about the following: "Eh, dear, could you know where and how, more importantly, how many times just yesterday I had been happy!" The heels of such a women are now knocking singularly. Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk, there is no previous clumsiness and vanity, they now sonorously rebound from the floor, almost soaring over land and measure off the seconds remaining before meeting with the lover.

In every song about love, she hears hints and predictions for her happy future, she might burst into tears of a platitude "I love you", delivered in cheap TV serial, which hated before. In every book a hero-lover acquires the features of her beloved blond, even if there clearly stated that he is dark-headed.
Be careful with woman in love - any trifle, any point in her address can bring tears to the poor. Now she is MOST slender, MOST beautiful and MOST sexual worldwide! Nick this down!

Money, which she used to spend for favorite eclairs and croissants, now go to the manicure, haircut, massage and hair set. Our woman in love in her pursuit of beauty becomes totally unprotected against advertising of anti-cellulite and miracle cold creams. You can see how interestedly she scrutinizes in the drugstore shelves with Chinese tea, or is sitting the second hour on the women's forum, asking essentially the same question - "Girls how to lose 5 kg? A week! Better by the evening!!!"

If a woman suddenly, without rhyme or reason started to be interested in numismatics, machines, basketball, art of seasoning a pipe or, God forbid, nanotechnology, do note - she is in love! Based on her new "hobbies" you can well imagine to draw an image of her favorite. But do not share your findings with her! I have already spoken - be careful!

Even her signature may slightly become changed. Exactly as much as her view is changed. Somewhat new flourish or stroke, as well her skittish winks, give our dear girl completely away. Has such a possibility, she would draw to signature a pair of hearts. Well, just for appearance.

Now, if at all indications an enamored woman is in front of you, be so kind, smile at her! And she will gift you by her charm in response! And this already is very important - not to fall in love with her!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekdays Of Russian Wife. What's More Expensive - Cactus Or A Diamond?

Yesterday I had girlfriends. All the day they chattered in my ears any trivialities and boasted of expensive trinkets that husbands gave. Great! I have almost no such trinkets, and nothing to boast of. Just sometimes it seems to me - I need not. Gifts from my faithful husband are much more expensive. Anyway, for me. Take at least the last Women's Day. Exact a week before the eighth of March, he was silent, hiding in the bedroom and assiduously studied some Talmuds, which brought from his Mom. Talmuds were culinary books.

On the eve, on seventh, he came from work. The eyes were cunning. I was drove out the kitchen and announced that he will be baking a cake. The eyes were still cunning within one hour. Then the puff of smoke was belching from the kitchen. We had to extinguish the fire, to wash all of soot and discard to the dustbin the coals that were intended to be a cake.

All this time the newly cook was groaning, swearing and shouting that we have wrong cooker. He said he had "cut into it, as expected, at full power, but she set on fire a cake". Called names the cooker as it should be done and recovered from the effects of the experiment with the cake, he did not get quiet. While I laundered curtains, he took a minced meat from the fridge and conceived an idea to do cutlets, arrogantly believing that cutlets - are no cake, and do not require special skills. I knew not what he crammed in minced, but some terrible mixture was received, which he threw into the pot with boiling water. Mixture crawled away turning into gurgling slop.

The slop creeped out of pot and flew on the plate. After unsuccessful attempts to thrust it back, he came to me for help, mopping from his face the sweat with towel, by which he caught the slop. The slop was sent where the cake had waited for it. The cook was settled to the bathroom, the towel - in the washing machine.

On my question: "Why did you boil cutlets instead of frying?" he growled out, that once his mother did so. I had not become an object. The mom's credibility is perfect. The truth, I do not remember that she had cooked something whenever. She kept the cooking books for the interior. I cooked cutlets myself, fed him and pushed to sleep…

On Eighth in the morning he went for flowers. Instead of traditional roses he brought some terrible ridiculous cactus and said that I am unusual, and therefore deserve exotic gifts. The cactus was huge, barbed and clumsy. I hardly pushed it in the corner between the wall and TV. On my mutter "all husbands are normal, but mine is nothing but artist", he stated that "you are way out on the creative souls and cactuses". I said that the soul, it certainly, but about cactus… the roses would be better because above-mentioned cactus will now be standing, dusting and require greater attention.

He took offence, dressed himself, and declared that goes to the studio to do painting a masterpiece. Came back in the evening. With him three more. As picture painters should be, they looked pictorial - messed up, dirty in the paint and drunken coo-coo. They brought piles of roses and some mat, which they called the canvas. Roses were scattered throughout the home, mat laid on the couch. At the rug an orange stain with brown spots on the edges and blue blot in the middle was discovered.

When I had wondered: "What is this?!" they had stamped with feet, yearned and stated that this is the avant-garde, generally masterpiece and in a hundred years I will have the honor to make it sure. I replied that a hundred years - it will be then, but today is eighth of March, and then, finally, it's time to the table. The offer was extremely liked by all, despite the fact that they had already previous feast, in my opinion, enough completely.

At the table, between another "to women" they argued about art, demanded for cutlets and herring and all the time ascertained which of them respects more another one. As a result, they got tired of excessive respect and hit the sack. Who was on roses, who under cactus.

A friend had called and boasted that her husband gave her a ring with ruby. I sighed, put the receiver, went to the bedroom and sheltered on the couch, covered by newly-fledged masterpiece. Who cares a ring! But I have a cactus and a masterpiece! And she does not and will not have!..

Since then, I like cactuses. A masterpiece... Remain very few before recognition its genius. There are some hundred years.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Russian Brides. Why The Girls Smile Not Much.

Saleswoman from one of Russia's stores hit a psychiatric hospital due to the fact that the director smiled at her all the time. "Maybe I have shortfall," - girl tormented constantly, and her head had turned with this. It's terrible to imagine what would be with the director, if the above incident had occurred in United States.

If the motto of the American lifestyle a "Keep Smiling" can be considered, then for the Russian girls as well all Russians it would be "To smile, for what?" Russians still feel hypocritical the smiles of Western people, and they in their turn believe that Russians are morose and evil. Ever since much has changed. We now know that all this is not so simple.

