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Calling Your Pretty Russian Girl: Phone Tips

So you have found your pretty Russian girl, your correspondence is in progress and you are ready to talk to her on the telephone. Two problems may occur in this situation:

1/ Your Russian lady doesn’t speak fluent English and is frustrated to talk to you. Did you know that English is still a non-obligatory school subject in Russia? One foreign language is always obligatory but it may be German, French or Spanish as well as English. When a young pupil starts learning at school (it is usually a regional secondary school) he/she usually cannot choose a foreign language to learn, it comes as an obligatory school subject. So don’t be amazed if somebody from Russia cannot speak English at all! It happens often.

Even if she does not speak a word of English tell her that you would like to hear her sweet voice and say “Hello”. If you feel you cannot understand each other, use translation services.

Sidenote: I may assure you, that your lady will start learning English somehow, either at home by herselfself or she will attend some classes if she is motivated. You will see the results (her improving English) soon.

2/ Your Russian bride does not have a telephone. The problem has been lasting since the Soviet times. Many Russians have cell phones though, but not everybody. Cell phones are still very expensive to afford for those ladies who do not live in the biggest cities. (Did you know that the wages in Moscow and St. Petersburg are much higher then those in other regions of Russia?)

Your Russian lady does not have a phone… What should you do?

She surely knows someone with a phone she could probably use. Very politely, insist on a phone number of a friend or relative so you can arrange a call.
Your Russian woman may be using any marriage agency. If they do translations, that would be perfect for you to talk to her there in case you need a translator. Tell her you will call her at the agency and ask her for the best time to call.
Warning: In case you use an agency phone, have some questions ready that only she will know the answers too if possible. As even though calling an agency you will still not know if it is her or an agency staff member you are talking to.

A person who would like to build a good relationship with the other person have to be looking for a way to do it. Isn’t it true?

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How To Make A Face Veil (birdcage Style)

Birdcage veils -- sometimes called net or face veils -- have recently become more popular, partially due to movie and celebrity brides wearing them. Most recently, in 2007, Katherine Heigl wore one in her real-life wedding and Jessica Alba's character wore a birdcage veil in the movie Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. While it's possible to buy birdcage veils, brides on a budget may prefer to make their own.

This veil is very short -- usually just long enough to frame the face but can also be eye-length -- and typically worn alone, without additional tiers or a separate blusher. You may choose to attach a traditional veil in the back, to a bun or mass of curls. The birdcage is made of coarse-weave French or Russian-style netting rather than typical fine-mesh veil fabrics. Historically, the veil was attached to a hat. The modern bride, however, often prefers to wear her birdcage veil without a hat. Today, most brides attach this short, circular veil directly to their hair with a pin or comb, so that it hangs down around the head. The front serves as a blusher over her face.

Making a Birdcage Veil

Because of the short length and because netting is stiffer than tulle, creating the effect you want when making a birdcage veil can be trickier than when making a regular veil. For this reason, purchase extra netting and plan to make one or two trial runs before the veil is perfect. Also note that the width of the netting will be the length of your veil (from the point where you attach it to your head to the where the veil falls in front of your face).

Materials You Will Need:

- Up to three yards of Russian or French netting.

- Two or more hair clips (the kind used to secure hair extensions to short hair are most stable).

- Sturdy thread the color of the netting (button thread works well).

- Scissors

Step 1: Cut 36" of 9" French / Russian netting

You can make a relatively full birdcage veil, with many gathers, from a yard of netting. These instructions are for making a relatively full, gathered veil similar to Jessica Alba's in Rise of the Silver Surfer. Cut the netting shorter for a veil that lays closer to your head, with fewer gathers. If in doubt, cut the piece long at first. Then shorten it if you find that the veil is too full.

The short, cut ends will be the sides of your veil and the long, finished edges will be the front and back. These instructions explain how to gather the sides and attach them to clips as well as gather the back more loosely than the sides.

Step 2. Sew on two clips, one at each end of the long (finished) edge of veiling.

