Thursday, February 2, 2012

Report on the work with a bachelor. A conversation between Angel and Archangel.

- Report me. In a nutshell.
- He's alive. Goes to work. Hopes for something.
- For what?
- Hard to say. Twice, I showed him a happy dream - can not see. He said he was tired at work.
- And what about work?
- Well, like everyone else. The bosses. Hustle. Smoking room. Rumours.
- Are the bosses severe?
- Oh, but the bosses as bosses. The same as everywhere else. He is afraid of them for some reason...
- Have you drove the fear away?
- Of course. More on the way to the office. Waved with the wings above his head. Even dispersed the clouds. I had to sock him in the ear by wing him to notice the sun.
- And after work?
- The stores. The TV. Wash the dishes. The Internet. Sleep.
- Did you try to destroy the TV?
- Of course. He bought a new one for some reason...
- Having cut off the Internet?
- Five days in a row. He just got stuck at work. Far into the night. They are allowed.
- So, a weekend?
- Sleeping till the noon. Cleaning of the apartment. In the evening - the friends. Stupid talks about women. Beer. Home after midnight. In the morning - under the blanket with a headache. Or the TV. Or at the computer.
- And what about she?
- Very close, lives after three houses. They go for groceries to the same supermarket.
- Having brought them together in the line?
- All as expected. And in excess of instructions - at the bus stop. He stepped on her foot already twice.
- Did you check the Lines of Destiny?
- Yes, are combined, they are made for each other! That's the thing... It is a city... a way of life... Well, I can not more, boss! An impossible task - to make them meet!
- Quiet! Where is your list of the potent means?
- Here it is, boss. The flu with fever and delirium. Dislocation, fracture. Traffic accident. Bankruptcy. A fire. Riots in the streets. Financial crisis. The Civil War...
- That's enough, brake... Two hundred and eighty-fifth the similar report! Just
forgotten how to work! You know what, get in touch with the parallel flow. In the name of Love the permission to take extreme measures deemed to be received! Just choose only one.
- Yes, Sir! To choose only one!

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