Korean girl An Hyun Gin, a participant of Olympiad on the Russian language, that was held in Novosibirsk last year, wrote in her composition: "Many Koreans suggest that Russia is a very harsh country, that all Russians are closed and unsympathetic people, that they all love vodka. Now I know that this is not true. "

However, foreigners arriving in Russia, continue to note that very few Russians smile. Nothing surprising.

The difference in smiles is the difference of cultures. We do not smile, they smile. This is not good and not bad, it is so. The main is to take it to socialize with each other.

"When I am asked why I am smiling all the time, I say: I am behind the eight years of training. After all, at school, I was a member of the team of cheerleaders. As you probably know by movie these are the girls who are always smiling. We smudged teeth with petrolatum so that we were otherwise not to smile,"- American Annette Loftus tells to her Russian girlfriends.

This story is a living illustration to the Russian stereotype that the American smile - that's not quite normal and real, in any case, insincere. Foreigners do not disavow. The same Annette, who first came to the Soviet Union in 1991, as she admitted, after returning to the United States, had experienced a cultural shock when saw the smiles of compatriots. "I immediately missed unsmiling city of Leningrad," - she says.

You can imagine how those smiles affected Soviet citizens who were lucky in that time to go abroad.

In Western cultures the smile is a kind of greeting strangers, a prerequisite for human polite communication and the attempts to ensure security in the unfamiliar place with strangers.In Russia it can cause quite the opposite reaction.

A smile on incomprehensible reason put Russians on their guard. Therefore, the Russians made to believe that constantly smiling people are not very healthy: like the girl from anecdote, to which the brick fell on the head.

It should be noted that Americans were not smiling always. Roosevelt first of the American presidents began to smile in all the official photographs. His predecessors posed for photographer exactly the same tie up a position as Russian leaders. By the way, the success of Mikhail Gorbachev in the West was largely due to the fact that he was the first Soviet leader who smiled, and therefore was open to communication and not dangerous.

However, Russians not always went through the streets with gloomy faces. In memoirs noted as a feature of a new emerging Soviet society (after the Revolution of 1917) that "smile has gone." And if "gone" - then it means existed before?

A serious face of Russian brides.

"Common unsmiling - one of the striking features of Russian girls". Russian girls' smiles is not a sign of courtesy, they have not accepted smiling at strangers, and Russians do not answer by smile to smile automatically.

The paradox is that Russians smile less because of their openness…. It turns out that their gravity - it is the habit not to hide their feelings and moods. And because historically is made that the mood often is bad among Russians, then they did not intend to hide it. So the concern they have settled on the face is "common normative look of Russian man."

Just Russian smile, by definition, is for familiar people only, so it is quite difficult to teach Russian girl to keep a smile in everyday life.

Elena Vil-Williams, who worked at her time for the Coca-Cola company, says that the training for Russian and foreign managers are held quite differently.
"For example, it is suffice to say Americans: "You must be smiling." And they are smiling - she tells. - But Russian girl says: "It's disingenuous, this is bad!" Russian girl must prepare herself for such a communication, go inside to find something positive."

Russian brides are still considered the most "serious", ie, unsmiling.

Three kinds of smiles.

Smile the formal - in Western cultures it is the kind of strangers welcome. Automatism of such a smile in the West is so great that Hillary Clinton smiles to photographers even at the Princess Diana's funeral ceremony.

Commercial smile - a mandatory requirement of modern service. In Chase Manhattan Bank the announcement hangs: if our operator did not smile at you, say this doorman, he will give you a dollar.

A sincere smile - a manifestation of good feelings and good relations. The natural human reaction to the positive circumstances. This kind of smile is inherent in all human beings, regardless of cultural conditionalities. It is this kind of smile that characterized the Russian girls.

By: Julia Pika
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Russian Women Adore Bald-Headed Men.

The Americans, known for their hypertrophied political correctness, thought of a euphemism to describe a bald-headed man: "hair disadvantaged". So they (in their view) tactfully conceal a compassion towards those unhappy, because a baldness is a kind of disease, which affects more than 30% of men. But do they actually suffer? You can not believe rumors, but statistics is an exact science: for a variety of data, about 40% of Russian women consider bald men attractive. It is almost half the women! It is meant not only and not so much hairless shaved head, but for the most part natural bald patch. Why it is so attractive to women?

A particular gene, as well as hormone is to blame in balding. The hormone is not simple, but of sex (testosterone), and the more of it the bigger patch is. Everyone knows and remembers everything about testosterone, but in a slightly different context: the more testosterone in a man - so he is more a man, has more sexuality. Maybe, women are distant from the concept of simple categorical syllogism, but reasoning on the basis of these two suppositions are able to do it: once you are bald - means you have a lot of testosterone - means you're a good lover. No matter, how much such a conclusion is correct, but it clearly is liked by women.

Many Russian ladies are not aware of such research, but they still are unabatedly attracted to bald men. What is this? Intuition? Looking at a bald, the woman immediately notes his pronounced top machismo. Real man does not need a complicated hairstyle, as if it distracts him from something important, but then, the shorter the hair on his head, the better and more legible and courageous image is. Perhaps this is too subjective perception, but the fact that vast numbers of Russian women go simply mad of Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Gosha Kutsenko - it is quite objectively. Representatives of the weak gender also like Ed Harris, Jason Statham, Andre Agassi, Maxim Sukhanov and Alexander Rosenbaum. These celebrities are unified by one thing - this is not the patch, but manhood. Of course, the point is not only in their hair, but their absence adds to image some way of unprecedented force.