The clips will go at the front corners of the veil, with the teeth facing the finished edge. The outside, short side of each clip should be parallel to a raw, cut edge. Position them so that, when worn, the clips' metal bars will face outward, but remain under the veiling. The clips should curve against your head when closed.

Step 3. Gather the cut sides of the veil and sew them to the clips.

Using a slipknot, attach thread at the corner of a cut edge opposite a clip. Weave the thread in and out of the diamond patterns along the cut edge between the attached end and the clip then thread it through the hole in the clip.

Pull the thread tight so the entire cut edge is gathered against the clip. Secure to the underside of the clip (the non-bar side, which will be against your head) so the thread will be hidden when you are wearing the veil. You may want to tidy up by clipping off the frayed pieces of netting. One entire side should now be gathered and sewn to a clip.

Repeat on the second side, gathering and sewing the raw edge against the clip.

Step 4. Make the back gathers.

Attach doubled or heavy button thread to the inside edge of a clip. Weave the thread in and out between the diamonds or holes in the netting. Do not secure the thread to the second clip yet. The length of the thread determines how full the gathers and how closely the veil hugs your head. You will want to adjust the length of the thread so the veil looks perfect on you.

Step 5. Experiment with different veil widths.

Looking in a mirror, adjust the thread length between clips. When you are happy with your veil's width and fullness of the gathers, secure the thread by looping it through the inside holes of the second clip and tying it off. With 8" - 9" netting, you will need to attach the veil near the top of your head for it to hit just below the nose. Attach it farther back for a shorter look.

Leave time to practice attaching the veil exactly as you want it, and you will look like a star on your wedding day!

By: Bobette Kyle-Wagner

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How To Wear Veil And Bridal Combs

For brides who have no previous experience with developing a wedding hairstyle or choosing a headpiece and veil (or deciding to go without), understanding how to attach and adorn the various components can be a challenge. In the twilight zone called wedding planning, the simple concept of a comb, for example, can take several forms.
In your everyday life, a comb is probably something to run through your hair in the morning taming nighttime tangles. Your hairdresser will certainly use that type of comb while creating your wedding hairstyle, but there are two other bridal versions you may need as well: a comb to attach the veil and one to decorate your hair. The choice is yours whether to have both versions, neither, or one to suffice for both uses.

The Veil Comb

When you buy a veil, it often comes attached to a basic comb. This veil comb is purely functional and will not be a visible part of your veil or hairstyle. It simply helps secure the veil to the top or back of your head. The advantage to using this type of comb with your veil is you can remove the veil after the ceremony while leaving your headpiece intact for the reception.

To place this type of comb, push it into your hair -- down if you are wearing your veil in back or toward the back of your head if you are wearing the veil on top -- so the hair covers the teeth and the veil hides the top of the comb. For a more solid base, insert with the comb angled then rotate backwards into place after the comb is in your hair. You can make the comb more secure, if needed, with bobby or hair pins.

These combs can be various widths and lengths and made of wire or plastic. Wire combs cost more than plastic, but are more versatile and can be pinned if necessary (as opposed to plastic, which is thicker and more cumbersome).

The Decorative Bridal Comb

Unlike the plain veil combs, decorative bridal combs are made to be seen. They can be a perfect accent for your veil, or add interest to your hairstyle if you go veil-less or remove the veil for the reception. The range of styles and sizes available make them versatile and can enhance most hairstyles, from classic to ornate. They can be simple, but elegant, depending on how they are decorated, but can also create a less formal look than some other headpieces.

Hair combs can be worn on the top, side, or back of the head. In the back, you can secure a large comb under a bunch of upswept curls, around a French twist, or beneath a low-set bun. On one or both sides, you can wear smaller combs for an elegant style, instead of a larger headpiece. Decorative combs can also be worn on the top to help hold the hair in place or function much as a tiara. In fact, you can even buy tiaras attached to combs instead of built into the typical band.

Tiara Combs

You have heard of tiaras and you have heard of combs, but you may not know that there are also tiara combs. These look like a tiara but hold your hair or veil in place like a comb. These decorative combs are made with the teeth positioned at an angle so the decorated part stands erect when attached to your hair from the front (as opposed to back or side combs, which are made with the decoration attached flat against or parallel to the teeth section).

