Monday, September 29, 2008

A Wall Of Women's Busts Created For Men.

Sellers of women's lingerie resort to various tricks to please the customer and lure him to the shop. In Holland, an owner of the lingerie shop has created a wall of artificial women's breasts to make it easier for men to choice when buying gifts for their better halves.

According to scientists, men have selective memory. Male representatives can know everything about the car of his friend, but almost never call the exact size of bra of his own wife.

Typically, when buying women's underwear, men after the question of the seller about the size of breast either point to other women or try to portray things by hands. A stand of silicon samples of women's breasts of various sizes will help men not only to determine the right size by eye or touch, but also to try purchased things at the "appropriate" copy.

Scientists have determined that the breast is not only a "heritage" of the woman and one of the most men's favorite part of the female body, but it also has much to say about the nature and temperament of a lady.

According to statistics, 76% of women are not happy with the size of their breasts, while 48% are unhappy with their form. About 60% of girls feel their breasts are not enough large, more than half of them are ready to enlarge them. This is despite the fact that the "fashion" for women's breast size is constantly changing. For example, currently, according to the designers, big breasts are no longer popular.

In addition, American scientists noticed that the size of the breast affects greatly the level of intelligence among women. By increasing the breast, a woman loses the acuteness of mind. While many people are skeptical about such an opening and put it into a dubious, such as the myth that all blondes are stupid and all women have a strange unaccountable logic.

According to polls of Americans, the most beautiful breasts Jessica Simpson has. Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie gave way to her championship. And the owner of the most magnificent bust Pamela Anderson was not even mentioned by Americans.

Holders of the huge busts are not only proud of their forms, but also see them as a way of additional earnings. For example, a resident of Britain, with magnificent bust has invited to place on her breasts... advertising. Thousands of different companies responded to the "tempting" offer.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fidelity Qualification For Real Man.

I was happy! I dated my girlfriend for a year, and after all we decided to get married. But I had no idea about "testing for real man." Her parents helped us by any means, friends supported us. And what about the girlfriend? She was just a fairy tale!.. The only thing I was embarrassed was her younger sister. She was 20 years old, and she weared mini-skirts and tight-fitting tanks top with large cutouts. She always bent over when she was near me, and demonstrated her panties. I am sure that this was not an accident because she did not do this before another ones...

One day the sister called me and asked me to come and have a look at wedding invitations. When I arrived, she was alone. She told me that I will be married soon, but she had feelings and desires to me that she was unable to overcome. She said that wants to engage in love with me only once, before I get married. I was terribly surprised and knew nothing what to say.

She said: "I'll go upstairs, and you, if you want, simply rise to me and take me." I was shocked. I have been locked in surprise, while she raised the stairs. When she climbed on top, she put off her panties and threw it to me. I have been standing a little bit, then turned and headed straight to the front door. I opened the door, came out of the house and headed to my car. My future father-in-law stood in the street with tears in his eyes, he embraced me and said: "We are very pleased that you have passed our little exam. Now we know that there is no better man for our daughter! Welcome to our family!"
The moral of this story is: always leave the condoms in the car...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Russian woman Svetlana Pankratova has World’s longest legs.

In Britain, the unique photos of two record holders are made. A woman with the longest legs Russian Svetlana Pankratova and most undersized man in the world, Chinese He Ping Ping have met at Trafalgar Square in London to take part in the presentation of the new, 54th release of Guinness Book of Records.

«Just do not look up», - the leggy beauty warned the fellow record holder.

It is noteworthy that 36-years-old Svetlana Pankratova was born in the Russian city of Volgograd. Svetlana's height is 1.97 meters and the length of the legs is 1.32 meters. While the height of 20-years-old Mr. Ping Ping, a resident of northern China, is only 74 centimeters - just above the knee of Svetlana.

The woman seemed especially put on «the shortest dress in the world», to emphasize the length of her luxurious legs, so Ping-Ping could not resist and stealthily looked up. By the way, despite the long legs, the Russian woman is not the highest woman on the planet. There is higher one. American woman Sandy Allens is of 232 centimeters height.

Since 2000, Svetlana lives in Spain. The newspapers had wrote on her, she was shown on Spanish TV... But she could not conquer the Guinness Book of Records. Svetlana has sent application, but since 2001 in the Book there prevailed "short-legged" Sam Stacy from England with a modest result of 126.7 cm

Finally, Svetlana succeeded in conquering the representatives of Book of Records.

Two years ago, Svetlana visited the Spanish editorial office of «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Here are excerpts of the interview:

- Svetlana, you see, people remains in doubt, all are tired out... Tell us who, where, how and what for measured you?

- The measurement was carried out to send a formal application to the Guinness Book of Records. This is a mandatory requirement for a potential record holders. The first time I was measured in the notarial office with the presence of a notary and two witnesses.

Actually the measure was done by doctor. It happened on July 18, 2003.

- The public is concerned Very much by question: «from where and how far» the measurement was carried out?

- They separately measured along the internal and the external side of the femur. In the second case - from the highest point of the ilium to the floor. I hope the public know where is it.

- Spell your «total height».

- I grew, thanks to nature, to 196 cm, at this point ceased to grow.

- Basketball?

- Of course. In Russia I played in St. Petersburg's «Volna». Later in the U.S. played for university team «Virginia Commonwealth University». Having arrived in Spain, played in the CBN (Pamplona, Navarra).