Yes, force exactly! In the eyes of many women a bald man is deprived of fears and complexes man. After all, noticing signs of his balding, he did not ran to the clinic for hair transplants and did not rush to buy a chignon. He either proudly and courageously "wears" this bald patch or totally removes the remaining hair, demonstrating, thus, his determination and will. He does not grieve for irrevocably gone hair, he is not afraid to show all his smooth shiny patch…

There are women, who connects the rarity of hair on the head with the men's rare talent and intelligence of its holder: say, a lot of thinking - that's why hair gone. But this is not the biggest misconception - add glasses here, and it will turn out Moby - a talented musician and, moreover, Ph.D.… While someone associates the patch with intelligence, other - with the money. And somebody - with the one and the other (syllogism again): once bald - hence he thinks - it means that he knows how to make money. By the way, researchers also say on the relationship between hair loss and income, they counted the largest number of bald people among the financiers, bankers and lawyers…

Finally, the bald head - this is a very stylish. In order to make you sure it is enough to remember how Fyodor Bondarchuk or Yegor Druzhinin look. By the way, the very men also began to realize that the patch attaches to the exterior some sophistication. It turns out that today the haircut "zero" is in fashion. To be true, it is chosen by men with already outlined a bald patch. Indeed, - nothing is better than a miserable bald spot, surrounded by scrap of hair not yet endured. A person with chevelure a-la N. Tsiskaridze will hardly comes to mind to shave voluntarily this very head. Although who knows what awaits us (and indeed, men) in the future - humanity is progressing, moving toward maximum comfort. A bald head, this is so convenient: nor dandruff, nor lice, nor wash, nor hair do you need; trim a bitevery three days, also rub clean from dust. Not in vain the fiction-futurists describe the future human as a bald early on person.

Modern fashion is good by its democratic and diversity - from a number of trends you choose those that suit you. A head shaved like zero is far from any man. Of course, if he is actor, the hairstyle "zero" may be dictated by the creative vision. Like, for example, the Irish actor Colin Farrell or Rammstein vocalist Tily Lindemann, which were absolutely bald a few time. And, we must confess, these two looked no better without hair. Therefore, better not commit so radical experiments with your hair just for fun, and wear your patch wisely: for example, do not throw over thin straggle from one side of head to another. And to ensure that shaved head remained the smooth and shiny, and not get covered with terrible kind of bristles becoming a hairstyle, popularly known as "three days at large"…

In fact, the reasons why the representatives of excellent gender have a soft corner for bald men, are not limited with specified. How many women - and so many reasons. In general, in the rating of what women pay more attention in men, hair is at the bottom. Basically, the theme of men's appearance all women reduce to one thing - essentially, that man would be good. Trite, of course, but let someone try to argue that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Russian Wife For Peace In Family. A Waitress For Two Hours.

Once a fairly long-drawn quarrel occurred between me and my husband. It began as always, because of trifles. But it was not going to stop itself. It had to take some decisive action. And I invented ...

Organize a dinner in a restaurant without leaving your home! Such an approach will amaze and surprise of almost any man. Moreover, this is also an opportunity to allow your fancy to play round the acting technique, transforming for one evening in a friendly and caring waitress.

Well, in order to plunge my honey in a pleasant shock, it took me:
- Couple of hours of free time before he came from work.
- Clothing, costume resembling the waitress, and a tray.
- Products.
- Beautiful cloth, kitchen utensils, napkins.
- Stationery: pen, paper and folder.
- A lamp or a candle.
- Romantic music.
- Flowers.

Here is a recipe for those who want to repeat my success.

To begin to cook a dinner of several dishes. This does not mean that you need to hold a half-day in the kitchen. A pair of simple salads, garnishes and anything meat - this is quite enough. To diversify "menu" of your restaurant, buy several different pastries, cheese, sausage, fruit, juice, wine… However, if it makes you go on the culinary feats, you can bake a pie and cook a couple of elegant and complex dishes.

And now it is time to draw up a menu. Take a few sheets of paper, stripe every sheet into two columns. In the first write the names of all dishes and drinks, which will be in your kitchen. And the second - price that he will have to pay to try a product. For example, a piece of bread would cost your beloved in a hot kiss, a glass of juice - in five compliments to "waitress", that is you. Allow your fancy to play, and you'll see how many pleasant minutes we could give each other.

Be sure to include a show in the menu. If you can dance, suggest beloved a striptease, if can sing not bad, present him with song in your performance. If the above does not have the talent, include in the list of restaurant services a massage or something else that gives your honey a pleasure. You can quote any price - a trip to a restaurant next week, buying a new coat, a husband's promise to dish up after dinner… He will yield to temptation of strip and massage!

Once the menu compiled, beautifully lay the table, light candles, turn on romantic music. In general, arrange a small restaurant at home, decorate it by all handy means. For the sake of this holiday can be to buy up balloons, flowers, aromatic candles. Put the "menu" on the table. You can even make the plate by writing the name of "restaurant" on it, hours of operation and entrance fee.

Now you only have to transform in waitress and enter into the image. The beautiful makeup, short dress, small apron, a smile on the face - and you're ready! You can add to your image a sexuality through stockings and shoes on heels. All depends on you. And now it is time to forget your name, take the sonorous nickname and be ready to astonish! Of the fact that after dinner you also will be very surprised, I humbly keep silent.

O, Lord, Let Me Have A Russian Wife!

By Andrey Artyomkin "KP.Ru" Omsk City.

Jerry dreamed of a Russian wife, and his dreams have come true. Jerry Johnston the whole year went to church and then met a woman of his fancy.

For 58 years behind American Jerry Johnston there were two unsuccessful marriages. After the second one he told himself: "Never marry an American woman!"

- For these women to carve out a career is at the top. And only then a family - Jerry outraged.

Once a friend introduced Johnston to his Russian bride. Jerry was just fascinated: pleasant appearance, mild disposition, friendly, compliant nature.

- Here it is - ideal for the family! - American understood. - You do not have the same girlfriend, like you? - He immediately demanded from bride of the friend.

- We all in Russia are the same - she replied embarrassed.

That was when Jerry decided - his wife will only be a Russian woman. In search of a bride, American has posted his questionnaire in the Internet. Every day the letters came from all over Russia, but none was to catch on. Abandon the idea to find bride in Russia Johnston still did not intend to.

- O, Lord, let me have a Russian wife - Jerry prayed God every time coming to the Orthodox Church.