Combining Veil and Decorative Combs

Some brides prefer to wear the veil and decorative comb as one piece. You can accomplish this by attaching the veil directly to a tiara or other top/back comb instead of to the plain veil comb. This reduces the number of pieces you must deal with when developing a hairstyle for the ceremony, but limits your options for the rest of the day. You will have to remove both your headpiece and veil or keep your veil intact throughout the evening.

Whichever type of combs you use, involve your hair stylist in the decision. He or she will most likely have valuable input into what sizes and types will most create the look you desire, while assuring your hair remains drop-dead gorgeous throughout the day and evening.

By: Bobette Kyle-Wagner

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Dating For The Scared And Lonely

The truth is most articles are written now days for people who already no what they are doing and don’t actually help the ones that really need it. I’m talking about the people out there who have actually had no dates what so ever and really truly need help. They probably don’t know where to go to get help themselves. I do feel sorry for the people who are legitimately scared of the opposite sex. And believe me most people are to some respect. It does not have to be this way so I’ve come up with some tips to get your head above water so you can stay alive in the dating game.

First thing to know that you probably already do know is that the dating game is rough business and you can get hurt easily if you are not prepared.

Step one if you’re the kind of guy who has fragile feelings and gets hurt very easily it time to work on this. Luckily it can be fixed but it will take time and hard work. This fragility has arisen over time and there is not quick fix formula that will help. Talk to people about how you are feeling and you will find that they are in the same situation or have felt what you are feeling and will be able to help. Lift your head up and look people in the eyes when you are talking to someone and you will find that they are not as confident as you thought or perceived them to be. Now this is a huge subject this perception of confidence because the fact is, is that you are or have most likely made up negative thoughts in your head about how weak you are and how strong he/she are.
Why humans automatically jump straight to this assumption about people I don’t know but I do know that many people do it. These negative thoughts have been building up inside you for a long time now and have probably almost become a part of who you are? Like you rely on them to validate yourself and get through the day?
Without getting rid of such negative thoughts there is very little chance for a successful dating experience.This may seem like a nigative mindframe but unfortunatly its true.
The reason why is you will never be able to come across as accepting yourself and being confident as you are always internally putting yourself down. The opposite sex whether they are male or female can sense this in you even though you are trying your hardest to suppress it.

The first step in eliminating these negative thoughts is again talking to people about it. Spend some time in finding out what really triggers these thoughts and then replace them with a positive thought. Do this so that each negative thought has a corresponding positive thought and every time that thought comes up you dismiss it by recalling your new confident self. This will take time as the negative thoughts are well etched into your characteristics but they will eventually disappear the more you try to substitute those bad thoughts away with good thoughts about what a great person you are.

Always remember that people will put you down but it is up to whether you accept that as the truth or dispel it immediately. Because in the end it is only you who really gets hurt in the long run.

By: ashton balderstone
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Senior Singles: The Boomer Bounce Back

Recent statistics indicate that 49% of people over 50 are single. Makes sense then that this is a growing group of dating enthusiasts with bundles to offer their potential partners. It is now recognized as one of the fastest growing niches across the planet. It's really not surprising at all.

Single seniors the world over are now opting to look for new companions, friends, lovers, and spouses in cyberspace as opposed to the more traditional venues of cruise ships, bowling clubs, and church socials. It's not necessary to wonder the streets or the clubs to find a partner? This can be especially advantageous for those who do not have access to cars, transport, or don't feel comfortable hitting the senior citizens singles bars solo.

For the senior singleton who does not have any single friends to accompany them out while they check out the singles, senior dating sites can be a real bonus. Better still, if you are working on your appearance, or trying to lose a few pounds, you can do that while you are striking up new relationships. By the time you meet your potential hot date, you will be all serviced and ready to roll.

Senior personals and senior online dating have many advantages and a few disadvantages as well.