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

12 Reasons To Rejoice If You Are Women.

1. We are the first who leave the Titanic.

2. We can flirt with technical supporters, and they are always happy to help us if we broke the computer.

3. In menswear, we look tremendously cool and miniature. Men in our clothes look idiotic.

4. We can cry a bit - and not pay a fine for speeding.

5. Men have lower life expectancy, we get insurance.

6. When we dance, we do not look like a frog in the mixer.

7. Drinks for free. Lunches for free. Movies for free (well, you understand the idea).

8. New lipstick returns us to life.

9. If we forgot to shave in the morning, no one will know.

10. If we are stupid, there will always be people who will find it nice.

11. When marrying a man who is younger us for 20 years, we do not think, whether it is silly.

12. We never regret on earrings in ears.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Husband And Wife Diarize. One Day.

From wife's diary.

Saturday evening. My husband behaves strangely.
We agreed to meet in a cafe after his football at 6 pm. I walked the whole day shopping with a girlfriend, thought that he was disappointed, because I've been a bit late. He did not comment on this. Talks were not getting. He was silent all the time. I proposed to move to a calmer place so we could talk at ease. He agreed, but continued to keep silent. I asked what his concern, he replied that everything is in order. I demanded, whether is my fault that he is silent and only mutters in response. He said that everything is good and I should not worry about anything.

On the way to home I said that I love him, he smiled and continued driving.
I can not understand his behaviour and I do not know why he had not responded to my confession. At home I couldn't help feeling that my husband had a lost expression, he lost himself like in fog, and in no way wanted to be found. He sat still and goggled at TV, and seemed very distant and dumpy. Finally I decided to go to sleep, my husband went to the bedroom after ten minutes and, surprisingly, responded to my endearment, we have had love, but he did seem strangely absent. I decided that this cannot go on for ever, and that we need to negotiate all this carefully, but noted that he had already fell asleep. After having a little cry, I also fell asleep. I do not know what to do. I am sure that he has other woman.
My life is catastrophe.

From husband's diary.

Saturday evening. Today, "Spartacus" has lost with the score of 1:4, but I had great sex.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

25 Women's Phrases After Which A Man Wants To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time!

You have nothing to answer when hearing from your girl following:

1. In this dress, I do not look very thick, do I?
2. Is it tasty?
3. Yesterday in "Santa Barbara"...
4. But my mom had said that to be done this way!
5. So what, $300 - is it so much?
6. I could do this by my own!
7. What does this road sign stand for?
8. It is very interesting! Will you like I retell you what it was in the previous series?
9. In this case I am right, not you!
10. Maybe, once again?
11. I thought, it will not go kaput...
12. Dear, we will have a baby!
13. I thought, you will not be against!
14. All guys are goats!
15. And how many calories in that?
16. Do you love me? Then why don't you marry me?
17. You're talking on the phone almost as much as I am!
18. Whether I parked wrong?
19. They say beer is harmful to health!
20. I just secretly told to Maria. She will not tell anybody!
21. It is indeed not hard for you?
22. How do you like my new hairstyle?
23. And please show me these gloves. And this handbag as well!
24. I am a bit late. No problem?
25. Of course, I am virgin.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How Easy To Deceive The Simple Russian Girl.

- Hey girl, what are you doing tonight?

- Tss, let me see... Well, when the beginning of night?

- Well. I say from seven PM.

- Evening will catch me in public transport. Over there, I will be standing and looking with hostility at passengers. Not because I am a misanthrope, but because I am tired after work, and they are all here and push and crowd, and none a swine will let me have a seat. Then I will get to home, over there I'll sit for a while about ten minutes and rush to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Will eat dinner silently, staying focused on TV. Afterwards I will not be distracted from the TV. And there, by the way, they show garbage, and I have nothing to read.

And I should have to buy a book, but there is no time... lack of time.

So I will stare to the TV. Then will decide that I don't feel like washing dishes and leave it in the washbasin until the morning. I kinda, wash it in the morning. Fraud! I will lie to myself. Will not wash it in the morning as well. Because I will awake late, and I can't be bothered. This is what I say. Then I will take a shower, go to bed and will long toss and turn at the spot, thinking about how it is bad to live alone, inwardly swearing the neighbours who make a noise and hinder to sleep. Then I will fall asleep. That is, in principle, all that I am doing this evening.

- Haaaa! Tonight I'm going first to have a dinner in a decent place where they cook well. I was invited by friends. They, incidentally, pay, which also is very pleasant. Then we go to a club where comfortable couches, well, you have certainly heard about it - this is now the most fashionable place in the city. There, we will sit on the couch, listening to jazz and drinking wine. Then, perhaps we will leave to play billiards. Then, perhaps will part homes. At home I will take a shower and go to sleep.

- Alone?

- Why alone? I live with my girlfriend. I love her madly. She simply can not go with us today.

- We-ell. She can not go with you, and you invite me? And you say that you love her?

- You have something confused. I have nowhere invite you.

- What?.. And what about restaurant, jazz, billiards?

- I'm going there. I! what have you got to do with it? You go home. To watch TV. We just have spoke to each other about plans for the evening. Just talk. Wasn't it cool?

- What a scoundrel are you! Just villain!

- How inadequate you are! Goodbye!

In the evening he in long and wide boxer shorts had chewed pasta in the kitchen, staying focused occasionally on TV. He remembered how cool he played pranks on unfamiliar girl and thought that to live alone - is something calmer.

And she in the best of her dress was sipping her wine in the fashionable club, listening to jazz and whispering:

- Well, but where is this scoundrel? I want to look at his face, but he is out. Scoundrel twice!

Such an evening had spoiled!