And once Jerry stumbled on a letter from Siberia. From the photo white-haired smiling woman looked at him, she was modestly siting on the couch. Not yet read the letter, Johnston realized:

- This is mine!

Proposed marriage... in church.

Svetlana was not in success with her husband. She alone had to raise a daughter. She would have to work a lot of, for rest and personal life little time left. Sveta began to think about herself after the daughter entered the university. Yielded to persuasions of girlfriend, left her form in the marriage agency.

Initially, she simply corresponded with Jerry by the Internet. Then American became to call every evening. When American realized that his Enchantress did not understand all he said he paid her English language courses. Then gifts by mail pour down - a gold bracelet, candy... One day a ring at the door, and messenger on the threshold stood with a huge bouquet of claret roses!

It turned out that Jerry himself was from Texas and as a real cowboy, skillfully copes with horses. He even promised also to teach Svetlana riding. Jerry has own company in Texas and large two-storied mansion where he feels alone.

Svetlana is under the age of sixteen years for Jerry. But she is not worried:

- He will leave any young in the dust! But most of all I was struck by his peerless sense of humor - Sveta said.

When Jerry's birthday was, Svetlana sent him a video - sang to the camera the song "Happy Birthday" in English. And in the end she asked Jerry:

- Maybe you are my destiny?

After that Jerry was hesitate no longer and went to Russia. One day Jerry took Svetlana to Nikolsky Cathedral, which is located in the city center. And, no embarrassed by parishioners, 58-years-old Johnston slipped to knees:

- Be my wife! On any given day, any hour you will be able to come to this church and recall how I made you a suggestion. I do this before God...

Svetlana replied with consent. Now she looks forward to when the visa will be ready to depart for the beloved to America.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Legs, Big Breasts. What's more preferable?

Also read the beginning

In average the blondes are weaker physically, so at the subconscious level, we believe that to communicate with them is safer. But large breasts attracts particularly men whom his mom had breast-fed little. By the way, a large breast, on observations of geneticists, rarely combined with long legs.

- So, exhausted by a diet and disfigured the feet by sky-high "pins" we in the award, are likely to get infantile a baby-husband, who can not be reliable?
- It is true. Mature males tend to love mature women. And they, again, as a rule, are of most other figures. The age of 18-25 is an ideal time for births. During this period, breast and weight of girls are slightly increasing, decreasing length of limbs, appear rounded. When a woman is pregnant, she had little plump, a layer of fat appears, which protects the fetus, and later is a strategic reserve to make a milk. All subsequent years, up to 40, when a woman gives birth and caring for small children, her figure has changed little, because a large load requires the forces.
The age of 40-50 is a period of her social maturity.

Children grew up, they require less attention, an opportunity emerged to fully express themselves in a professional activity. At that time, the body needs no longer the layer of fat, but the psychological factor prevents to get rid of it. A well-adapted, socially active, authoritative mother of the family would not be very slim, because people unconsciously perceive a person with an impressive bodily constitution as more authoritative. And only after the age of 50, it begins a natural weight reduction.

- What threatens young girls the maniacal desire to lose weight?
- Going on a diet, or hunger, they are thereby delaying their sexual maturity, both as a function of the female body get stuck very much on the reproductive process. Blindly striving to standard, imposed on them by males far not the best, they, instead, become less attractive. Delayed sexual development leads to a deterioration in the quality of skin, hair, to a decline in sexual attraction.

To grow thin it can be used only if there is overweight, and disease together with it, if move is hard. But even then you should to act with caution. Changing your own constitution - is a long and serious process. It requires a change of diet and the whole way of life. It is not worth aspires to numerous fat burners, tablets, teas, and much more - for surgical operations, which have resorted to the most fanatically-minded representatives of wonderful gender. The Nature is very economical and extremely reasonable, it does not give us anything extra.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Legs, Big Breasts. Do You Need This?

Very long legs, blonde hair, big breasts. The standard copied from Barbie doll. 60-90-60 cherished figures give young girls no rest and are guiding young (and not very) boys in their searches. In pursuit of a beautiful figure, we sometimes do not think, how the fight for an ideal appearance is reflected on our feeling. Manual therapist Vadim SAMIGULIN believes that the modern standard of beauty is conducive neither to the health of women, nor her life success.

Representations of women's beauty are slowly but constantly changing. How can one describe a modern standard?

- Any little girl will in a blink explain you, what the ratio of 90-60-90 means. Cherished figures has been a nightmare for the bigger part of female population of many countries. Thousands of girls are trying to squeeze themselves (mostly futile) in to these tough limits. They sincerely believe that to meet requirement of the model, to conform to the standard, - it is great, cool, it is a chance to circumvent their off-dimension girlfriends on the steep turn of life. Meanwhile, in this area, as in any other, a universal principle operates: the demand rise proposal. What man wants to see in his Enchantresses, that she aspires to become.

Today, one of the fashionable standards is the figure of Barbie doll: very long legs, blonde hair, big breasts. Where had such parameters taken from? Let us understand. There are adolescent girls who have long legs, because it is the time when the tubular bones shoot up very quickly. Their growth stops in the age of 16, but the body continues to grow, so that eventually the length of the legs and torso becomes approximately equal.

On the subconscious level, a man who did not quite emerge as a personality, feels insufficiently confident and strong. He prefers to have a girlfriend, which as he expects unconsciously is still emotionally untenable, and therefore does not pose a safety hazard, she will not suppress him. In other word, men who prefer women, like adolescents, in general, stopped at the stage of adolescents in their own spiritual and emotional development. With all the ensuing consequences: till they grow gray they retain adolescent selfishness, increased aggressiveness, not willing to take responsibility. And they like the blonde for the same reason. It is known that tow-head are more vulnerable to any external influences. Doctors know that for the same disease the brunettes require bigger doses of drugs than their brothers tow-head.