Some of the advantages are :
it's not like there won't be enough senior singles to choose from.
* cheaper than a cruise.
there are a lot of singles available to you even while you sit at home on your computer.
* you don't have to turn your hearing aid up or down in a noisy bar.
* have the opportunity to strike up good lines of communication through emails before meeting other singles.
* you can state quite clearly whether you want romance, friendship or someone to do the washing and mow the lawn.
* meet other singles with specific hobbies, sports, or interests, the same as yourself. * expand your social circle while looking for Mr or Mrs Right.
* your new Mr or Mrs Right can be located anywhere in the world. Did your children send you to some isolated retirement home that you weren't ready for along way from your stomping grounds? Don't worry, that's what the internet is for. Just look for senior singles in your new neck of the woods and off you go.
* there are many senior dating services to select from. Do your research before signing up, and join the one best for you.

Some questionable issues with online dating sometimes can be:
* out of date photos. If they still look 25 they aren't being truthful or they have an excellent plastic surgeon.
* profiles full of half truths. Is this person too unique? Then why are they still single?
* ability to con unsuspecting folk out of personal details, bank accounts, credit card details, and money. Never disclose details that you wouldn't be comfortable giving any other stranger on the street. Grifters go gray too!
* read the fine print on your membership and ensure what it may cost to upgrade or leave.

Dating sites dedicated for older dating not only cater to heterosexual couple, but also for Jewish senior dating, black senior dating, and senior gay dating. Doesn't matter what turns you on, there will definitely be a partner there for you no matter.

Mature dating, a state of mind or a date of birth? The choice is yours.

By: Coco Swan
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Consultant Coco Swan provides more details here on Senior dating sites. See this helpful article on Senior dating.

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4 Secret Ways To Sexually Attract Women

Trying to sexually attract women can be incredibly easy for some people, and yet incredibly hard for others. Some seem to think that trying to sexually attract women is pointless, as it is something that is out of their control. While it is true that the rules for trying to sexually attract women are different than what men would want themselves, it is possible to tweak your first impression in an attempt to sexually attract women in a better and more efficient way.

By highlighting certain points of yourself, and lessening others, you can sexually attract women in a way that you did not realize. By following these tips, learning to sexually attract women will be easier than you thought it could be.

#1 - Focus on How you Look, but Only to a Point

While looks are not necessarily the most important thing when trying to sexually attract women, it is still an important factor. There are many people who expect looks to be the only factor in terms of sexual attraction; these are usually men, as many men find looks as the most important aspect of sexual attraction. When trying to sexually attract women, however, you must change your view on the situation. With that being said, it is still incredibly important to make sure that you look your best. Anyone who attempts to say that looks are unimportant are wrong; while it may not be the most important thing, those who are more attractive catch your eye easier. This is a great way to make an important impression before you even open your mouth to speak.

#2- Focus on your Personality

Women are sexually attracted to men who have personalities. Sure, they want someone who looks good, but they also want someone who intrigues them. Trying to sexually attract women relies on more than just looks alone. By making certain aspects of your personality shine, you can help to work on sexually attract women. Be a gentleman; offer her a drink, a snack, or a seat. Showing positive personality traits will make you even more attractive to women.

#3- Focus on Conversation

Conversation is easily the ultimate way to get your personality across to a woman. By having conversation, she can learn more about you, and can become more intrigued by you. If you are trying to sexually attract women, you must be able to hold a conversation; women want more than just looks, as they want someone they can talk to. Believe it or not, the ability to talk is incredibly attractive to women.

#4- Focus on Humor

Being able to make a woman laugh is one of the quickest ways to gain her approval. By making sure you focus on being funny (when appropriate), you can help yourself to sexually attract women. Do not go overboard, however, as too much humor can be a put off.

If you are trying to sexually attract women, follow these simple steps. By following these steps, you can make sure that you are taking the correct steps to sexually attract women.

By: Chick Magnet 101

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Online Dating: How Old Is Too Old?

