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Dating Russian Women Online - What Are Your Biggest Mistakes?

Dating Russian women online is not really that different to dating someone locally. You meet, you work out if there is mutural attraction and you get to know each other more. The rules of attraction are universal regardless of how you meet.

Online might share the chemistry of real dating, but it also shares the stumbling blocks. For the inexperienced unfamiliar with this, all might be looking fine and suddenly her interest goes ice cold. Her emails are short and only come occasionally. Your girlfriend will not answer your messages irrespective of how hard you try to get the spark back. You might get the "I only see you as a friend" message or worse yet, she ignores you completely.

What Did You Do Wrong?

To answer this, lets look at how to kill a relationship and what you can do to avoid these fatal mistakes.

Trying To Impress Her

The biggest mistake western men make with Russian women is believing that money is important to her. After all, your nice house and car has got to attract a tidal wave of women, right?

Wrong, but it will attract the type of woman you should not be interested in.. If you try and impress women with your material possessions then you are just going to attract the women who want a sugar daddy. And you know what happens to men who get a trophy wife? A younger, better looking man ends up polishing it. The real women who would like a long term relationship are interested in relationships and a personal bond, not what you own. Fill your emails which descriptions of what you own and she will quickly lose interest.

Me! Me! Me!

Internet dating is just the same as face to face dating. I agree, you don't get the personal body chemistry standing face to face, but that is what web-cams are for. So if you have made this mistake in past relationships then you are likely to do the same when dating online. And that blunder is trying to impress her by talking about yourself too a lot.

Attempt to be too interesting and you will drive off your date as easily it will drive off your internet girlfriend. In virtually any relationship, occasionally you have to shut up and listen. Are you simply talking all about yourself or are you acknowledging what she is writing and forming a real conversation around that? Your conversations need to be well balanced if you are going to satisfy her emotional expectations. If you don't then she will just delete your emails and look for a man who will.

Agreeing With Everything She Says

Universal law of dating number 2 - all women test men. It is not a written test and there are no answers. But it is a test to see if you are worth getting to know more amongst the crowd of men vying for her attention.

Your first test is - are you capable of standing up for what you think. Goal oriented men will express their opinions. They will avoid being aggressive about presenting their thoughts, but they will give their opinion in a dominant way. So if you find yourself agreeing with everything a woman says, she will quickly lose interest.

Look at this way, if you are similar in every facet, what do you have to talk about? There are no differences of opinion to create an interesting conversation. That's the best case scenario. The worst case is you deliberate avoid disagreeing with her or try and find out what she thinks first before stating your opinion. What you are doing her is giving her the lead in the relationship. She wants you to lead and act like a man. Don't give her your masculinity unless you like calling her 'mistress'.

By: Alex Madison

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