(To Be Continued)
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The Profile On The Dating Site. How To Make It Attractive? (Part IV)

In the previous parts, I jotted in general terms a rough outline of how to make your profile a little more attractive. The main thing is that you were able to overcome your fear of your own personality, to stand out from the crowd, to find the strength to be an original personality. However, to finish with this only, I would be somewhat premature. There are still a few points which you should know about.

The first point - is, the photo, of course. This is precisely what attracts attention to your questionnaire. It is most people judge by it - whether it worth to look inwards or not. well. Of course, you may not to put it, but there are not so little people who have chosen such a decision, and usually they do not represent anything interesting, so the habitu of such sites simply miss all those profiles where there are no photographs. Many websites even have a special feature - "to show the profiles with photographs only". So you have to look for a suitable picture. Again, preferably from the recent past. The ideal option would be to make a special photo. You can have a professional photographer.

Try to choose a style of photograph met the style of your profile. Agree, a lady in the bikini and a remark in the profile that she is looking for a man "just for friendship", is causing some dissonance in thoughts. If you know how to use Photoshop, try to quietly fix the disadvantages of photo. Do not know how? Then even not try - a couple of poor strokes, of course, can correct your photo, but a meticulous visitor will think: "So, therefore, know how to imagemaker, interesting, what is also corrected in this photo?"

It is not worth to adorn much the reality, I certainly understand - we all want to be ideal. But this picture may cause a distrust - whether it is real? Had I ever seen her (he) somewhere in the open spaces of the Internet? And all the same in every human soul is a fear - "Shoot, what a beautiful she is, perhaps will not even want to speak with me". So please be simpler. Of course, to choose the candid amateur photograph with red eyes, where it is unclear whether the shadow of a tree or someone caught you a paint - is not worth it. Pick a reasonable balance.

And the last question - regards the nickname on the site. Yes, you guessed. Please enlighten. You can be like everybody and write your name and surname. Normal option. You can try to stand out and write something like "Kitten" or "Flower" - this option will come if you are exactly sure that no one has this. But I think the best option is in the style of your profile. Let it be one name only, but if you will play well on this in the questionnaire, telling interesting about your name, it would be much stronger than any "Pussy-cat", "Pretty" and "Super-Macho".

In general, that is all. Of course, not all is stated on this enormous subject. But the main thing, I think you now know. And I hope this will help you.

A bit of grumbling about theme, which should be better missed.

However, as it is shown by the general practice, the best way to stand out on the site - is not to full out with all of the above, but simply to put a winning picture (for girls - preferably naked, for men - with a beautiful inflated trunk). The second step - to write about your imaginary earnings. Write that you're looking for whom would you ride your own car with, and at least ten messages a day you'll keep receiving. Be more accessible - and your box will be overcrowded. The people are now strange and even are ready for a photo from a porn site, naively believing that there is the owner of profile. Do you need such attention - it's up to you. But believe me, to find the person of your dream on the site - it is feasible. While it is very difficult (if doing nothing).
And I believe that you will succeed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Her Dating Games: Get Into The Game Too

Dating games are part of most relationships used to dig out more information about a loved one. Most of them are harmless ploys used to get to know a potential lover better while others are selfish and manipulative attempts to subjugate. There are two approaches to dating games in a relationship. One of them is to analyze the playing games issue or relax and watch as your girl continually plays her games. If you are wise enough to follow the first approach strictly emphasizing why girls participate in the games and how you can simply turn them around and take advantage of them.

The most popular game among the dating games is the hard to get game. A girl appears fully ambivalent about any romantic chances with you yet she ensures that what she says is only enough to make a suggestion that she is actually interested. A girl who plays hard to get has enough interested suitors and she probably wants to see how dedicated each one of them is towards winning her love. Make sure you are not fooled by it. Play the dating game with her too. Go on pursuing her but make your intent clear for her to have no right to keep you in the darkness. When she starts her discourteous actions towards you, deny her the satisfaction of feeling that you are saddened by her behavior.

You can use the game to play her in a surprising way. Turn the tables and behave like you care less that she actually stood you up and you waited for two hours. Let her know that you hooked up with some friends who were having fun in a restaurant and you ended up having a fabulous night. In your story you can even feature some imaginary or real cute girls. If she has the guts to question it explain to her politely that you are not ready to devote your time and energy to a woman who appears disinterested. This will send an alarm upon the realization that she is not the only one with a number of options. You too have a variety you can choose from.

She seems to throw some hints at sexual episodes and then suddenly seems to start retracting when the perfect time comes. This are some of the dating games which are used to assess the guy's level of passion and interest. They certainly want to be the ones controlling the growing relationships. The dating game power play is used by girls to control the pace of things in a relationship. Showing her that intended agony subjected to you by her teasing works, you subconsciously hand over the power to her. Agree with her excuse and stay collected. She will be amazed by this and might decide to make you her conquest. She flirts with other men openly to inspire jealousy in you. Your reaction should assure her that you are no sucker. We introduce these to allow men to be prepared for girls next move and learn how to counter-attack with even more effective dating games.

By: Francis K Githinji
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The Profile On The Dating Site. How To Make It Attractive? (Part III)

Let us work on our profile. Continue to explore the opportunities we are offered. Let's take the graph "Your passions". It would seem, just a fountain of opportunities to stand out among the similar to yourself.

But why did majority of the representatives of humanity put in the profile something trite like "listen to music, go to movies, reading books"? Billions of people with ears, like to listen to music, billions of sighted people love to go to movies, to read the books and now even the blind can do it. But to create the houses of matches, or pasting pictures of pieces of fabric - perhaps it take you only.

Are you collecting the old movies with Charlie Chaplin?
Taking the photographs of the brick walls? Like to count the passed by cars or take to invent the dishes from sausage wastes? Do write. Who knows, even if you will not find that Single, then you will surely talk to like-minded and learn which part of a sausage is best used in porridge, but what is to spare for soup.

Another interesting option - "Who I am looking for". And again, in how many questionnaires there is the trite "I'm looking for guy" or "I'm looking for girl". Are people finding suitable to seek somebody in the way of such indifference? After all, even when buying shoes they know beforehand what they are looking for. What style, what color, whose production. No one will say- "I am looking for shoes", but such answers are in order of things in profiles. Strangely, you do not find?