There seems to be a preconception of the dating world today, by both the old and young alike, that dating is only for those below the age of forty or so. Of course, the figure alters from person to person but you get the idea! Online dating especially is viewed as a young person’s thing, but is it really? Is online dating acceptable for people of any age or is there a point at which old becomes too old?

The short and sweet answer is no. At no age are you too old to date. If you do not want to date when you hit a certain age than that is totally your choice, but you should not let age put you off if you still want to date. Online dating is a wonderful thing in that it has a whole host of benefits for you no matter how old you are. It can open up the whole world to you, literally.

Some of the reasons outlined below draw on the benefits online dating to explain just why you are never too old to date:

Love can blossom at any age – Love does not discriminate, whether you are old or young. If you meet someone that you have that spark with then age does not matter at all. This is why you are never too old to use online dating. The heart and soul are separate to the head. It does not matter whether you believe that you are too old or not, your heart will contradict your head if you meet that special someone.

You can meet like-minded people however old you are – Your interests and hobbies can be shared by anyone, and it is this that gives you something to talk about. To date someone successfully, you have to have something to talk about and online dating can help you to sort out the people that you do have things in common with from those you do not. As a result, you can use online dating to save time, which is essential as you get older.

Dating can also provide companionship and friendship – So maybe you do not want to date. If you were deeply in love and lost that person then this would be understandable, but seniors use online dating services all the time to find friendship and companionship rather than love. You can meet new friends and chat until your heart is content. You can find whatever you want online so make the most of the services at your disposal.

If you can master technology, you can do anything you like irrespective of age – No further explanation needed! If you can master the Internet, you can do anything you put your mind to, including online dating.

By: RobynM

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Dating The UK is great place to meet like-minded people - and is primarily for UK dating singles. It also offers speed dating online, which is fun way to meet new people.

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Russian Women vs. American Women: Who are Less Spoiled?

By: Tanya Bilk

Several American men looking for love in Russia have been asked to tell us what they really value in Russian women vs. American women.

The men who express their male’s view of Russian brides intend no offense to anyone. They only show their opinion. It should also be stated, that each person has an individual personality that really makes the difference in human relations no matter where they live.

Meet Brian, 38 y.o. engineer from South Dakota. Brian’s opinion ahead.
Brian noted that he heard a lot of other American men said what he was about to say, so please take that into account.
Here is what Brian said:”I am looking for a FSU (Former Soviet Union) girl because of the general reputation that Russian ladies are more down-to-earth and are less spoiled than American women. This is generally attributed to the fact that they do not have as much as we Americans have, either during their formative years or their adulthood. Like with anything, I believe that there is good and bad everywhere, including the former SU.”

Brian has been to the FSU twice now and talked with many Russian ladies over the telephone. He has had some negative experience as well. However, on the whole, he has found Russian women to be just as the stereotype portrays them and they are, as he says, heads and shoulders above American women.

We intend to continue posting the average American male’s opinions of what they value in Russian ladies vs. American ladies. Stay tuned to the next opinion posted on our blog.

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Modern Romeo And Juliet: How To Go About Online Teen Dating

Nowadays, youths prefer to meet people not only within their circle of friends. They tend to cross over the boundary to convene with other people.

You can date without even stepping out of the comfort of your home. All you need to have is your set of personal computer or laptop, the internet, and most importantly the web cam. You are set to go about teen online dating.

Juliet had her standards, every girl has. Primarily, you need to mull over and picture the type of guy you wish to be with. It is recommended that you write the traits and characteristics you expect towards the opposite sex. Do not merely focus on the positive aspect, it is also best to consider and depict the negative side. From there, try to think of ways on how to combat those unconstructive attitudes.