Even if you don't care about who is your munion of fortune, even if you think that people are fully open only in personal communication, then write a testimonial in such a way that everyone who wants would be able to try it on himself. "I am looking for someone who could be beside, when needed, will not turn away and will not say "not now"". Simple? But each of us in our own measure of a self-delusion will suit perfectly to this definition. I just ask you, do not copy the hackneyed phrases already are drawing of mouth "I am looking for you" and "Seeking smart and cool girl" or "beautiful girl".

Once again I ask you - please be eye-catching.

All that you have now done - is fixed the patterns, proposed by site administration to something personal. Wonderful. Now move on to the more complex things. On many sites there are now an opportunities to tell about yourself in your own words. Do not miss this opportunity. Of course, this is difficult. But doable. Just imagine that you are telling a man who is listening to you carefully, to whom you want to please by all means. Do not go?

We'll change the aim. Now you are on Doomsday and your fate is decided, depending on what you tell about yourself. Well, suppose you've lost your documents, but there is a likelihood that they could be found. Overall, I think you catch the idea. Tell the truth, a bit gloss can be, but worth not become tangled in lies.

Also another option is, the story about yourself - to answer some questions in your own words. How to operate here, I think you have already caught. But please - remember another rake not to step on. If to write briefly - a little joke is better, but different than all known (your own). When every third profile in box "how do you relate to domestic animals" has the answer "Have no relatives" - this is not even sad, it is much of collective unconscious.

Therefore, go with caution on popular jokes. Sometimes, of course, when they are not out of place, and if you firmly believe that this is the case, then go ahead. But if you have any doubts, it is better not to risk.

The last article of the cycle remained, and I hope that everything I have written, would be helpful to you. Good luck in your quest.

(To Be Continued)

The Profile On The Dating Site. How To Make It Attractive? (Part II)

Well, you decided finally to post your profile on the site. And now let us return to the question - What is bad in ready templates. However, I think you have already guessed why. It is template.

Of course, to construct from ready cubes is more easier, but we will not receive the particular originality in this way. The same with the profile. Thousands of questionnaires similar to yours by its structure. Tens or even hundreds of questionnaires - similar by data (did you think you were the only person with the height of 170, dark hair and weighing 68 kg?). And how to draw an interest of a person here? The correct answer - to distinguish from the general crowd.

Show your individuality. Yes, you will have to overcome your fear. I understand that to be like everybody and nothing allocated - is nice, cozy and there is no any liability. But sitting in this nice and cozy environment it is hard to expect that you will be noticed and appreciated. This means that the chances to fulfill your dream to arrange own personal life - are not too high.

Again, remember about two-way-search - while you're looking for - somebody is looking for you.Therefore, let us show this world your uniqueness.

And we'll begin… It is strange, but we will have to start all the same with physique - height, weight, hair color and other characteristics. I hope, here it is understandable that it is worth to specify the real characteristics, well, or at least close to reality. When it comes to the first meeting, you do not want to see on the face of your interlocutor surprised or, even worse, frustration. So, just reality, no matter how bitter it was.

However, to sweeten it may be the fact that among those billions of people who inhabit our planet, will surely are the pair of tens of thousands those who like your type, no matter how unusual it may be. Purely on the basis of mathematical calculations. Pointed our physical measurements, continue filling. On each site - there are their own gadgets and requirements for completing the questionnaires. Therefore, for example, will address some "common" things.

Let's start with at least a question: "What will do in your spare time", with a choice of answers. Try not to use these options, even if your "option" is there. Be original - tell about this in your own words. Do you like to walk the streets in your spare time? Do not select the option "To walk the streets", write something like "Go along the streets, watching the city life" or "go for a walk and think".

First, the phrase will be caught by the sight, which has long been tired of endless "walk the streets" in hundreds of profiles. Secondly, the construction of the phrase can tell much about you to smart people, and you do not need stupid, am I right?

And finally, thirdly, if we build such a sentence, for the person interested in you it would be easier to start a conversation. We also will talk about it a bit more. The purpose of your profile is to try to motivate people.

And for this, let us use all means: in the story about yourself try to raise a question, controversial assertion, or just funny catch. Assume the same phrase: "Go through the streets, watching the city" - not only tells the reader what you are for personality, but also may cause her a question - what's that you can see in the streets of your city. And on this issue already, you can easily develop a long dialogue about the fate of humanity and imperfections of the universe. Or if you are not satisfied with this, the more landing things - why do I like an ice cream and do not like Saddam Hussein, as you would want.

Do you see the magnitude of opportunity? If to arrange such questions and accents in the right places in your profile, you can easily set the tone for your entire future conversation and now to program all the mood with which people will write you first "Hello". Light sadness? Unbridled merriment? The desire to argue or attempt to help? All this is set in your profile right now.

Want to know more about this? This is in the next part.

In the meantime, I wish you to be not lost in the search for love.

(To Be Continued)

The Profile On The Dating Site. How To Make It Attractive? (Part I)

Sounds ironically but the majority of profiles submitted to dating sites clearly do not meet important task conferred on them - to represent their owner and creator in all their beauty. This state of affairs had prompted me to write this article.

Well. Let us first to define some - why should we even decided to place this profile on the dating site.

Option first - just to have fun. Usually such entertainment is considered a maintaining a long term correspondence with people from the name of nonexistent person. Why?

I do not know the answer to that question. Sometimes trying just to play someone, sometimes simply because of nothing to do, sometimes trying to present oneself as "the ideal ego". Overall - this is not our option. Rather to psychologists. But we will consider the following options for details.

Often on the dating sites to gain the access to the database, people must register. Under the registration meant filling out the questionnaires and placing it on the public domain. So even if a person wants to read others' profiles - he needs to fill his own on all the rules and norms. It is easy to guess, in the process man does not want to strain severely - in fact it is just an empty formality for him, so that it's OK a various small stuff or just leave the profile untouched and he can go in search of other people.

Just say - this approach has the right to exist, but fundamentally mistaken. First, the number of "empty" profiles creates a "white noise", site is lay-up, and after a while, nice girl or boy who wants to find his destiny, is tired to look through them and simply to took from the site.

Secondly, the success of your mission to find the "only and unique one" depends not only on your efforts but also on the efforts of other people. Think yourself - a person coming to look at your questionnaire, can be looking for you exactly, coincide with all your requirements, be precisely what so brings you. But alas - the profile is empty, he did not know about you, shrugs shoulders and goes farther. Open yourself to search, and your chances to find your destiny will immediately increase by several times.

After all, even if you sleep quietly, working or walking in the street - you are looking for, your profile can be viewed and somebody is already writing that very long-awaited letter addressed solely to you.

And finally, option: the people who make all efforts to find a life partner. They have already created a profile, daily look through the fresh registrations to the site, talk with people they liked. In general, they do everything that is considered necessary. But again, a strange human psyche - very, very rarely the questionnaire is seen, which would have stopped your eyes, and rejoice the heart. Many sites already offer large number of templates to fill. All that needs to be done by human -is simply select what suits him from the list and that's all - the questionnaire, believed filled. Filled, but purely nominal. Of course, compared with the second option it is already much better - anyone who came to the personal page, can always say - whether he likes the drawn portrait or not. But these patterns - disservice to users.

Why? Let's talk about this in the next article from the cycle.

And now - I wish you not to lose in searches of your happiness.

(To Be Continued)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Necessary And Sufficient Conditions For The Happiness

Necessary conditions for the happiness of women and sufficient ones for men's happiness.

How to make a woman happy?
It seems not so difficult! You should only be:

1) Father
2) Comrade
3) Lover
4) Brother
5) Friend
6) Owner
7) Teacher
8) Cook
9) Roofer
10) Sanitary engineer
11) Mechanic
12) Decorator
13) Stylist
14) Sexopatologist
15) Gynaecologist
16) Psychologist
17) Psychiatrist
18) Therapist
19) Bold
20) Organizer
21) Good Father
22) Cleanly
23) Friendly
27) Careful
28) Gallant
29) Intelligent
30) Educated
31) with a sense of humor
32) Inventive
33) sporty
34) Strong
35) Understandable
36) Acquiescent
37) Tolerant
38) Lenient
39) Cautious
40) Soft
41) Relaxed
42) Ambitious
43) Decided
44) Reliable
45) Infatuated
46) Polite
47) Very Good Father
48) .....

not forgetting this:

49) often to say compliments
50) love to engage in shopping
51) no scandals and not to look for problems
52) to be rich
53) do not irritate her
54) do not look at other girls

At the same time, you must:

55) be attentive to her
56) not be jealous
57) get along with her mother
58) find time for her,.. leaving the space for her, worrying about her...


59) Do! Not to forget the dates of:

First rendezvous

Unfortunately, even strictly observing all the rules, her happiness ... is not guaranteed,
because she can stifle with perfectness of her partner and escape with the first one comes across:

How to make a man happy?
It seems unrealizable:

1) to sleep with him
2) to leave him alone

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prayer Of The Modern Russian Bride.

- O God, give me beauty! Although, frankly, there is a sin in complaining about beauty, I am sure not deprived.

- O God, give me money! Yes. There is no surplus money in the world, although depends on how to view, a big money sometimes makes troubles even more...

- O God, give me healthy children! I wish that my children would be happy and wanted for nothing in the life... mm... Why, all this depends on my own!

- O God, give me an apartment! Yes, yes, apartment! I want to live in at least five-room apartment, a better course in my own villa with a plot. What is more, children would be to frisky there, to be healthier! When they grow up then will find good brides, the place would be where to lead them to. Oh, by the by...

- O God, give me the good daughter-in-law! Which would respect and revere me and her father-in-law, my husband, so as not to mistreat our son, well, in general, so as she to be like me...

- Me tired Thee, O Lord with my fastidiousness requests, You know, Lord, let's make things simple. All this I will get anyway. Education allows, I certainly do not want intelligence and quantity as well.

- O God, make sure that my husband would not drink ethyl alcohol!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Is Calling You? The Original Ringtone.

We love to customize our ringtones so that immediately would to determine who is ringing. This is as convenient as fun as well. But you need to select the ringtone cautiously...

An Autumn early morning, Monday. I am going to work being of bad cheer in a crowded trolley bus - which could not be worse. Around me the same gloomy faces, most of them are with wires of players in their ears. The trolley bus goes slowly, someone is watching out the window, someone reads, overally the typical situation on Monday. In the center of the bus is the average citizen, and judging by his disgruntled face he is not odd to the overall concept.

And here in boring silence, at first quietly, then louder and louder the ring of a mobile sounds, it is easy to learn the song - "Blue Moon" of Moiseyev ("folk song" of Russian gays). People in bus begin to revive, someone giggling looks at the man, someone even moves aside from him, and all are beginning to listen concerned to his dialogue on the phone, apparently suspecting the guy in the not quite traditional orientation. He got into a flap, up a phone and with some gloom began to talk:

- Yes, yes Sir.
- I'm already coming.
- I understand that late, but you see - the stoppers...
- No, contract not signed yet
- I'll be in time, yes.
- Boss, but I worked whole Saturday
- What, do you want to deprive the bonus?
- I understand that they await
- Yes, I know, even last week were waited...

The dialogue was suspended, he irritably falls the cellphone into his pocket, and with unconcealed anger delivers:

- Damned bugger!

And this original ringtone is understandable for all. When he left at the next stop, everybody in the bus knowingly followed him by eyes.

Big Bust Or Small Bust?

Some women are distressed with too small bust, the other with too large. But an optimist will always find a positive!