The next thing to do is face your computer and create your profile. Your profile will best describe who you are and what you want to accomplish on online dating. Hence, you need to carefully reflect on items which you wish to include in your profile. Some important considerations are the following:
- Honest information. If you want to be treated with utmost honesty, then you must also show the same degree of truthfulness. If you do not want your complete name to be publicly advertised then you can use a screen name that best identify you.
- Personal information such as your age, marital status, education, interests and other pertinent self-description must be presented with integrity. Additionally, leave yourself-description light but make sure that it is within an affirmative atmosphere.
- Specific goals. You need to identify what your goals are in going through online dating. It is best to pinpoint if you want mere companionship or activity partners.
- Mention your own expectations. It is best to talk about what you expect from other people who have interests on meeting you. Setting expectations can leave an impression to the other person how s/he behave. Do not play around.
- Picture perfect. A picture says it all. It is recommended to post your own picture on your profile. By doing so, the other person will have an idea of who you are. Do not leave your profile with a question mark photo or unidentified photos. This will leave doubts and hesitations to your viewers. Others may think that you are not serious with what you are doing.

Once dating invitations start to fill your inbox, it is proper to provide courtesy notice. Most courtesy notices come in email form. Initially, make your email civil. Thank the other person for his interest on checking your profile. You can expand on some of your personal interest on your response email; however it is best to keep it short and concise. Put some mystery on getting-to-know-each-other stage.

By: Patrik Ewriter

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Romeo and Juliet personally met. You as a teen-ager may be eager to meet the face behind the sweet electronic words. You can arrange for a “real date,” and get to know the person face-to-face. Before you do so, it is best to consider some safety measures such as: - Bring a friend. Your friend will serve as your back-up if uneventful circumstance is to happen. You will gauge the sincerity and manliness of your date, if he welcomes and accommodates your friend. - Inform significant others. It is recommended that you notify significant others such as your parent, guardian or close friends about your date. - Leave behind important contact information. As you notify your significant others, it is best to give them the location of your date. In addition, list other contact information such as your mobile phone number so they know where to contact you. Indeed, there are things not meant to stay but there are also things which should be preserved to pass on the next generation. Read ebooks and interesting Teen Articles:

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Can Over 40s Enjoy Success On The Dating Scene?

The brief answer to this is “Yes! Of course they can!” At one time it was more traditional to find that dating was restricted to the under 20s who hadn’t yet found a partner to settle down with. At the same time marriages seemed the order of the day, and divorce was rare. Despite older people often feeling that attitudes haven’t changed, the culture certainly has and today you are likely to find single people of all ages out on the dating scene looking for a serious relationship – along with a few who are only looking for a good time and have no intention of settling down!

One of the main negative aspects of dating over the age of 40 that has to be overcome is the perception of the dater themselves. If they believe that they’ll be out in a room full of strangers, all of them half their age, then they aren’t going to have the right attitude for entering that room. It’s quite possible that if you are going somewhere for the first time, that you will find yourself amongst a lot of younger people, but if you stop focusing on the younger ones long enough, you’ll find that there are people of your age there also – and even older.

There are people over 40 are who still looking for first time love. For professional or personal reasons they never got around to finding a steady relationship early on and had almost given up finding a partner before discovering that age is no longer a social barrier on the dating scene. Then there are other over 40s who have had the traditional relationship, wedding, children, etc and then found out years down the road that it was a relationship doomed to disaster if only they’d listened to their instincts right at the beginning. Now they’re back looking to see if love will give them a second chance.
The most attractive quality that an over 40 year old on the dating scene can have is confidence. Even if you’re feeling out of your league, you have to muster up every experience life has thrown at you, hold your head up and say with confidence “I’m here because I want to be here” and walk into the room as if you truly believe it. Don’t sink into the nearest empty table, go to the bar and slink into a bar stool instead. Your age is far from your enemy. Your age gives you years of experience in people watching. From the vantage point of the bar you can observe other people, who’s on their own, who’s talking to anybody and everybody, who’s touching up anybody and everybody, and so on. You can also check out if there’s anyone in the room that you find attractive and watch how they interact with others.

Don’t feel that being over 40 puts you in a “loser” category as far as dating goes. Even if you’re back on the dating scene as a result of a failed relationship, at least you’ve got the courage to get back out there. It’s not easy, but once you’ve been out a few times, you’ll find that you might even begin to enjoy it and wonder why you never did it sooner!

By: Edward Bennett-26386
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Edward Bennett Dating trail The UK independant guide to the dating scene. Dating trail

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