Women with large breasts are the optimist because:

- They always can hitch-hike
- They always are conceded the best seats in the bus
- They make a simple running jogging a very spectacular kind of sport
- They leave a magazine dry, which they read lying in the bath
- They have an additional argument of impact (to the men who is shorter)
- They can usually easy find dropped popcorn after watching the film
- They can always carry with them a bit more cash
- They always swim better
- They know where first to look in the search of earring which fell
- They rarely left without a partner for the slow dance
- They do not need to buy the cars with airbags
- It always is where to put one more can of beer

Women with small breasts are the optimist because:

- They do not cause accidents on the road every time when they bend
- They always look younger
- Drops and food crumbs are always on the napkin laid on lap
- They can always see if their shoes are clean
- They can easily sleep in prone position
- They have no problem to sit at the wheel of a small car
- They know that people can easily read the entire inscription on their T-shirt
- They believe that anything that can not fit in the hand is an unnecessary surplus
- They may to be too late to the theater and take the seat without diverting the entire row
- They can go to aerobics without risking to take Sunday punch from themselves
- They never hear the words to their address: "silicon"

Pickup Get Out!

Real guys, who as I know are the majority! Do not take this article to heart. This is not for you and not about you. This is simply a mirror for the impudent breed of young guys who proudly call themselves pickuper. Let them look in the mirror and learn how they actually look under the eyes of real girls.

Girls are not so silly creations, to be conquered by simple tricks of a street Lovelace. The point is in the self-confidence and charm, which can not be replaced by standard clumsy arrogance.

If you are a boy without a sexual past, and if your girlfriends jilted you before the first kiss, why do you think that girls in the street will be like the bunch of grapes falling on your rickety neck? Most annoying in pickupers is their arrogant insincere look - whether a fish will bite on a fishing rod or not. These boys consider the PICK-UP a conveyor - failed to get acquainted with one, then will get with the other. But they absolutely never thought of it, that they have not got a chance until they learn to draw a real sincere attention to the girls.

Recently, I observed on the forum how the grown wise with experience pickupers share their experience: "… if the acquaintance took less than two minutes and ends with taking the number of phone, then the whore does not have time to know anything about you, and she in her mind will invent the ideal…" And then - a recipe how to use it. A pickuper has talked with the girl about two minutes, exchanged phone numbers, disappeared and thought her away. Then she called him herself, appointed the meeting, requested that he called her frequently. And then as a review: "I am glad that this imbecile got imagined a lot about me:)". If got in time to show that you are not like everybody, all the other pluses she herself will attach to you…".

Well, how do you like such an attitude?

Some pickupers believe that if to reduce girl's self-esteem, it is easier to manage: "show her that she is ordinary girl, not the only, show her that you are - a gift from heaven, which falls only once in her life. Girls may be different - from the ninny to she-cat, and the higher her self-esteem the more excitable gamble is, which aim is to force the girl to feel hesitant. Do give a girl shock, and then twist her round your little finger".

Dear little boys! Do you really believe that after all a real girl will give you the phone number and will invite to home? Rubbish. We are not so stupid to take it. At least half the girls are awaited by someone. Someone who has managed to see the only in them. And here you're thrusting yourself with your advantage! Do you want a small secret? A similar meets similar. Have no illusions...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Tame Your Husband If He Is A Football Fan.

In your home, all has stopped, and your honey is bouncing nervously in front of TV, shouting wild with irresponsible gestures, periodically calling his friends and talking with them in non-understandable language? And last week he dragged you to the sports bar, where a crowd had gathered, same like he, Neanderthals?

Congratulations, you have the lucky (?) fate of Girlfriend of a football fan. During the football matches he like disappears from your life and loses the gift of a commonly acceptable human communication? This is not mortally!

Here are several rules of how to survive his favorite football, and perhaps thanks to it, to improve your relationship. Now!

Rule # 1

The wordform "football" can not be used in combination with such words as:

This wordform is used only team up with:

Otherwise you will get a red card and will be removed from the field (of vision or action, so that you can not act upon your beloved, that in general has no principled value).

Rule # 2

During the live broadcast do not try to talk with him about anything and no way to express your gentle gusts even in times of advertising - all of this, at best, will not be evaluated carefully, at worst - would lead to quarrels.

Rule # 3

During the match it does not exist:

work at home - ranging from global repair, finishing with screwing in bulbs or discarding the rubbish;

any plea;

proposals to go somewhere (to the pictures, theater, a restaurant, as exception - sports bar, but if proposed beforehand);

dinner (an exception - the snacks in front of the TV, accompanied by your absolute silence).

Rule # 4

Be prepared to hear out his impressions after the match. In order not to disgrace yourself, you'd better find out in advance what a team does he root for, and remember the names of its major players, also the most popular football terms that are easy to be found in the Internet. Insert this in the pauses, when the husband lights a cigarette. This will play in your favor!

Rule # 5 (works without a hitch)

Finally, offer him to celebrate the victory (or to wash off the bitterness of defeat) together with his friends. After all these feats of arms, your darling will thaw and you will be rewarded according to your merits!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Gift For No Particular Reason.

We live in captivity of traditions and conditionalities. It is adopted to give the presents on the memorable dates - and we give. But love is afraid of habits and boredom. So why would sometimes not to refresh the relations with nice sign of respect?Just for fun!

This is a great way to share a good mood and make the very element of surprise. After all, your girl did not suspect that you were ready to surprise her. And her joy will be really sincere, when the ordinary day becomes a little holiday. Yes, and you will get a lot of pleasant emotions, seeing as happy is your friend.

This is not about the expensive gifts, they should not be overdone, even if there are the tangible opportunities. Much better the pleasant small items suite. For example, you can make by your own a postcard and tell by it how remarkable she is. Imagine that your girl had tired from work, and such a surprise expects for her. For sure it becomes warmer at heart.

Or, do you think that there is no need to do, and you have to give the gifts on the occasion only? Of course, you can not do without gifts on the holidays, but they in any case are expected, so the element of surprise is small in them. But a pleasant trifle, presented without any reason, guarantees both of you the positive emotions.

Such surprises have another "plus". Suddenly your girl become thoughtful, and she will come to the head, that giving you something pleasing just so is not a bad idea? And, perhaps, such a pleasant surprises for you will become a good tradition? Believe it will affect your good relationship.